A perfect match

Rachel a 19 year old works 2 jobs. Little dose she know she finds the love of her life at her jobs. If you want to know more read on!!!!!


3. We meet again

Hi Rachel. How many jobs do you have? Two, well one now. What happened? I took you advice, and through a pie in her face. I'm so sorry that you lost your job. Don't be, I've always wanted to do that. Ahem sorry Rachel these are my mate's Liam,Louis,Harry,and Zayn. Hi. Hi they all said. So I'm going to go so you can think about what you want to order. Bye.
Louis's POV.
So Niall when did you meet Rachel? He said he met her when we were gone. What did you guys do? He said they worked on songs together. Then Rachel came up and asked us what we wanted so we told her what we wanted. Harry keep looking at her. Rachel asked Niall what time it was. He said it was 6:00. Oh no. What? My boss is making me skate and sing everything when it turns 6 from the time we close. I will be back. Sigh. She goes around back and comes back 5minutes later. She comes out with roller skates on. And I laugh.
Rachel's POV.
I come out and Louis starts laughing. I skate to the cook and get there food and skate back to there table and give them their food. So Rachel when are you going to sing? At 8:00. We have to stay! It will be funny! Oh laugh all you want I would like you to get up here and do it yourself. I bet your see what it feels like.-------------------2hours later------------------ Louis come on let's go get your skates on.
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