I was young...

13 year old Isabella Cross loved One Direction. She gets furious with her family and runs away. Her auburn hair and pale blue eyes catch the attention of Niall Horan while she is walking down the road with her suitcase and they become friends. She meets the rest of the band, becomes amazing friends with all of them, and even moves in with them and goes on tour. But when something horrible happens between her and two of the lads will she spill to the others or keep it a secret?


4. Jason comes to the rescue

Isabella's P.O.V

I woke up and felt something wrapped tightly around my body. I turned and saw Niall sleeping soundly. Yesterday's events flooded through my mind and I smiled. I slipped out of his grasp without waking him up and stretched. My attention turned to the clock which read 12 am. I rubbed my eyes and quietly went upstairs to my room. I grabbed my phone and turned it on. Three missed calls and 10 new text messages. I scrolled through and saw that one call was from Jennifer while the others were from my parents. The texts were all from Jen and she was freaking out. I called her because it would be about 4 pm in London.

The phone rang about twice before Jen's voice filled the air. "ISABELLA! It's about time you answered me, I was seriously worried about you!" she yelled at me. "Mi dispiace io risponderò più veloce la prossima volta" I said (I'm sorry I will respond faster next time). I was speaking Italian and didn't realize it. Jennifer sighed on the other end and I could almost hear the smile in her voice. "It's okay but answer please next time" Jen replied. Jennifer and I always spoke in different languages to each other. We each knew Italian, Spanish, French, and even sign language. 

"Isabella it's like 12 am where you are. Go to sleep or your schedule will be ruined!" Jen said to me. Oh I almost forgot about my schedule. "Right! Bye Jen I will talk to you later and I have some really important news!" I exclaimed and hung up. I turned the alarms I needed on and went to sleep. 


Four and a half hours later

My alarm went off and I groaned as I shut it off. I set my alarm for earlier than usual because I had to go to my house. I opened my closet and pulled on some sneakers and a jacket over my PJ's. I sneaked downstairs past all the lads and went to the front door. A shadow was blocking the door and I turned the light on. "Liam! What are you doing?" I exclaimed. "Where are you going at 4:30 AM?" Liam questioned. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. "I'm going to my house to get the rest of my stuff. My parents are always gone during this time and I need all my things." I explained. Liam raised an eyebrow and slipped some shoes on. What was he doing? As if he read my mind Liam laughed and grabbed a pair of keys. "If you thought I would let you go and get everything you need alone, think again" he said.

He opened the door and walked out to a black car. I closed and locked the door and hurried after him. The car beeped so me and Liam climbed in. Liam started the car and backed out. "Where do you live?" Liam asked. I told him the address and we drove off. "I know I already asked but why are you up at 4:30 am to get your things? Couldn't you have waited till the evening or something?" Liam questioned. I sighed and decided to explain.

"I have a schedule. It's very specific and I've gotten used to waking up very early. I have a copy at my house and sometimes I change it but other times I have to figure ways around my schedule if I make plans. Plus this is one of times when my parents are not home" I explained. Liam nodded and turned a corner. "How long have you had this schedule and what type of things are in there?" Liam asked. "I've had it since I was about 10. It has my morning schedule in it, my school schedule, and my after school schedule. It's mostly the same every week. Saturday and Sunday are my only free days" I said. Liam pulled into my driveway and stopped the car. As expected my parents cars were gone.

Liam turned and stared at me. "That seems like a lot for someone your age" he said. "I'm used to it and it keeps my life together" I said putting on a smile. To be honest it tires me out but I can't let Liam worry. He stared at me for a while before sighing and muttering an okay. We both got out the car and I walked up the door. I pulled the necklace from under my shirt that I hid. It had my house key on it. I took the necklace off and opened the door.

I turned the light on and looked around. Liam gasped but I couldn't blame him. My once nice and clean home had beer bottles and broken glass everywhere. There was rotten food left on the tables and the couch and a smell lingered in the air. I sighed and turned to Liam. "I know it's a lot but can you clean this up? As much as I never want to see my parents again, I don't want them to get hurt or sick" I said. Liam nodded and carefully walked over to the kitchen while I walked upstairs.

I pulled out the boxes I hid under my bed and started to pack. After about 45 minutes I finished and went downstairs to check on Liam. "Wow Liam, this looks amazing!" I said. He smiled satisfactorily and walked over to me. "Have you finished packing?" he asked. I nodded and led him to my bedroom. We each grabbed a couple of boxes and took them downstairs to Liam's car. We got all the boxes in and the front door locked in almost 20 minutes.

Since it was about 5:45 am, me and Liam went back to the house. Once we were parked, I climbed out and grabbed the keys from Liam. I slammed the door open and heard a few thumps in reply. "Boys! I need your help." I yelled into the living room. After a few moments, Louis and Niall scurried to the front door with bed head. "Isabella? What's wrong?" Niall yawned. "I need you guys to help bring some boxes in" I said. Louis just groaned and slumped down to the floor. "I don't want to!" He complained. I thought for a second before sliding past him and into the kitchen. Once I got what I needed, I came back to the front door. Niall and Liam were unloading the boxes and Louis was still on the floor.

"Oh Louiiisss" I sung. He just layed on the floor and didn't make any noise. Ok play the hard way. I knelt down next to him and pulled the carrot behind my back. "Are you sure you don't want to help?" I teased. With his eyes still closed, Louis grunted out an 'I'm Sure'. I then held the carrot in front of his face and broke it in half. Louis eyes immediately snapped open as he shot up. I snickered and ate half of the carrot. He glared at me when Liam came and smacked him on his head. "Come on Louis, you need to help!" Liam exclaimed before taking some boxes upstairs.

