I was young...

13 year old Isabella Cross loved One Direction. She gets furious with her family and runs away. Her auburn hair and pale blue eyes catch the attention of Niall Horan while she is walking down the road with her suitcase and they become friends. She meets the rest of the band, becomes amazing friends with all of them, and even moves in with them and goes on tour. But when something horrible happens between her and two of the lads will she spill to the others or keep it a secret?


2. You're.....

I woke up to the sound of the water running in the cave pool. I stretched and sighed remembering the fight I had with my dad yesterday. I stood up and started undressing. I decided to go for a swim so I put on my bathing suit. It's a two-piece black and white striped bathing suit and I love it. I dived into the water and started swimming around. Since I dived into the caves pool, I swam till I was outside the cave and in the ocean. I swam around some more before I saw a boat coming towards the cave. I looked closer and my eyes widened with happiness. "Jennifer!!" I yelled when she came closer. Her parents bought her a boat for herself because she is super responsible.


"Oh my gosh! Izzy!!" She yelled back with her eyes widening. Her boat pulled up right next to me and stopped. I climbed it while she freaked out. "I went over to your house this morning and when I saw that you were gone I nearly died when your parents didn't say where you were. The only place I thought of was here so... why are you here anyways" Jen asked curiously. "My dad took my surfboard and said I could never surf again just because I talked to Jason." I said while rolling my eyes and hugging her. "I'm just glad you're okay. So are you gonna go back?" she asked while staring at me. I sighed and pulled my wet auburn hair to one side. "No. Not until they get over me and Jason being friends. Ever since I met him, they changed. My mom smokes now for crying out loud Jennifer!" I replied while a few tears escaped. She pulled my into a hug and I wrapped my arms around her while burying my head into her neck. I just started sobbing into her neck while she rubbed my back. I heard her start singing and I immediately regonized what she was singing. "You're singing the meadow song from the hunger games aren't you?" I asked while looking up at her. Sometimes I felt like Jennifer was my mom even though she's just one year older than me. "Yes I am. I know that it calms you down." Jen said while smiling at me.


I finally got out of her hug and smiled. "So there's something else I came to talk to you about. I'm going to visit my aunt in london for two weeks." I felt my throat close up knowing that my best friend since birth was leaving when I had nowhere to go. I couldn't blame her though since I left so suddenly. "Thats amazing Jen! Hey who knows, maybe you will meet One Direction or more importantly... HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!!" I yelled while smirking at her. Jen playfully shoved me and I fell into the water. I came back to the surface to see her smirking right at me and she started laughing. "Oh so you think that's funny huh?" I said while swimming to the edge of the boat. "Yes in fact I believe it's hilarious." Jen said while reaching her hand out to me. About a second later Jen realized what she did wrong but it was to late. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the water. By this time i was laughing uncontrollably. 


"Oh you are so going to get it Isabella!!" She screamed when she resurfaced next to me. I smiled then dived under the water saw Jen following me. We both could hold our breath for a long time since we had been swimming since we were young. Apart from swimming, Jen and I loved singing. Our first preformance was infront of the whole school when we were 10. I loved her like a sister. We finally resurfaced and climbed back onto the boat. "Can you take me to the cave so i can get my suitcase and things?" I asked while wringing my hair out. "Yeah of course." Jen replied while starting her boat and we headed back to the cave. She stopped the boat at the shore of the beach and I climbed out while pulling her boat next to my parent's boat. I packed all my stuff up and put it in my boat. "Ready to head back? Let's get your parent's boat back and we'll find some food with my parents okay?" Jennifer said while climbing back into her boat. I climed into my boat and started the engine. "Ready freddy!" I replied while we sped across the water in our boats.


We arrived at the dock where I tied the boat up and took my suitcase out of it. Jennifer pulled her boat up next to mine and tied it up. We started walking towards her parent's house. About 10 minutes later we arrived at her house. Me and Jen walked right in and immediately her little sister ran up and hugged me. "Hiiii Bella!!" Jen's little sister, Katy, yelled while she hugged me. Katy is 7 years old and yet she surfs about as much as me and Jennifer do. "Hi Isabella. What brings you here today?" Jen's mom asked me with a smile. "I had a fight with my dad and ran away." I said while hugging her mom. Her smile turned into a frown when I said that. "Oh sweetheart I'm sorry." Jen's mom said. "It's okay." I replied. "Mom could we go to  Olive Garden tonight? I thought it would be okay since Izzy loves it there." Jen said while smiling hopefully at her mom. "Yeah sure. Just change into something nice and we'll go." her mom replied with a smile.


