The Perfect Shape Of A Heart. (One Direction Fan-Fiction)

Casey went to school with the Irish boy from a long time ago. What happens when they re-unite when Casey starts working at Nando's and she meets the Irish boy again.. Who seems to be in love with her. But does Casey like another band member? Or will she stick with her Irish Nialler ? Read More To Find Out.


3. A Date?

Niall's POV-
When I woke up, it was 12:34pm. Oh shit! I have a date today! I got up as fast as I could and put on a pair of random pants I had in my clean basket. I put on a black hoodie over a Michael Jackson shirt. Random. I got out my brush and brushed my hair. I wanted to look good. I didn't eat anything because I didn't have time.I pulled out my phone and texted Casey.

To. Casey<3- "Hey, I will be at you're place in a few minutes! Leaving now."
From. Casey<3-"Kk, see yu soon ! :D ;)"

Casey's POV-
I didn't know why, but I was really shy..I was actually nervous when he said he was on his way. I think I liked Niall. I couldn't explain my feelings. Because I didn't know how to feel about him yet. I wasn't wearing any make-up because I don't think you need make-up to be pretty. But, I am not calling myself pretty. I was just re-brushing my hair when there was a knock at the door. I prepared myself and when I opened the door, there was a handsome looking Niall.

"Come in." I smiled.
"Wow, you have a nice home!" He replied.
"Aha thanks. Wanna go upstairs?" I asked.
"That came out wrong, I mean, wanna go upstairs to hang out and catch up?" I correct myself.
"Oh, I was fine with the first one! But yeah sure lets go up stairs!" He laughed.
"So, hows you're band?" I asked sitting on my bed.
"Good, Harry seen a picture of you." He says.
"Oh. Really? Which one is Harry? I seen pictures of you guys." I ask.
"Um, he has curly hair." He said.

Omg, Harry seen a picture of me! Does he think I'm ugly?! Omg.

"Um, Casey are you okay?" He asked.
"Oh yeah! I am fine!" I say snapping out of a gaze.
"So um. I gotta tell you something." He says seriously.
"Okay, what is it?" I asked almost concerned.
"Well, I ..I like you." He said.
"I like you too Niall. I feel like we're best friends!" I smile.
"No, I mean, I like like you. Girlfriend wise." He says nervously.
"Oh..Well, actually. I've been getting these feelings, and I don't know how I feel about you Niall. But I think I do like like you too." I smile.
"Thats good. I got to go now though, me and the band are meeting up for a recording!" He laughs.
"Okay. Ill text you later!" I smile.

He walked out and I thought about everything. Are me and Niall a thing? Or . ? I don't know. I will just text him later. Or should I wait for him to text me.. Eh . Whatever. I went downstairs and got an apple and watched T.V. for alittle while.  I finally heard my phone beep. "You don't know you're beautiful!" The ringer played. I now listen to One Direction alot.

From. Nialler;)- "Hey can i ask u somethin? :) :P"
To. Nialler;)- "Sure. Watsup?;)"
From. Nialler;)- "Will you be my girlfriend? <3 ?"

I thought about it for a minute before replying. I really do like Niall. But I want him to know, I want to date him for him. Not for One Direction. I will be a good girlfriend. Even though I don't deserve him, I will say yes! See, I can be bad.

To. Nialler;)- "I would love to be you're girlfriend!<3"
From. Nialler;)-"Okay, wanna come meet the boys tomorrow?"
To. Nialler;)- "Really? Sure! Sounds fun. I will be there at 12:30pm?:D"
From. Nialler;)- "Sure, and I will come pick you up! I gtg ! Love You!"
To. Nialler;)- "Okay thanks. and I . I Love You Too!" I text.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" I yell running down the stairs.
"Yes hunnie?"
"GUESS WHAT?!" I yell.
"What is it baby girl?"
"I'm dating Niall Horan.!"
"Wow! I'm very happy for you. I hope nothing silly is gonna be going on!" She asks.
"Don't worry mom! It will be fine! I smile.
"Okay, go get ready for bed, it's getting late!" She says.
"Okay mom. Love you!" I yell.

After I brush my teeth, I go to bed and set my alarm for 11:30am. I watch Stuck In The Suburbs and fall asleep during the middle.


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