Love on detours

Hey I am Allison Karsten...the most people call my Ally

Me: My name is Allison Karsten( Ally) I'm 17 years old... Come from Los Angels birthday is on the 30th of August .....i live with my older brother Lucas(20) My Mom Kristen(43) and my Dad Mike(45)

My Personality: I'm kind,funny,crazy,i eat a lot for a girl (but not fat) ,ambitiously and a little bit fearless,sometimes flirty

My Friends: I used to have many friends but now just Maddy and Sam...i love them so much ...we always have a lot of fun

Dislikes: Bitches,players,bullys boring people and other stuff but they aren't that important

About me: I like to skate,sing ,dance to go shopping and draw ....... I used to be popular but now i get bullied from my schoolmates
(you will find during the story much more about this) I tried twice to kill myself...I sometimes cut myself..I try to stop but it's soo hard
My Parents starts to worry about me they thought i need some space from home and so do i ..


2. The flight to London




Ally POV

My family and Maddy's family accompanied us to the Airport. Sam's Mom didn't come...sadly. We waited infront of the deparutre (can't explain it werry well ...sorry) My Mom and my Dad hold my tight in her Arms and did Maddy Parents.." Please take care of you" my brother said. I nod and give him a last hug..we said Goodbye and went to our plain who landed a minute  ago..Maddy and me had our seats at the first class but we changed with two guys..we prefer to be with Sam as at the first class.."Guys i'm soo excited..ahhh i cant believe we are going to London by our own"maddy squeals. " are right..i can't not wait for the british boys" Sam said. I chuckled at my friends. I'm soo excited to meet the guys

Skip the flight

We were tired from the long trip and went after unpacking to bed.Tomorrow i will meet the boys..i'm so excited. My alarm clock rang....!! I was still a little bit tierd but i will be fine. I got up and went to the bathroom. I dress like this. I walked downstairs and saw Maggie and Sam . We ate toghter breakfast. " Do i look nice?" Maddy asked. " Yeah..totally" i said. " We have to go!¨" Sam yelled at Maddy. They both hugged me and yelled: " Wish you luck!!!" Since they took the car..i have to go with the cab. I gave the young Man the adress and he starts to drive. " So you aren't from here" he asked. "No" i simple said. During the car ride we talked about random stuff...he seems to be nice. " So here we are" he said. "Thanks" "No is my number call me if you need a british friend" I nodded,payed and went to the big building. I will definitely call him because he didn't look that bad. I looked at the sheet he gave me..Jeremy I waited like setteld before the building. Someone tapped on my shoulder and jumped up a little. " Sorry did i scare you Ally??" "Oh Oncel Simon...hey and yes you did" We hugged eachother and went to his car. " So how have you been?"
Oncel Si asked. " Good" " And are you excited to meet the boys??" "Totally..i'm a huge fan"  " Please don't fan girl...concentrade you on your work i trust you..." I nod " You know once we also had a fan as their assistant..on the first look you think she is perfect she had all we needed in a assistant but all she just wanted was fame,money and to play with the guys heart....she make them fall in love with her...... once she was kissing Zayn than slept with Harry and so on....she knew that Zayn loved her the most but she didn't care at all....the boys also started fighting but luckly i brought the back to their sense..she almost destroyed One direction..Zayn hits the most and he was for a long time please" "Woah..i fully understand..and i promise i won't do the know me" " And that why i agreed in this" he smiled. He stoped the Car. "So..ehm Paul is waiting for you in front of the door i have to do some buissnes stuff..we will see as after the shoot. I nod and get out of the car. I saw a Man who waved at me. " Hey i'm Paul" " Ally" We walked in and got backstage. We saw a boy with blond hair all over the buffet. " Niall" Paul yelled. He turned to us and smiled with full mouth." oh..hey Paul" he said shyly. " Put the other stuff back and get ready for the shoot" he yelled causing my to jump up a little. He noticed and excuse. " Who is that?" Niall pointed at me. " I'm Allison your new personal assistant but please call me Ally" I smiled at him and held out my hand.  Instead of shake it... he pulled my in a hug. " to meet you..i'm Niall. he smiled. We let go of eachother and he went to the dress room. Paul and i went next by the the boys came in all  stared at me except Niall. One eye caught mine. Big gold,brown,hazel eyes...Wow..Zayn Malik have really beautiful eyes . I got lost in to his beautiful eyes...he also keep staring at me. " Zayn ZAYN!!" the photograph yelled. "Oh huh..sorry"  he said" Concentrate" All chuckeled. The whole shoot he always looked over to me but sill contentrate on the shoot.
Zayn POV  
Who was that beautiful girl...i couldn't help myself... i always looked over at her if i had the chance to. This is wrong i'm thinking about a other girl as Perrie. i tried so hard to concentrate me on the shoot...but that girl didn't leave my mind.

