Love on detours

Hey I am Allison Karsten...the most people call my Ally

Me: My name is Allison Karsten( Ally) I'm 17 years old... Come from Los Angels birthday is on the 30th of August .....i live with my older brother Lucas(20) My Mom Kristen(43) and my Dad Mike(45)

My Personality: I'm kind,funny,crazy,i eat a lot for a girl (but not fat) ,ambitiously and a little bit fearless,sometimes flirty

My Friends: I used to have many friends but now just Maddy and Sam...i love them so much ...we always have a lot of fun

Dislikes: Bitches,players,bullys boring people and other stuff but they aren't that important

About me: I like to skate,sing ,dance to go shopping and draw ....... I used to be popular but now i get bullied from my schoolmates
(you will find during the story much more about this) I tried twice to kill myself...I sometimes cut myself..I try to stop but it's soo hard
My Parents starts to worry about me they thought i need some space from home and so do i ..


3. Get to know eachother


Ally POV
"Nandos..Nandos!!" Niall yelled. He run towards the restaurant. I laughed at him. We sat at a free table. Soon a waiter came to us. " So what can i bring you guys..he asked. Niall order a lot of food. " And what can i bring that gorgoues girl." He winked at me. Louis wrapped his arm around my stomach. "The same like me..okay babe" he asked me. "of cours babe" I kissed his cheek. As the waiter was gone all laughed. " Did you saw his expression as you kissed Louis funny" Liam said. " And than he shoot Louis a death glare" Harry said between laugh. The waiter came with our food back. Again Louis wrapped his Arm around my stomach. He glared at him and walked off. A group of guys walked in and all girls started to flirt with them...except of me..The "leader" noticed me and walked towards me."Hey beautiful" he said. "What" i asked annoyed. All girls shoot me death glares.
" So you play hard to get..hmm??" "No..she  don't need to... because she has a boyfriend." Louis said and wrapped his arm around my stomach. He  huffed and then walked back to his friends. " Whoa..they are all staring at you" Niall said with full mouth. "Is it always like that??" Liam asked. " yeah i'm kind used to it" i said. "You eat a lot" harry said. "Yeah you are Niall number two" Louis said. " Well this food is so delicious..i can't help myself" i said. " ha..finally..someone understands me" Niall said "I just ask me why you both don't get fat??" Liam asked. I just shrugged. " You know you both are really fit" Harry said."Thanks... I don't understands why no one recognized you guys" i asked curious. " Because Paul is blocking everyone who want to come near the table" Harry said. " So we can eat in freedome" Niall said. I nod. " So we want to now you better...tell us something about you" Louis said. " I'm Allison Karsten please call me Ally and i have a older brother parents are good old friends with Simon...i like to ,go shopping ,skate and draw...ehm..yeah" i said. " Did you came alone here to London" Liam asked. " No..with Sam and Maddy" i show them Pictures. " Whoa...she is gorgoues" Niall thought out he noticed he blushed. " Aww" all said. He keep staring at Sams picture and Harry at Maddys. " I think they finally found their princess" Louis whisperd. I giggled. " Please invite them sometime to hang out with us" Harry said. "Of cours" "Tell us a bit about them" Niall said. " First maddy" Harry yelled. "No...Sam" Niall said. They start to argue about who first. Liam and Louis laughed at them. " Okay..I start with Sam" i said. " Yes" Niall said. Harry pouted. " Sam is a strong women...she isn't that rich like Maddy and me...she comes from a bad district...she sometimes gets raped from drunk man.... and her mother slap her everynight she comes drunk back....she don't have it easy...Maddy and my parents don't like because they think she's a bad influence but she really isn't....but now she can beat up man  who are trying to rape her...That why she get's fast pissed..most are afraid of her but if you get to know her she is a kind and sweet person....first Maddy and Sam didn't like eachother....but know they are close sisters...when someone hurt us..believe me Sam will kill him..she's amazing Person.... really." i told. "Whoa" the guys said. " Maddy  is popular ...sweet ..kind and stupid...but i still love her.She vulnerable girl..she use to have a lot of boyfriend but all just broke her heart...our parents are close friends..and we now eachother since i'm 3 years old....she a real friend..she still hangs out with we even if I am no longer popular...i said. "What do you mean no longer popular?"Niall asked. " i get bullied from my schoolmates." "What" they all yelled in sync. I told them the whole my ex boyfriend Jason wanted to get in my pants "And of cours i reject and said i'm not ready...he got mad and threat me that if i don't sleep with him he will  get everyone to harass me.. he said he will tell the others that i slept with the whole football team..just because i'm close with them..i was a cheerleader but i still reject and soon regret it...because all start to bully me...saying you bitch..and other stuffs...beat me up...Sam once stick up for me and so we got friends...but once i was home alone he came by and reapt me...i cut myself and tried to kill me my parents start to worry about me and thought it will be good to have some space from home and thats why i'm here" i told them.Tears rolled down my cheek I looked up and saw the boys in tears.."Don't cry we are here" Louis said. "Thanks" i kissed Louis cheek. We exchanged numbers." Really Niall.."The Eatbuddy" i asked. "This is now my Call ID on your phone" he said. harry as "Sexy beast" Louis as " Boobear Tomlison" Liam" Daddy Directioner" I laughd at their funny ID. We talked long about random stuff till we all were tired and payed. The waiter give me his number..but i know i won't call him.
Today was still fun. Louis brought me home. " Thanks Lou" i said . We hugged eachother and then i kissed his cheek. " I'm HOME!! i yelled. Maddy and Sam came from the Living room and pull me in a hug. We talked about our firts day. Sam got really pissed as she heard about Zayn and Perrie. "When i see this guy i will kick is ass and beat his girlfriend up" she said. I laughed. I went to bed because tomorrow they guys are going to studio and have a interview.
  Next Morning

