The Perfect Shape Of A Heart. (One Direction Fan-Fiction)

Casey went to school with the Irish boy from a long time ago. What happens when they re-unite when Casey starts working at Nando's and she meets the Irish boy again.. Who seems to be in love with her. But does Casey like another band member? Or will she stick with her Irish Nialler ? Read More To Find Out.


5. My New Best Friend.

Casey's POV-
I woke up next to my mom on the couch. The sun was shining in my face so I got up and made myself breakfast. There was cerial, toast, oatmeal , and eggs... I think I will have a simple bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch! I ate the cerial and my phone beeped.

From. Morgan- "Hey watsup ;) ?"
To. Morgan- "Hi, um who are you? I think you have the wrong number;)"
From. Morgan- "Oh, I am sorry. Who is this?" She asked.
To. Morgan- "My name is Casey Jones. I work at Nando's"
From. Morgan- "Oh, wanna meet up ?We can become friends :D "
To. Morgan- "Sure, meet at Nando's at 3:30pm!"
From. Morgan- "Kk, seey you soon :D"

I put my phone down and continued to my cerial. Oh , I forgot to add her as a contact. When I added her, I just put Morgan because I didn't know her last name. When I finished my cerial, I washed it and put it away. It was 3:00pm now. I walked upstairs and got dressed. I wore short shorts and a tank-top. I brought my purse with sunscreen, and some money for a slushie and something to eat. Or maybe break for the pigeons and ducks. I left my mom a note. "Hey mom, gone to Nando's with a friend, then the park for abit'" I left the door and as I was walking, Niall texted me.

From. Nialler<3- "Heyy, wanna do sumthin today?;)"
To. Nialler<3- "Sorry cant babes. Going out with a friend. "
From. Nialler<3- "Can I comee ;)"
To. Nialler<3- "Sure, meet at Nando's in 5 mins. <3 "
From. Nialler<3- "Okay,. love you XX"
To. Nialler<3- "Love You Too!"

Niall's POV-
Yay, I was excited to do something today. The boys were out and there was no food left. I put my shoes on and drove to Nando's. When I got there, Casey was with a girl at a near-by table. I walked over.

"Oh my god! Thats NIALL HORAN!" She whispered loudley to Casey.
"Yep." She laughed.

She walked up to me and kissed me on the lips and hugged me.

" I missed you!" She laughed.
" I missed you too!" I smiled.
"So who's you're friend?" I asked pointing to the other girl.
"Oh, that's my new friend, Morgan." She smiled.

Casey's POV-
Niall had to go to the bathroom before we ate. Morgan grabbed my hands.

"You didn't tell me you're boyfriend was Niall Horan!" She practically yelled.
"What? It's not that big of a deal. I'm going over the boys house later!" I smiled.

Her jaw dropped.

"Can I please come?" She asked.
"Sure, but don't freak out. Niall gets alittle freaked out too." I laughed.
"Okay okay. I promise!" She smiles.

Niall walked back out and sat next to me.
"Niall, is it okay if Morgan comes to the house with us?" I asked whispering.
He nodded and continued eating. Once we were finished eating, we got a slushie and headed to the boy's flat. Morgan was jumping in her seat before we got there. When we pulled into the drive way, we once again, went around back. We walked in and when Harry's eyes met her, his jaw dropped for a second. I felt alittle bit of jealousy..But I was with Niall now. So it wasn't a big deal. Me and Niall sat on the couch and talked for a bit' and I looked over my shoulder to see Harry and Morgan kissing in a corner.. I felt a tear coming, but I blocked it. After a few hours, Morgan had to go home so her mom picked her up.

"Hey babe, wanna stay over tonight?" Niall asked.
" Really? I will text my mom and ask!" I smiled.

I got out my phone and went to the contacts. I clicked my moms number. I sent her a text.
"Hey mom, can I please please please stay over Niall's tonight?" I crossed my fingers.
"Well, Idk. I don;t think its a good idea."
"Trust me mom. No funny buisness or anything! I promise."
"Fine, just be careful. Love you!"
Thank you thank you thank you!! I LOVE YOU TOO!" I texted back.

I walked over to Niall. I had a frown on my face which made his face frown.. I walked over to him and sat next to him.

"I'm sorry Niall, but I CAN SLEEP OVER!" I yell putting a HUGE smile on both of our faces.
"I thought you were seriously not allowed!" He laughed.

I hugged Niall and gave him a kiss. We were taking it slow... I liked that. We went upstairs and played COD for a good hour and we were getting tired. So we snuggled eachother and fell asleep.

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