Love on detours

Hey I am Allison Karsten...the most people call my Ally

Me: My name is Allison Karsten( Ally) I'm 17 years old... Come from Los Angels birthday is on the 30th of August .....i live with my older brother Lucas(20) My Mom Kristen(43) and my Dad Mike(45)

My Personality: I'm kind,funny,crazy,i eat a lot for a girl (but not fat) ,ambitiously and a little bit fearless,sometimes flirty

My Friends: I used to have many friends but now just Maddy and Sam...i love them so much ...we always have a lot of fun

Dislikes: Bitches,players,bullys boring people and other stuff but they aren't that important

About me: I like to skate,sing ,dance to go shopping and draw ....... I used to be popular but now i get bullied from my schoolmates
(you will find during the story much more about this) I tried twice to kill myself...I sometimes cut myself..I try to stop but it's soo hard
My Parents starts to worry about me they thought i need some space from home and so do i ..


4. The date with Jeremy

  He was here. Maddy and Sam rushed downstairs to open up the door. I glanced a last time at the mirror.
I walked downstairs to where he would be waiting for me. There he stood with yellow flowers.
" You look amazing Ally" he smiled at me.
"Thanks Jeremy" I hugged him.
"So I think you guys should go" Maddy said.
"Yeah but I warn better not break her
or else I will break that clear??" Sam asked him. He nod.
"Oh this are for you" he smiled and handed me the flowers.
I smiled back and Maddy took it "You guys should better go..I will take care of the flowers" Maddy said.
He opend the car door for me and I got in. "Thanks" I said. He nod and also got in the Car.   "So were are we heading off?" I asked. " First we go to the movies and afterwards we can go eat somewhere" I nod. " Thats sounds
good and what are we going to watch??" "Pitch Perfect" he smiled. We parked the car and then went to the cinema. He bought both
tickets and some snacks and drinks. " could have at least let me pay the drinks" I whined. " Well babe a gentlman always pay for his lady" he winked at me. "Good..but the next time I will  invite you" He nod. We got to our seats and waited till the movie begins.
-----------------------After the movie
" Hahaha...that was so hilarious" I said between laugh "Yeah" Jeremy laughed. We got back to the car and drove away "Where next"
"Woow..there is someone excited " " Nope..just hungry" I shrugged. " Next stop Mc Donalds...if it is okay...because we are just friends
hanging out...and I thoughht you want the things between us go slow and" " It's okay...I'm happy that we take the things slow..get to know eachother and maybe even fall for eachother....and I really hoped we don't go somewhere fancy" I cut him off. He smiled. He parked the Car
and we went to Mc. "Please Jeremy let me pay the food" I whined. " time" I crossed my Arm over my chest " You are mean"
He chuckled. "What to you guys want" the waiter asked. " The same like you" I whispered in Jeremy's ear. The waiter winked at me and then went to get our food. I rolled my eyes. "That's everything" he said and Jeremy payed. "And thats for you beautiful Lady" he said with a wink.
I took the piece of paper but later throw it in the trash. Asshole..who does he think he is?? " So i see many guys feel attracted to you" Jeremy wiggled his eyebrows. "Phh..I don't care" "All guys at the cinema started at you even if they have girls with them and the same here" Jeremy said."Well...I'm hard to get..sooo some nice six-pack and a sexy smile is not enough to convince me." He nod. We ate..talked and laughed about random stuff. It was a nice night with him..I could imagine to go out with him. He nice..good to talk to...good looking..funny. But it's also nice
again to have a guy friend. As we got back to the car I got a text from Liam

From: Daddy Directioner
To: Mommy Directioner
"Hope you are having fun...I have to tell you guys something would be nice if you can come over to
Louis place..and we also kind of miss you"xx

