I was young...

13 year old Isabella Cross loved One Direction. She gets furious with her family and runs away. Her auburn hair and pale blue eyes catch the attention of Niall Horan while she is walking down the road with her suitcase and they become friends. She meets the rest of the band, becomes amazing friends with all of them, and even moves in with them and goes on tour. But when something horrible happens between her and two of the lads will she spill to the others or keep it a secret?


6. The truth comes out


     "I'm hungry!" I complained. The lads and I were sitting around watching TV when my stomach growled. Everybody groaned at my complaining. "Well come on lads, lets go find something to eat" Liam said standing up. We all followed and put shoes on. Liam closed the door and locked it. We were going out for breakfast and exploring Malibu since we've never been here before. Simon thought that we should come to America secretly just so we can get a feel of what it would be like when we start touring. Some people have heard that we're here but haven't made a big deal about it.

     I pulled my sunglasses on and zipped my hoodie up. We climbed into the car and Louis turned it on. I sat inbetween Liam and Zayn while Harry was in the passenger seat. "So where do you lads want to go?" Louis asked in a weird voice. "IHop!!" Harry yelled.

     We all agreed on IHop and Louis started to drive. I pulled my phone out and started scrolling through my pictures. I looked at the one I took yesterday. Isabella had fallen asleep in my arms and I snapped a picture of her. She looked so peaceful. "We're heeeere!" Louis yelled. I looked up as we parked at IHop.

    I climbed out and ran inside. I swear if I don't get any food, I will die. The lads followed me and we sat down. Once we ordered, a woman came in and Liam waved at her. The woman said something to the waitress and the waitress led her over to us.

    "Liam, it's very nice to see you again!" the woman exclaimed. We moved over so she could sit. "It's nice to see you too but I never caught your name" Liam said polietly. "Oh it's Cassie Barns but you can just call me Cassie! I'm Jasons mother, he's a friend of Isabella" Cassie said. As she told us this, I noticed she was hiding something. "Well it's very nice to meet you Cassie" Harry said smirking.

     "Oh no Harold, don't even think about it!" Louis sassed while snapping his fingers. We all laughed and the waiter came over to us. "Hello, what would you like today?" the waiter asked. We all told him what we wanted to eat and drink so he wouldn't have to make two trips. "I don't think we properly introduced ourselves" Liam said. 

     "I'm Liam" "I'm Harry" "I am Louis, the sass masta' from Doncasta'" "I'm Zayn" "And, I'm Niall" I finished off. Cassie smiled at us. Our food came over and we all dug in.

     After we finished, I let out a loud burp. Cassie giggled at me and pulled her phone out. Her expression clouded over for a second. "Is everything alright love?" I asked leaning forward. She looked up at me and nodded. "Yes, everything is alright I just remembered something" she told me. Cassie stood up and placed 10 dollars on the table. Liam picked it up and gave it back to her. "Our treat love" he smiled warmly at her. She smiled appreciatively at him. "Thank you boys, it's been a pleasure. Tell Isabella I said hi" Cassie said before walking out of IHop.

     We all got up and put money in the tab. We got in the car and started driving home. "Lads I just got a text from Simon" Liam announced. "Well what does it say?" Zayn asked. Liam read it before speaking. "He says that our interview is going to be moved to 4 instead of 2." I cheered in my head. We got back to the house and climbed out the car. Louis pulled out a key and unlocked the door.

    We all came in talking but our noise was replaced with silence. "Who's that?" Harry whispered. I shrugged and moved closer to the couch to get a better look. What I saw was slightly shocking. Isabella was curled up against a boy on the couch. They were both sleeping soundly. The boy had shaggy dirty blonde hair like Cassie's and a small band-aid on his cheek. His arms were wrapped around Isabella's waist and her hands were clutching his t-shirt. 

    I turned to look at the lads and they wore the same expression as me. Louis pulled out his phone and snapped a picture. The flash went off and the boy stirred. "Louis!" we all hissed. He had an apologetic look on his face. He mouthed a sorry before pointing to the couch again. The boy was starting to sit up. He gently put Isabella onto the couch and sat up all the way. He rubbed his eyes and they snapped open when he saw us.

