A perfect match

Rachel a 19 year old works 2 jobs. Little dose she know she finds the love of her life at her jobs. If you want to know more read on!!!!!


2. On my way to get fired

The boy said Hi, my name is Harry. Hi, my name is Rachel. I stared in to those big green eyes tell I snapped back into reality. I got to go I'll be late for work. I speed walked down the stairs.
Harry's POV.
Wow! Do any of you guys know her? No they all said. I walked in to Niall hey do you want to eat at Nandos? Yes yes yes he ran up stairs and got dressed.
Rachel's POV.
I speed walked down stairs to see my boss there. Rachel one more thing like this, I will fire you. Now double time. Wait no. What did you say to me. No! I took a pie off the try behind and shoved it in her face. Rachel your fired! I walked out of the building happy. I've always wanted to do that. I got in my car and drive off to my other job.
Niall's POV.
Yes Nandos Nandos Nandos! I got dressed and got in the car. -----------------------20minutes later------------- We walked in and sat at a table. Then a waitress came over and started writing on her notepad and said I'm Rachel and I will be your waitress. I look up and it is the girl I met.
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