I replied to the message and asked Jeremy if he can drive me to Louis flat. He stoped in front of a beautiful house. "Wow" Jeremy whispered.
I hugged him and whispered "thank for the nice night..I really enjoyed it" "same here" he smiled a big smile. "See ya" I nod and got out of the car. I rang the doorbell and some seconds later Louis opened the door. " Hey beautiful" "Hey Louis" We entred the house and went to living room. " Louis  I love your house" He chuckled. "Hey" the boys cheered. I hugged each of them and then sit besides Louis and Niall on the couch.
We talked for a while but then suggest to watch a movie. Louis cuddled with me...but everyone knows he dosen't meen more then just sister love. He love Elenore to much to cheat on her. In the middle of the movie we all heard a loud moan. "Zzayn...Ahh..faster...faster" girl voice moaned.  "Ahh Babe" a husky voice said. " I'm close..Ahh" I coverd my ears...EWW that was so ridiculous. " I didn't know Zayn is here" I said.
" Yeah sadly with Perrie" Harry said. " I hate it if they have sex in MY house" Louis said. " This happens more often??" I asked. " Yep but also in mine..Liam or Harry's flat" Niall said. "Really???" "Yep sometimes" Liam said. Suddenly someone turned on the lights. " Hey mates" Zayn said.
He was just in his boxers and Perrie besides him in his shirt. " Ohh..what is this Bitch doing here" Perrie asked. " Shut up" Harry said. Louis wrapped his arm around my stomach. " Zayn how much do we have to say that you guys shouldn't have sex in our places??" Liam asked annoyed. " guys are over dramatic" Perrie rolled her eyes. " Sorry...I kind of can't control my hormones" Zayn said emberessed.
Perrie run upstairs and Zayn sat besides Liam on the love seat. I got up to make us 5 sandwich..yeah5...I don't make some for Zerrie. "Here sandwich for you" i handed the guys their sandwich. " Thanks" they said. I cuddled back to Louis to watch the movie. " Where is mine and Perrie's" Zayn asked. " ohhh.I forgot you guys" I said. All chuckled. "Go and do us some" " it by yourselfe jerk" "Arrogant Bitch" he muttered. Perrie came back cuddled with Zayn. Before the ending of the movie someone yelled " What the FUCK!!" Perrie chuckled evily.
And as this person turn on the lights .... Louis Girlfriend stood their. Ups!! Louis got up to hug her but she pushed him away from her. "What the fuck is going on here" "What should go on" Louis asked. "Seriously!!! What should go on!!" You are cheating on me with that ugly bitch" she pointed on me. Shit...everywhere I go...everyone hates me...why??? All looked shocked. " there is nothing going on between me and her" Louis said calmley "Don't lie to me I saw the picture on twitter or the picture Perrie send me" All glared at her. Bitch..i will kill her later. i walked over to her and got between her and Louis. "'s nothing going all a  missunderstanding" I said. " Yeah..bitch tell that your mother" "El she is the girl i talked about latley."Louis said raising his voice a little bit "Yeah and you know what?? I was jealouse of her because you just talked about her...but she isn't pretty at all....she's fat ugly...and a slut" Elenore said. That really hurt...she didn't even know me...  a single tear escaped my eyes. The lads saw it and got mad. "That's enough fucking don't talk to her like that" Niall yelled. All were suprised that Niall was that mad. " I talked to her how I want" " No..not my friend" Harry said really pissed off. That's all my fault. " Eleanor please it's not..." But i couldn't finish my sentence then she slapped me on the right cheek so hard that i fell on my bum. All gapsed. Of cours Zerrie liked to see me hurt. Tears streamd down my face and fast took my bag and ran upstairs in the bathroom.I took a old friend out of my bag....the razor. I lifted my dress and cut along the old scar on my waist. For a moment it felt good but then I felt such a pain that I cried out of pain. "Ally is everything okay...." Harry asked."Please answer or else we are going to breakdown the door" Niall said. I couldn't answer. The banged severl times at the door. I felt suddendly so dizzy that I tripped on my own feets and fall...but before I could hit the hard ground I hold on to the curtain but to my luck it fell and i hit the bathroom edge and every think went black.