  "Wake up..WAKE UP" Sam yelled. " What?'" "Maddy and i are you just have 20 minutes to dress you up" I nod and went fast to the bathroom to clean me up. I dress in this and let my hair straight. My phone vibrat. It was a text from Louis.
From Boobear Tomilson:
To Little Miss Perfect:

 Hey Love..hope you had sweet dreams.. i will pick you up at 9:00 am =)

He is soo sweet. I looked over at the clock and saw that i just had 10 minutes. I took my bag and pack all important stuff then went to the kitchen and grab a donut. The doorbell rang. I opend the door and saw Louis. " Hey Love..are you ready?'" I nod kissed his cheek and we went to the studio. " So are you excited about your new album?'" " To be honest yeah" We parked and walked in the studio. "Hey guys" "Hey Ally" Niall yelled he run towards me and kissed my cheek. " Awww soo cute" louis squeals. All laughed. As Zayn came in he shoot me a dirty look. " So you guys look tired" " Yeah we are" liam said. " As the the guys went to the big booth i took Paul's Car and went to Starbucks to grab Coffes for the guys. " Hey Ally" Sam said. " Oh hey babe" "What are you doing here" " ehm..grab some coffe for the boys since they are tired." " So now they boss you around'" she asked angry. " No..... no no no..thats my job and i wanted to bring them some coffe..soo." She nod but wasn't happy with that answer.

