The Perfect Shape Of A Heart. (One Direction Fan-Fiction)

Casey went to school with the Irish boy from a long time ago. What happens when they re-unite when Casey starts working at Nando's and she meets the Irish boy again.. Who seems to be in love with her. But does Casey like another band member? Or will she stick with her Irish Nialler ? Read More To Find Out.


2. The Pick Up

"Can I help you?" I asked.
"Oh. Yeah, um. I had a order here for Horan." He said.
"Okay here you go Horan." I said smiling passing him his order.
"Actually..It's um. Niall, Niall Horan." He said smiling.
"Niall? It's me! Casey Jones!" I smile.
"Oh my god! Really? Hi! I haven't seen you in a while!" He laughed
"Yep, aren't you in a band or something?" I asked.
"Yeah, One Direction.!"
"Ohh thats it! I knew it would come to me!" I say smiling.
"Anyways, it's great meeting you again. You look.. Great! Heres my number. Call or text anytime! He says.
"Okay I will. Thanks!" I say. 

He nods and walks out. I just got his number. He's seems so nice. I don't know why I didn't pay attention to him in school. He was like the class clown. My shift finally ended. I took off my uniform and let my hair down. I drove home and went on my computer. I went on google and searched up "Pictures Of Niall Horan".. I was curious. When one of the pictures were there, he was with 4 other boys. I zoomed in. The one with the curly hair was kind of. Um, cute. I remembered I had Niall's number! I pulled out my phone and started texting him.

To. Nialler-"Hey, Niall. It's Casey." I texted.
 From. Nialler-"Hey Casey, you looked great today :D . Wanna catch up :))?"
To. Nialler-"Sure! Where at? And thanxx. ;)"
From. Nialler- "You're place? Np babe. ;))"
To.- Nialler- "Sure, my place sounds fine. I got to go thoe :( Mom wants me 2 watch a movie wit her" I text.
From. Nialler- "Okay, I will be there at 1:00pm tmrw ! :D"

I turned my phone off and told my mom about Niall coming over tomorrow. It was friday so I had no work tomorrow! We watched, The Wedding Planner. I laughed at the part where the doctor said , BOO ! And all the kids screamed and he screamed with them . Aha. Gotta love T.V. now-adays. I'm not a complete goody-goody. I just don't do bad things! After the movie, I kissed my mom on the cheek and went to brush my teeth. After brushing, I went into my room and laid down. I turned the t.v. off and slowely drifted off to sleep.

*Author's Note*
Heey guys, like the new book? Im trying to make the chapters LONGER than my other books .Sorry this one is short. I didn't wanna add to much into the night. Aha.  So , if you're a fan , or you like the book, comment  a comment BC I am making a contest. Who wants to be Casey's new Best Friend? Comment you're age, hair color , and what you want you're name to be! Thanks for reading! ~Des XX

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