      The boy let out a small yelp and Isabella shot up. She turned to us and sleepily rubbed her eyes. "I thought you guys were out" she mumbled. I shook my head as the boy helped Isabella up. "We left to get breakfast. We also met Cassie Barns. She said she was the mom of somebody named Jason?" Harry said the last part as a question. "That would be me," the boy raised his hand. I looked and saw the resemblence. Wait a second.

    I looked from Jason to Isabella. "You guys have like the same eyes" I stated. Everybody looked at me funny. I just shrugged and mumbled 'they do' before walking into the kitchen. I'm hungry...


     Right, that was weird. Niall walked off to the kitchen after mumbling something. I sat back down and pulled my shoes off along with my socks. I sighed in pleasure when the cool air hit my feet. "Oh! Jason this is Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and the boy who just walked into the kitchen is Niall" I explained. They all shook hands with each other. I looked over at the clock and it read 9:00 am. Maybe I could go out now. "Jason can you help me unpack?" I asked. He nodded and followed me upstairs. I was searching through my boxes till I found it. "Jason call your mom" I told him. "Why?" he was looking at me with a confused expression.

     "Tell her to bring your swimtrunks, rash guard, a few towels, and our surfboards" I grinned at him. He caught on and walked downstairs to grab his phone. I walked into my bathroom and locked the door.

    After taking a very quick shower and shaving what needed to be shaved, I dried myself off. I pulled on my reef solid pink rashguard and the black string bottom that went with it. I threw my hair into a high ponytail and walked out. I pulled my black sandals out of a box and slipped them on.

     "She's coming over now" Jason announced. I nodded and starting putting things in my beach bag. I got sunblock, sunglasses, a few snacks and two waterbottles, extra hairties, and my phone into the bag when the doorbell rang. 

    "I'LL GET IT!!" Louis screamed. I walked downstairs just in time to see him slip and land right on his butt. I giggled and walked over to the door. I opened it to releave Cassie with a dissaproving expression. "Isabella Bree Cross and Jason Alexander Barns! How dare you sneak away from school!" she snapped as us. Both me and Jason flinched at the sound of our whole names being used. "Mom I-" Jason started but was cut off. "What happened to your cheek?!" Cassie exclaimed and rushed over to him. "It's just a small cut mom.." Jason whined. "Cassie come to the living room and I will explain everything" I said calmly after closing the door. She followed me to the living room and sat across from me and Jason.

    I told her what happened at school and heard more than one gasp fill the room. I turned to the doorway to find all of One Direction standing there. Their faces were all red with anger and Zayn looked like he needed to punch something. "It's okay now though!" I assured everyone. Jason looked at me with knowing eyes. He knew that it wasn't okay but I wanted everyone to think it was. 

    Cassie took a deep breathe and smiled. "Well then since it's okay," she started "who's ready to surf?" I jumped up from the couch will a smile on my face. "Can we come?" Niall asked with puppy dog eyes. "Yes but only if you're ready in 10 minutes or less!" I said. They all rushed upstairs to get ready.

     Cassie, Jason, and I all went outside to her beautiful green jeep. It had no doors so it was easy to put our surfboards in the back. This wasn't the same car we drove this morning though. Cassie bought this one when they moved here to Malibu.

     We got in and buckled up. I put my bag infront of me. Cassie and I were in the front and Jason was in the back holding the surfboards in an upright position. He managed to get changed into his rashguard and swim trunks. Not even five minutes later, all the boys came out with swim trunks and t-shirts on. "Guys, get in your car and follow us okay?" I said. They nodded and climbed into their car.

     We drove off towards the beach. The wind was slightly blowing my hair, making it come out of its ponytail. I ignored it and turned the radio on. I sang along as A Year Without Rain came on. We arrived at the beach just as a Taylor Swift song came on. I climbed out and grabbed my Timmy Patterson surfboard that matched Jason's. 

    We both ran off towards the water with Cassie following us. I placed my board in the water and started peddaling. I stopped and waited. Jason appeared next to me and waited. We sat there for a minute before I felt it. I looked over at Jason as we smiled. The wave came and boy was it a great one. 