                                                                    Zayn POV                                              

As we were finished with the song "Still the one" we got out of the booth. Where was this girl??' "Hey Paul where is Allison?'" i asked. "Since when you care about her??" Louis asked. I rolled my eyes. " I don't know she just ask if she can take my car because she must to go somewhere" he shrugged. How could he be so dumb..she took his car and will never come back." How can you be so dumb Paul..she took you Car and will never come back" i said. he just rolled his eyes and the lads shook their heads. " Hey i'm back boys..i bring some coffe since you guys are really tired. All looked at her. " So Zayn i don't think i'm that dumb" Paul said. The lads laughed. I just rolled my eyes..she probabely didn't bring coffe for me. And to be honest today she looked beautiful. " Thanks" Liam said. Niall and Harry kissed her cheek and Louis kissed the top of her nose. I was a little bit jealous..because the boys are so close to her. " Here..thats for you" she smiled at me. "Since when you know our favorite coffe?" i asked. " Well Simon give me bunch of paper about all stuff i have to know about you guys." she said. " Oh emm...okay..thanks  Allison" " Please call me Ally Zayn" she smiled again. She has a beautiful smile. I smiled also. " Whoa..Zayn is today in a good mood" Niall said. "I also bring you guys Muffins and for Niall a Sandwich" " Why do Niall get a sandwich and we just  aMuffin??" Louis pretended to be hurt. " Because Niall has a bigger appetit as you but next time a will bring you also Sandwich" she laughed. As we were finish we had
rehearse . " This was amazing Guys!!!OMG you are really good!!¨" Ally squeals. "Please don't fan girl i hate it" i said coldly. " Sorry" she said. She looked down at her feet. All shoot me death glares....God..
"Thanks Ally" harry said and wrapped his arm around her waist and lay his head at her shoulder. She laughed about the thing Harry whisperd her in the ears..I got jealous..i want to make her smile...but Zayn have Perrie. Yes Perrie..I should call her to get Ally out of my mind..she is just like the other fan..."Zayn" someone tapped on my shoulder. I tournd around." Don't you see i'm at the phone" i asked anrgy. " i'm sorry" again she looked at her feet. " ehm..i just wanted to say we are going to grab something for lunch" I nod and she walked off. " Ally can i bring Perrie with us?'" " Yeah" she said. As we got to Mc Donalds i saw Perrie flirting with the waiter or am i  just imagine it..." hey Perrie" i said and wrapped a Arm around her waist. " Hey babe" We walked where the guys were. " hey" Perrie said. All just nod. " What is this slut doing here??" she asked angry. " Don't you dare to call her like that" Harry said. He wrapped his Arm protectiv around her. Ally just looked at the table..but we all saw a tear escape her eyes. " Perrie if you don't stop to insult her you have to go" Liam said angry..Woah  Liam was really pissed. I sat between Ally and Perrie. A waiter came to us. " So what guys want?" he asked. As he was finished to write down our orders he lookde at Ally " Can i have the number of the gogrgoues Girl??" he asked. " Ohh i'm sorry but have a boyf..." The waiter cut Perrie of " I didn't talked to you but you" he said. All laughed..i giggled. " Whatever" she spat. Finally Ally looked at the waiter. " Jeremy?" she asked. " Yeah..finally you recongnized me" he said. " Oh sorry i didn't pay that much attention" "It's okay but why didn't you call or text??" " Well i was busy" " I see" he pointed at us. " Well i work for them as the personal 1D assistant" she said. " oh..that's why i had you to bring in such a big bussnis building." he said. She write on a sheet her number and gave it to him. I didn't know why but I got so jealous. i also get jealous when one of the boys kiss her cheek or wrapp his arm around her.WHY!!!! I'm just imagine that i'm jealous..yeah..i have Perrie. "So i want to ask you if wanna go out with me tonight as  friends??" he asked. That got me soo angry..i didn't want her to go out with him..but Why...please god help me. " Yeah why not " He smiled and walked off. As we were finished we all went to our interview and then to 2 other. " So are you excited" louis squeals "No..not really" she said. " How he is good looking" Niall said. " All started to laugh. "Man..that had sounded so gay" Harry said.                     
Ally POV

We were at Niall's apartment  laughing and talking about random stuff. Zayn didn't come. My phone vibrat.

From:The Sexy british boy
To: Gorgoues Ally
Hey gorgouse  i will pick you up at 7pm....see ya

I smiled at the text. I looked over to the clock and saw it was 5:30 pm. " Hey guys i have to go.." They all hugged me and yelled after me " Have fun" "But not to much " Louis and Harry added. I laughed at the guys. As i came home i told Maggy and Sam about the "date". "Awww" Maggy squeals. I get cleaned and at this time Sam and Maggy are looking for the perfect dress.....this
Dress. "You look beautiful in that dress" Maggy said. Sam did my Hair like that. " We did a great job" sam said. Maggy nodded. " Just a little bit make up" maggy said. "Ehhh voila" she said as she was finished. "Not too much and not too little." Maggy said. " Just Natural" Sam said. The doorbell rang. He was here.


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