1. Come

Come all who are weak

Come all who are hurt

Come all who are meek

For my Strength is everlasting


Come all who have fallen

Come all who have wept

Come all who have burdens

For my Compassion never ends


Come all you are hated

Come all who feel desprate

Come all who's hearts have been broken

Who's faces have been wet

Who cry out for the help that never comes

Yet you never Come


When the room is empty I hear your voice

When your heart was weak I was there

I have been there when your life was dark

when it was light

Yet you wouldn't come


Depressed and sad

you fall to the ground



You know life must be more

But still you didn't Come


I reach out to you,

but you reject my embrace

I call your name,

but you close your ears to my voice

You wouldn't ever Come


Open your heart

for I love you much

I died for you

Won't you see the truth?


Perfect, I was

Sinless, I am

My blood was shed for you


On a ragged cross i drew my last breath,

With you in mind

Your sins

Your pain

Your helplessness


Bruised and scarred, Thorns on my head

I hung there for you.


I was dead


You think that I would leave you alone?

I fought for you, won back your freedom

Yet, ye of little faith, still never will come. 


Taken from the dead I arose, to this day, living for you


When you cry out

When you feel like your done

Remember these words.

Know that I am the son

Son of God, who made heaven and earth

Son of the Lord, created your birth

Will you Come?


Remember my story

My love, so true

Does this all mean nothing to you?

Will you leave me now

once again

Hiding the truth from your mortal brain?

Won't you come?


Do you believe what I've said?

That you need my help?

That I, a blameless man, took your punishment on the cross?

Was risen again and still live today?

If you do, then you have Come

Comfort you, I will

Love you, I will

For you have Come



Accept me




All who tears fall down their faces

All who feel like disgraces













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