The Perfect Shape Of A Heart. (One Direction Fan-Fiction)

Casey went to school with the Irish boy from a long time ago. What happens when they re-unite when Casey starts working at Nando's and she meets the Irish boy again.. Who seems to be in love with her. But does Casey like another band member? Or will she stick with her Irish Nialler ? Read More To Find Out.


4. Meeting The Boys.

Casey's POV-
"BEEP BEEP BEEP" My alarm clock went off. I reached my hand over and hit the snooze. I was tired but I forced myself up. Oh yeah, I am meeting the boy's today! I jumped up and got dressed. I wore ripped dark blue jeans. I wore a red 1D sweater over my white top. Was I going to far wearing this? I just kept it on and curled my hair until there was the same pattern at the door when Niall knocked yestaurday. I knew it was him so I opened the door and hugged him.

"I like the outfit!" He says.
"Oh, thanks. I just picked it out randomly." I lied.
"Ready to go?"
"Yep. I am ready." I reply.

He held my hand and opened the car door for me. I got in and he got in the driving side. It was a nice car. So when we sat in the car, he looked at me. I looked into his blue eyes and he pecked me on the lips. I looked at him and smiled.

Niall's POV-
I took all morning to get ready and I did my hair the way I wanted. When she got in the car, she looked so, Perfect. I found my princess and I was happy about it. I gave her a kiss on the lips and she looked shocked at first but then she smiled. I was hoping she would smile :)

"So, you're gonna like the boys." I say breaking the silence.
"Yeah, they all seem like nice guys. Well, from what I read."
"I must worn you, Louis screams alot. And don't be confused if Zayn randomly yells, 'VAS HAPPENIN'"
"Well, they sound pretty funny then!" She smiles.
"Yep they are." I reply.

We finally pull up into the drive way. The sun was shining perfectly. I held her hand and walked her around the back so paparazzi or fans wouldn't see us. But I do love our fans! When we walked in.. .The boys were eating pizza. I rushed over. They had 2 slices left. It was either just me, or one for me and one for Casey.

"Do you want a peice?" I asked.
"No it's fine. You can have it." She giggled.
"Okay, if you insist. But first I will introduce you to the boys!" I smiled.

She nodded and looked alittle nervous. I pulled over Liam next to me.

"This is Liam. He's my best mate. Liam, this is Casey. My new girlfriend." I say showing them to eachother.
"Nice to meet you Casey!" Liam said. "Nice to meet you too Liam." She joined.
I pulled Zayn over next.
"Casey, this is Zayn. Zayn this is Casey my girlfriend." I Smiled.
"Nice to meet you Casey!" He said..
" 'Vas Happenin' Zayn?" She laughed.
"Dude, she is a TOTAL keeper!" He said walking away.

I brought Louis over to her.
"Casey, this is Louis! I say.
"Hello Louis, nice to meet you!" She smiled.
"NICEE TO MEET YOU TOOOO!!!!" Louis screamed.
"Wow, Niall you were right!" She laughed.
"Last but not least, this is Harry." I say pulling Harry over.
"Nice To Meet You Casey" He smiled.
"Nice.. To Meet You Too. She laughed.

Casey's POV-
After meeting all of the boys, me and Niall sat on the deck. I got a text from my mom.

From.-Mom:D- "Hunnie, did you meet all of the boys?"
To.-Mom:D-"Yes I did!:D Their all so nice. ;)"
From.-Mom:D-"Okay time to come home.. Love ya! ;)"

"Niall, I have to go home now. My mom is missing me. I laughed.
"Awh, so soon? Okay. I will drive you home!" He smiled.
"Okay thanks.!"

We got into the car and he didnt talk much on the way home..

"Here we are!" He smiles.
"Thanks for the drive babe!" I laugh
"No problem!" He smiles and kisses me.

I walked into my house and sat with my mom .She put on Hangover 2 and we both fell asleep on the couch..

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