                                                                     Zayn POV

As Ally ran upstairs Louis start to yell at El. "Do you know what???? You are soo stupid" Niall said pissed. Wow he really cares about her.
"Just go straight to the fucking hell" Harry yelled. Louis just stood there ..tears rolling down his if El did hit him.... but she didn't.
" Why are you crying Louis and do you let your friends talk like that about me???" " you know what it hurts to see her like that..
she's like a sister to me...and you just hit her without any reason" he yelled. " I have one...she just wants to spilt us up.....don't you see it"
"To be honest..noo El..I can't see's not her it's you" "Now you are on her side..and to be honest she deservs the slap" "No she dosen't she
is a fan of know..she always tell us how lucky I'am to have beautiful you are or that we are meant to be toghter" The lads nod. " But i can't recogniz you are like Perrie" Louis said. I rolled my eyes. "She always wanted to meet you" He said now calmley
El's eyes soften. "Sorry...I just got too jealouse...I don't know why I flipped out like that" Louis hugged her. " Say that to her" We all heard a painful scream. I looked around too see that Niall and Harry wasn't here anymore. Of cours they are upstairs comforting Ally. "Guys" Harry yelled. We all ran upstairs to see a broke door and blood on the bathroom floor. Niall had Ally placed on his lap..his whole shirt coverd of blood.
He was crying. Also Louis and Harry did. "We should go to the hospital now" Liam said in a shaky voice. I knew he want to cry but he have to stay strong for the others. "Zayn take the car with El..Perrie and Me" We got in the car so did the others and drove off to the hospital. As we arrived to nurs and doctors rushed to us and took her away. " You guys can wait there" A nurs said.As we entred the waitingroom all burst into tears excpet Perrie and I. Well I wanted too but I don't  like her.....I think...because of her Louis and El's better to show the cold shoulder. Some hour later the doctor came " Allison Karsten" We all stood up. "Is she okay'' Liam asked. "Well we fixed her...the cut was really deep but she had also other cuts we fixed" "Is she awake" louis asked. "No..not yet..maybe tomorrow" " What does mean maybe" I asked. All looked supries. " Well it could be that she won't wake up soon..." "Soo she is in a coma" Niall asked. "No..she will wake up 100% but we can't decied when...the body needs some time to heal..and then she will wake up.." " Can we visit her" Harry asked " 532" As we got to her room Louis and Niall rushed to her bed. She looked like dead. "I'm soo sorry thats all my fault" Louis cried. It broked us to see Niall, Louis and Harry soo sad. " No it's not your fault mate..its El's" Harry said and glared at her. So did Niall. "I'm sor..." Niall cut her off "Save don't have to lie to us bitch" Niall says. Woow he don't swear that measns he really hate her. " I will go hone" Perrie said. I nod. "Don't you wanna come with me" she winked. "'m not in the mood right now Perrie....My friends need me now" "So you suddendly like her??" "No...i'm staying here because of my friends..okay" "But I need you to" she complained. UGH!!Sometiems she's soo anoyinng. " They need me now more then you do..sorry" With that she stormed out of the room. " Sorry mate" Liam said. "It's okay.." I smiled.
"I'm hungry" Niall said. "Yeah met too" Harry added. " We can go to Mc Donalds" Louis suggest. "At 5pm??" Liam asked. "yeah..I know where we could go eat and then drive home to change the cloths" Louis said. He shirt was also coverd with blood. They stood up and walked towards the door.."Zayn..don't you come??" Liam asked. "No..I'm not hungry..have a clean shirt and someone has to be here in case she wakes up" Liam nod and closed the door behinde him. Finally I'm alone with her. I walked towards the bed and sat down. "I'm sorry" I whispered. Then I burst into tears. I don't know why...but she had this affact on me..I can't explain. "I'm sorry I'm hurting you but it's just the best...I know how this will turn will just break me and soo the others...I don'tt want that anymore...I'm protecting myself...But to be honest I like you because you make the guys happy..all bad things I say to you were are pretty..beautiful..and not a slut..I'm just  sorry" I whispered in her ears. I lied next to her and fell asleep.

                                                Ally POV

I was so tired..everything was black..I couldn't even feel  my body..Everything was pain..all over my body...I want to scream but no loud escape 
my lips..strange..were Am I??' I heard a husky voice talking to me...or kind of apoloziging...but why?? As he finished talking....I fell in a deep sleep.

