The Perfect Shape Of A Heart. (One Direction Fan-Fiction)

Casey went to school with the Irish boy from a long time ago. What happens when they re-unite when Casey starts working at Nando's and she meets the Irish boy again.. Who seems to be in love with her. But does Casey like another band member? Or will she stick with her Irish Nialler ? Read More To Find Out.


8. The Night ! (With Our Kitty)

Niall's POV-
We found a kitty and took her home. Once we got home, we spent the rest of our day buying thing's for the kitty. She was adorable. When we got home, she was upstairs on our bed. I put her kitty litter in the bathroom and I put all of her toys in our room. She was so cute. Almost as cute as Casey.

"What should we name her?" I asked.
"Any suggestions?" She smiled.
"Hmm let me think" I laughed
"Maybe, Catty" She asked. 
"I like it!" I replied.
"Here, let's get a picture!" She said taking a picture with us and the Catty.
"I love it, lets get it framed!" I giggled.

Casey's POV-
The picture was perfect. So was Nialler and Catty. I kissed Niall for a good 10 seconds. They were getting longer each time. I felt so, loved. I laid on the bed as he put in The Lion King and he sat back down and cuddled me. I curled up in his muscular arms.

*15 Minutes Later*
"It's just so sad!" I say sniffiling.
"I know hun, it's not his fault he doesn't know his uncle is a back-stabbing ass." Niall said wiping my tears.
"Want more popcorn?" He asks.
"Okay, I hope you don't mind getting it." I smile.
"Of course not babe!" He replies.

While Niall was gone, I snuggled up to Catty. She was so fluffy. Why didn't anyone report her missing?! I gave her a kiss on the head when Niall walked in.

"Hey hey hey! Those are my kisses!" He laughes kissing my cheek.
"Theres plenty for you Nialler!" I giggle.

About an hour passed and the movie was over , I was getting tired so I go into my P.J's and fell asleep with our catty and Niall . I couldn't help it they were so comfertable.. So I fell asleep with him rubbing my back . It was so nice.

*Author's Note.*

Hey guyss. ! Sorry it took so long to update, Just got internet back, and sorry the chapter is short. Hehe. Thanxx for reading ! ~ DesXXX

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