   Ally POV
As they were finished Paul,Simon and i waited backstage for them. Harry, Liam and Louis were the first who came back. " Hey..Hey Hey who is that gorgeous girl." Harry said and winked at my. " Allison your new personal assistant." Simon said. " Nice to meet you..i'm sorry for harry's behave..i'm liam," liam said and took my hand and lightly kissed it.  Louis came towards me and pulled me in a hug" Hello Love..i'm Louis" Niall finally came also and run towards me.." Ally" he yelled at spun my around. " Niall" I laughed. All stared at us except Paul." What" i asked as they keep staring at us. " From where you know you guys?" Harry asked. " Ohh..i met her before you guys here with Paul. All nodded. " So where is the last member?" i asked. "Still changing" Louis said. " He always take so long" Liam said. I just nod. " You know i'm a huge fan of you guys and now i'm your assistant..thats soo cool!!" They all smiled. I blushed. " Aww..i'm also a fan of you Ally" Nial said and kissed my cheek. As i turned around Zayn stand at the doorframe. "whats up mate??" Harry asked..." We have a fan as our assistant" he yelled at Simon.  " Yes Zayn is that a problem??" "You know what you what that happen again." he asked angry. " Ehm..Zayn he told me what happend so..i won't do the same" "How can i trust you"he asked me. He really starts to piss me off. "Hell..don't judged me Mister 'Perfect' you don't know a shit about me so don't you  dare to talk about me like that..just it happend once dosen't mean it will happen again if you don't let shut hell up or else it means war!!!" i yelled at him. Everything went quiet.I could feel all eyes on me. " Simon knows me since i'm born so trust him..he wouldn't agree to this if he knows i'm unable.." i said. " She is right...she is a hard worker..i know how she works even if the guys around her are hot..she concentrate on her work" Simon said and left the room. "Whatever" he spat and also left. All clapped. "What?" "Wow no one talk to Zayn like that" Louis said. " Well it was time to" i said. We heard a high voice yell: "Zayn..ZAYN" I saw a blond sloppy girl walk towards me. " You know where Zayn is ugly slut" I laughed. All looked at me. "Did you or not whore" she asked angry. "why should i tell you??" " Because i'm his FUCKING Girlfriend" i looked over to the other and they nod. " So you are Perrie Edwards" i asked. She nod. I start to laugh. "What so funny bitch" she looked angry. "You...are" i said between laugh. Again i start to laugh but this time the guys also Paul were laughing. Then she did the biggest mistake in her life. She slapped my acrosss the face. " What the hell" the guys yelled. I got mad and slept her harder so that she fell on her butt. I got on top of her and punched her severl times and then..."What THE FUUCK!!" Zayn yelled. Perrie grab my hair and pushed my down and slapped my severl times.I yelled in pain. Zayn got her off of me and Louis and Liam helped me up." You stupid bitch look what you did to me" Perrie yelled. " AWW.Go and cry to mommy!!" All laughed except Zayn and Perrie. Zayn looked very pissed. " Can you explain this" Zayn asked. " Are you crazy" he asked. Perrie start to fake cry..all knew it was fake except zayn. "You little slut..don't you dare to touch her again" he yelled. "And when not??" i asked. "Then i will kill you" "Aww i'm so afraid...wait ...i'm not"i smiled evlliy. I heard giggle from the guys. " Zayn don't be angry at her. Perrie insult her first and slapped her first" Paul said." Ohh and know she got all of you on her did she do that...will she ride one of your guys dicks" he said. All looked  shocked..I got bullied everday and evreywhere..what did i's always me. I didn't want to cry but i hold it on since Perrie called my slut. A tear escaepd my eyes ..harry saw it and said: "Zayn it's better when you go " " Yeah mate thats really better" Liam said as he also saw my tears." whatever "he spat and glared at me. As both were out of the room..i start to cry my heart out. The guys comfort me..trying to cheer me up. " We should have react earlier but Paul said you can handel it. " Niall said. All glared at Paul. " And she did..she said she can beat up weak girls..and i wanted to see it and she said she can so i trust her. " Paul said . " Yeah..and did you saw how good i was??" All start to laughed. " Allison you are amazing..i think we will be good friends." Louis said. " So you don't like that girl??" i asked. "Nope" everyone said. Niall was hungry so we decide to go to Nandos.   Hope you guys liked it..plzz comment!!! Love ya  
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