                                                                             Zayn POV

"Sooo sweet" " will wake him up" ' CLICK 'Someone took a picture. I slowly opened my eyes too see Harry...Liam..Niall and Louis.
"Hey" they cheered. "Hey" I rubbed my eyes. "What" I asked confuesed. "Look who sleeps besides Ally" Louis  said. FUCK !!! I was still on the bed."It's not what you guys think it is......" I stuttred "Whatever Malik" Harry winked. " We brought you food and some new cloths" I nod and got up.That was emberssing. "We won't tell Perrie" Niall yelled after me as I went to the bedroom. I got out, sat besieds Liam and ate my food. "OMG" someone yelled. It was Sam." What did you guys do to my Ally" Maddy said carrising Ally's cheek. "Who is Elenore bitch"Sam asked. Maddy pointed at El. Sam walked over to her and smacked her on the left cheek "Never touch her again or else I will kill you" El nod. Also Oncle Si visited for 2 hours.He had puffy eyes like the others. Sometimes a Nurs came over to look at her. As the door opened a guy entered. "Jeremy" Maddy scream in joy. "Hey maddy...ehm how is my baby doing?'" he looked at Ally and a tear escaped his left eye. He walked over to her and kissed her cheek..that made me awkwardly mad. "Who are you" I asked. "I'm Jeremy.." he smiled. " Yeah..we heard a lot about you from Ally" Liam said.What they know him??' Oh of cours she tells them that her boyfriend..or..UGH " I hope just good things" "Yeah she couldn't tell us how sweet..nice...good loking and caring you are" Louis winked. " both should date" Harry said. Good they are not toghter yet. Why Am I happy about that. " We take the things slow....we just both come from a heartbreak break up" They all nod in agreement. The days go on and on....when will she wake up????
-------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 month later
We were finally back home from the Promo-Tour. We were in Japan..New York..I still can't belive it but we were in Madison Squergarden!!!!!
I'm soo proud of be aloud to go there you have to be as talent like Michael Jackson or JB etc. We were also in Ghana helping the poor and sick children...and we won yesterday a Brit Award!!!! " Zayn we are going now to visit Ally the doctor said she is awake!!!" Louis shouted happy
I run downstairs and got in the Car. As we reached the hospital Louis run out and stormed into the hospital. We saw him talking with the doctor.
"WHAT!!!" he shouted. Liam rushed over to him and slapped him on the back "Ouch" "Behave...and next time talk lower" "Well the doctor said that  Ally have been awake since 3 days" "WHAT!!??" Niall,Harry yelled."Shhh" Liam said. "Why didn't you told us" Liam asked the doctor."Well I did call simon but he said I shouldn't tell you you could focus on the Brit Awards..and congratulation" "Thanks" We said in sync. "But now she think we don't care about her" Niall said. "No no, I told her everything and she was happy for you guys....she did understand and watched yesterday the Brit Awards...she was soooo excited and amazed about your performence.." He smiled and so did we. We went to her room. Liam knocked on the door..but none opened the door. I just opened the door but regret it because Ally stood there in her underwear . We both stared at eachother for a second before she screamed. "Ahhh" I quickly closed the door. My cheeck burned and they noticed and laughed. Liam just shook his head and glared at me. As she reopened the door she smiled her perfect smile. "hey" they hugged and kissed. "Sorry" I mumbeled. "'s okay" she flashed me a smile. "Ally" Sam said as she entered the room "You know you should rest" Ally rolled her eyes and went back to the bed. Maddy and a guy..I assume he is the Jeremy guy. "So how have you guys been??" We told her everything from A to Z. We laughed a lot but then all of sudden Eleanor entered the room. "Hey...ehm Allison can we talk??'' "No you will just inslut her more or worse" Sam said to El. "No I won't..." "Just go..I did understand what you said and you are right I'm ugly..fat and a's okay" Ally cut her off. "El shook her head no "That's not true..I was just soo jealouse...I'm really not like that and I'm soory..It's  my fault that you are lying here" a tear rolled down her face. "No it's not" Ally said now in a calm voice. "It's mine beacuse it was all my decision"   "We are both involved in this shit" El said. "Come here" Ally patted at her bed and El sat there. They hugged and keep saying sorry. "Can we star over and be friends..because I really like to" Ally nod. "And you guys can you forgive me" she looked at Niall,Harry,Sam,and Maddy. "Well we can forgive but not forget" Sam said and the other nod in agreement. They hugged we chatted once more till the doctor cam in. "So Allison we have the results and everything is okay and you are aloud to go home. All cheered. "But you can't drink alchol and have sex until we see us next week before you are leaving" the doctor said. He said too much she should know and he stopped himself before saying more. Liam and he left the room to do some paper stuff. She looked confused. "Where the fuck Am I going?? What is he talking about???" Great know we have to find a excuse because Simon wants to tell her by his own. " I don't dosen't metter at all" Harry lied. She nod but she didn't belive Harry. As she finished packing some stuff we finally get out of the hospital. "We are going to Nandos... you too??" Louis asked. I shook my head no. "I will take a cab and drive home." I said. He nod and got in the car. I took a cab and drove home. Perrie did call me to hang out and I accepted. "Hey" she says as I walked to the house door. "Since when are you here??" I asked. "Since 5 minutes" I nodded and we entered the house. "WOW..." was all she could say. "I know" I said. We watched Scary movie 2 in my room. "Soo...." she said. " Hahaha" I laughed at the part the black and the white  girl are running away from the skeleton. "Why are you laughing" she asked. I pointed at the screen. "Ohh...what was funny about that part??" Agh..she don't have any humor....that's why I don't like the watch comedy movie with her..I'd rather hang out alone. "Shhh" I placed my finger on her lips. She just rolled her eyes. Later she crawled on top of me and start to kiss my neck. I moaned."Not yet Perrie..plzz I want to watch that movie" I complained between moan. "The movie can wait...and you have seen him enough anyway" She was right.I could handle it anymore and as next we had sex.