    I swung the nose of my board to the right to turn it around and started peddaling again. When the wave hit me, I stood up and balanced myself. My favorite part of surfing was trying new tricks. I did an aerial, snap, and finished with a backside air reverse. I ended at the beach and picked up my board. Pushing the wet hair out my face, I ran to where Cassie was set up. 

    She had set up the blanket and something else. "Food!!" I yelled. I propped up my board in the sand and sat down on the blanket. Cassie handed me a blanket and I dried off a bit. "Isabella!" an Irish voice rang out. I turned around to see Niall and the rest of the lads running towards us. I waved them over and grabbed a plastic wrapped sandwhich. Niall plopped down next to me and grabbed a sandwhich.

     "Isabella!" a small voice squeaked out. I finished my sandwhich and turned around just in time to be tackled. I fell to the ground with a small girl on top of me. "Oh gosh! Mack get off Izzy!" A boy's voice rang out. I laughed and sat up, holding the small girl in my arms. "It's okay Gavin she's fine" I said. Mackenzie sat up in my lap and hugged me. Her chocolate brown hair was tied up in a little ponytail and she was wearing a pink two piece. 

    "Can you help me swim today, pwease?" Mack begged, her blue eyes wide. I nodded and stood up. I felt myself being picked up with wet arms. I squealed and held Mack closer to me. "Put my Izzy down Jwason!" Mack smacked Jason on the head. I laughed as he ran down to the water with us in his arms. I felt the cold water hit my back before I went under. I kicked my feet and broke back to the surface. "Izzy! I'm scared" Mack was whimpering and holding tightly onto my rashguard.

    I just held her in my arms as we floated in the water. "Do you want to get Jason back for this?" I asked Mack. She smiled and nodded quickly. "Okay now first.." I started whispering in her ear my plan.


Jason picked up Isabella and the little girl named Mack then ran to the water. We watched as he traveled out a bit before dropping Isabella. She popped up holding the little girl just as Jason ran back to us laughing. Cassie smacked his arm playfully and laughed. "Hey Jason come look at this!" A boy yelled. He had honey blonde hair in a quiff and dark green eyes. Jason nodded before grabbing a towel. He quickly dried off before running over to the boy.

I took this as my chance. "Cassie I have a question" I said innocently. She turned towards me and smiled. "Yes Niall what is it?" Cassie smiled softly. "What is it about Jason and Isabella that you know?" I questioned. Her expression turned worried and by now the other lads were staring at us. "Niall I don't think that's polite to ask" Liam scolded me. "No it's okay. Pretty sure I can't keep this a secret anymore" Cassie sighed. "Please don't tell either one of them about this" she pleaded.

I nodded and so did the others. "Jason and Isabella are," Cassie took a deep breath "those two are brother and sister." I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. "B-but how is that possible" Liam stuttered. "Isabella's mother and father were together at the time but were having problems. He came to me and used me" Cassie said in a disgusting tone. "I became pregnant and soon realized so did Isabella's mother. He left me that day and went straight back to her. When I had Jason, I moved away. Last year I decided to come back and that's when we met Isabella" she finished. 

"So they both aren't yours but technically brother and sister?" Harry asked. Cassie nodded and I ran a hand through my hair. "That's intense" I muttered. "W-what?!" a voice shrieked. "Mom how could you?" another voice yelled. I turned around to see Jason and Isabella standing there shocked. Isabella had tears rolling down her cheeks. Mack ran off to the other boy Jason was with earlier. He looked over here with a confused expression. 

Isabella shook her head and looked down. She covered her mouth to stop from sobbing. "T-thats why m-my dad wanted me to stay from you" she whispered while trying to stop crying. Jason was standing there with his fists clenched. Isabella picked up her bag and ran off towards some boats. "Isabella wait!" Jason and that other boy ran after her, me and the lads following close behind. Isabella ignored us and climbed into a boat.

She put her bag down and pulled the string. The motor roared to life and Isabella sped off in the boat.





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