"Thanks so much mom!" Jen squealed while hugging her mom tight before grabbing my hand and running upstairs. I stayed over here alot so I had some clothes over here, but none of them we're really nice. "Here Isabella, go try this on!" Jennifer said while giving me a cute outfit. I stepped into the bathroom and changed into a flower skirt, a white tank top, white flats, a small grey cardigan with the buttons open, and a pink clip in my hair. "Why Mrs.Cross you look divine this evening" Jen said in a fake british accent. She was wearing a white skirt, blue flats, and a flowy blue shirt that hugged her waist. "I must say the same about you Mrs.Grace." I replied using the same accent as her. We looked at each other for a second before bursting out laughing. "Come on let's go!" Jen's mom yelled from down the stairs. Jen handed me a pink clutch that I put my phone and lipstick in before running down stairs. We got into the car and was on our way to Olive Garden.


We arrived a half hour later and by then I was ready to eat a cow. We all got out the car and walked inside. "Hello welcome to Olive Garden. Would you like a table for 3?" the lady at the front desk asked. 'No we would like to sit on the floor please.' I thought while snickering. "Yes please." Jen's mom replied while glancing at me. "Okay follow me please." The lady said while smiling and walking away. We followed after her and sat at a booth. 

An hour later

We finished eating and left Olive Garden. The food was amazing and it made it a bit sad to leave. We arrived back at Jennifer's house and when I got inside, I changed and flopped onto the bed. "Izzy? Open the door." I heard Jen say through the door. I opened the door to see Jennifer with a grin on her face with her computer in hand. 

"Lets watch the One Direction video diaries until we fall asleep, kay?" Jen said while walking into the room and falling onto my bed. Jennifer was getting on youtube already. "Okay!" I replied a bit enthusiastically. She pulled up the first video diary and we jumped under the covers. Me and Jennifer fell asleep laughing at Louis and Niall the most.


"Morning everybody! Something smells amazing." I said while walking into the kitchen. Jen's mom was standing in the kitchen cooking pancakes. "Good morning Isabella. I'm making chocolate chip pancakes and alot of them." she replied. I smiled to myself because her mom knows im a big eater.  By the time the pancakes were done, Jen came down. Her little sister was sitting across from me with 4 pancakes in front of her. I had 6 in front of me and Jen just grabbed 3. We all ate while enjoying the flavor of the pancakes. "So you guys are leaving today?" I asked. "Yes. Do you need us to drive you anywhere to stay?" Jen's mom asked. I smiled at her but shook my head. "No that's okay. I can find a place to stay." I replied.

"Go get dressed you two so we can get to the airport on time." Jennifer's mom instructed. Jen and her sister ran upstairs. I stretched before getting up myself. "I will go change too so I can see you guys off" I said while walking upstairs. I heard the clattering of dishes as I closed the door to my room. I took a quick shower and packed up all the clothes except for my outfit today. It was peach shorts, a white and peach polka dot shirt, sandels, and a small white bag. I took my suitcase downstairs and saw everybody else down there. We all walked outside and locked the door. I put my suitcase down and tightly hugged Jennifer. "Bye Izzy! I promise, I'll text you everyday and send pictures." Jen said while hugging me tight. "Don't forget to look for Harry." I said while smiling at her. She rolled her eyes before pushing me away gently. I hugged her mom and sister before picking up my suitcase.

They all got into the car and waved at me. I waved back and watched their car drive off. Sighing lightly, I started walking down the sidewalk. Now where can I go?..


Niall's P.O.V

I walked out the door while yelling at the lads. "Guys, I'm going out for a while!" I yelled before shutting the door. I pulled on my red snapback and put on my sunglasses. I love the fans but sometimes I need a day without getting noticed. Where should I go?.. I thought as I walked down the sidewalk. The breeze felt nice today. I looked over to the other side of the street and saw a girl sitting on a suitcase. She had long aburn hair and a little tanned skin. She was holding a phone and put it up to her ear. I couldn't make out what she said but she looked sad as she hung up. I walked over to her after looking both ways. "What's wrong love?" I asked. She looked up in surprise.

I looked into her pale blue eyes for a while before coming back to my senses. "Do you need help" I asked. "No, I'm fine." the girl said while eyeing me. She backed up a little and grabbed hold of her suitcase. "What's your name?" I urged. "What's yours?" She asked. I felt like this would lead to a going back and forth argument so I smiled and took off my sunglasses. "Niall Horan, nice to meet you. Now for your name." I said. Her eyes widened when I said my name. "Um, Isabella. Isabella Cross." she replied. "Thats a nice name. Now, can you tell me what's wrong Isabella?" I asked again. "I don't have a place to stay.." she said while trailing off. An idea popped into my head.

"Why don't you stay with me for a while till you find a place for yourself?" I offered. She shook her head. "I can't ask you to do that. I can stay at a hotel for a while." Isabella said. "Nope. I can't let you do that. I promise that nothing will happen and I don't want anything bad to happen to you." I said while staring at her. She thought for a while before nodding. "Okay. I'll stay with you but only for a little while." Isabella said while grabbing her suitcase. "Perfect! But I have to warn you, my friends are loons." I replied while  walking towards the house. She followed behind while saying something. "What was that love?" I asked. "Thank you Niall. You're very nice." she said while smiling at me. I smiled back before realizing we got back to the house. I opened the door and led Isabella inside.


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