                                                                               Ally POV

We were chatting about the weirdest things ever. "Hahah...Oh Guys.. I missed this crazynes with you" I said. They smiled and Liam payed the bill. "Soo...wanna se your new home??" Niall asked. I nodded excited. We got in the car and drove home. The house just looked perfect. We walked up the  stairs . We got in and walked to the kitchen . "Wow" I manged to say. " Do you wanna see more??" I nod. First Liam's room,then Niall's, Louis,Harry's and finally mine. "Wow" I said. It was huge and beautiful as hell!! "Do you like it??" Liam asked. "No..I love it" I said with a huge smile. The guys wanted to show me Zayn's room but when we heard some moaning noise..we decided against it. We had 3 guest room..3 bathroom and a backyard. We all sat down in the living room and chatted awhile. "Ugh..Zayn what is this bitch doing here???" she asked him annoyed. "Well first of all hey Perrie,then I live here and I'm not the bitch who slept with her boyfriend in his bandmate's place" I heard giggle from the boys and girls. "Shut up...and why do you even care where and when I sleep with MY Boyfriend??" "I don't..I have a life..not like you"
She rolled her eyes..kissed Zayn Goodby and left the house. "Why do you have to be always soo mean to her" Zayn yelled. "She just said the truth and Perrie did inslut her first" Harry said calm. "Whatever..I don't like how she talk to MY girlfriend" Zayn yelled now at Harry " Show more respect..or else you will get fired" " you can't decide that by yourself" Niall shouted at Zayn. "I will find a way" Zayn said cool. He went back to his room. "I want to do that" "What???" Louis asked confused. "About we talked about at Nandos" "Okay..let's go" Harry suggested. Liam didn't came along since he was talking with Danielle on the phone. So will let a note..that we were going to do some shopping.

                                                         Zayn POV

As Liam finished his phone call with Dani I entered the living room. "Where are the lads?" "Don't know..they left a note how says that they were doing some shopping" he shrugged. "But we did yesterday" "Yeah...crazy...I will never understand them" he shook his head. "And where is Ally??" "Why" he asked me. I just shrugged.  " Why should I tell you where she is..when you don't even care about her?'" "I'm just curious" "Sure" he rolled his eyes. "But I don't know...she left with the lads togheter" he answerd "What!!?? You let them alone with her??? Mabey..she trying to kill them.." "How??She is a girl..and the boys are three and"  "Well she could lock them in room or strong boys are helping her" "Well we will see" Liam said cool..How could he be soo calm?? "Are you crazy can you stay calm" i shouted at him. He got mad and yelled back. "Zayn..she isn't going to do me and the only one who is crazy are you!!!" "But...." he cut me off. " End of the discussion...when they don't come back till tomorrow you can call the police" he said in a stern voice. I just nodded. " What happened to you?? Since you and perrie got kind of are not yourself..not the Zayn I know" "that's not truth" I mumbeled.  " Why aren't you nice to don't even tried" "I don't have to you know about Sara" "Zayn obvisouly she isn't like sara..just because Sara was crazy and didn't have a heart,..dosen't mean Ally is the same" "Yes it means" "You don't even know her...don't you see how hard she works and she didn't try to hook up with one of us...Just give her a chance...that you never gaved her...even if you got hurt...just try to be nicer..plzzz because we really all like her and i don't wasnt her to be again near to death" Suddendly we heard the house door open. The lads and Ally entered the living room...but Ally looked others....yeah she dyed her hair blond... she looked nice...more grown up and still hot....wait.. I didn't just thought that...UGH I'm soo messed up. "Do you like it??" she asked all of sudden. I shrugged..It looks look also more grown up" She nod. "Can I see your room??" she asked. "yeah...why not" We got upstairs and then entered my room. "WOW...nice" she smiled. I nod and we got downstairs. "Soo wanna watch Scary movie 2" harry asked. "Yeah..but why don't we just look all?" Ally asked. "Good idea"  We placed all the food on the living room  table. We sat around the table and watched the movie. Ally sat besides me very close. I looked over at her and saw her laughing. She had the most beautiful smile. Ahhh.NO Zayn don't think like that...You HATE her. She caught me staring at her and I blushed...for some reason  we stared at eachother till Harry interrupt us. "Guys are you gonna stare at eachother or watch the movie??" They boys chuckled and I stood up and ran upstairs in my room. I took my shoes off and lay down on the bed. I could get her off of my mind. The last thing I thought before I drifted off was her beautiful smile and face.     Hey hope you guys liked it and plzz comment!!!!
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