I smirked as Louis grumbled and went outside. I went out and got some boxes with them. Once we had gotten all the boxes to my room, I shooed the guys out and decided to change. I grabbed my blue sports bra, a pair of yellow and white track shorts, a white hoodie, and my white Nikes. I tied my hair into a high ponytail, grabbed my phone, my small wallet, and jogged downstairs. By now the only person still sleeping was Zayn. The others were sitting on the couch chatting. "Guys, I'm going for a jog and should be back in about a half hour." I announced. They all nodded and Louis came up to me. "Let me see your phone" he said. I handed it to him and he typed in a few things before handing it back.

I saw what he put and smiled. Louis put in all the guys phone numbers and I laughed at the names. "Hazzabear, Nialler, Carrot Prince, Woody, and Zaynie?" I questioned. Louis smiled proudly and went back to sit with the others. I waved at them before jogging outside and closing the door. I put my wallet and phone in my hoodie pocket after putting my headphones in and turning on Taylor Swift. I started to jog my normal route while Never Grow Up was playing. I jogged down to the starbucks like I do just about everyday. 

The bell dinged as I opened the door. I walked in to be greeted with smiles from Martha at the counter. She's a sweet old lady who has been working here for a while. I pulled my headphones out and smiled at her as I got to the counter. "Do you want the usual sweetie?" Martha asked nicely. "Yes please and I might have something to add with it if you could just give me a minute" I said. She nodded and waited as I pulled my phone out.

To Carrot Prince: Hey Louis, it's Isabella. Do you guys want anything from starbucks?

From Carrot Prince: Yeah sure. 

He sent a text telling me what they wanted and I told Martha. She smiled and put it in the computer. I handed her the money needed and sat down at one of the booths. It was pretty quiet since it was so early. The bell dinged so I looked up to see someone I didn't expect to. "Hi Ms.Barns. What are you doing here so early?" I asked. She spotted me and smiled. "Hello Isabella! I came because Jason was begging for some Starbucks and I was coming this way anyways so I was coming to get some for him" She said.

I nodded and smiled at Jason's behaivor. Ms.Barns was Jason's mother. She was a very nice and beautiful lady. She turned 34 last week but she doesn't look like it. Ms.Barns has dirty blonde wavy hair that goes down her back and bright green eyes. She came down at sat the booth I was in while both of our orders were getting made. "Isabella you look tired! Is everything okay at home?" Ms.Barns asked worridly. I smiled at her and shook my head. "Actually today is the best day so far. I left home and some really nice people are letting me stay with them" I explained. "Do I know them?" She asked.

I smiled because of how motherly she acted. She and Jason came last year but she is more of a motherly feature than my own mom. "You can't tell anyone but it's... One Direction" I whispered. Ms.Barns eyes widened and she let out a small gasp. "I heard that they were in town but I never thought you would be living with them" She whispered back. I nodded in agreement.

Our names were called finally and we both got up to get our drinks. "Are you sure you can handle all this yourself sweetheart?" Martha asked me. "Oh don't worry about it Martha, I can take her home" Ms.Barns said. "Oh no, I can get home myself" I replied. "Nonsense. Come on Isabella" Ms.Barns instructed as she walked out the door. I mouthed a silent thank you to Martha as I followed Ms.Barns. 

I climbed into Ms.Barns car and buckled my seatbelt. "Ms.Barns you didn't-" I got cut off by her clicking her tounge. "I want to Isabella. We have known each other for a year and you are like the daughter I never had. I would aprreciate it if you called me Cassie now" Ms.B- er Cassie said. I nodded as she started the engine. I told her the directions and we went off. After a few minutes, Cassie pulled up to the driveway and Liam was waiting at the door looking worried. 

I climbed out of the car with the drinks in my hand and Liam's face flushed with relief. "You're back! We thought something had happened since you left over 40 minutes ago" he exclaimed. "Sorry. Here you go I'll be inside in a minute" I said handing him the drinks. Liam nodded and went back inside as I walked over to Cassie. She was looking at Liam with astonishment. "Thank you for bringing me here" I said. Cassie just smiled at me. "It's nothing dear. Jason will see you at school later on okay?" she said while backing out the driveway. I sent her a thumbs up before going inside.

All the lads (except Zayn) were sitting on the couch with the TV on while drinking their Starbucks. I grabbed my hot chocolate that was now warm, and my chocolate muffin. I sat on the one seater and took a sip of my hot chocolate. "So Isabella, who was that lady you were with?" Liam asked. "That was Ms.Barns. She moved here with her son Jason last year" I explained. He nodded and turned his attention back to the TV.

I finished my muffin and hot chocolate in 5 minutes. All the lads looked at me in amazement. "What?" I asked. "Nothing you just... you eat like Niall" Harry said. I shrugged and threw my trash away. The clock read 6:30. I have an hour left before school starts. I ran upstairs to take a quick shower. 

After my shower,  I looked through my boxes till I found it. I pulled my outfit and put it on the bed. I locked my door and started putting my clothes on. It was a blue sleeveless blouse, a white skater skirt, a Niall necklace, three gold pins in my hair, and my white knee-high converse. I grabbed my backpack from one of the boxes. I decided to unpack when I got back from school. I jogged downstairs at 7:00. I turned on spongebob and sat on the couch.

Zayn came in rubbing his eyes. "Hey Zayn finally awake?" I asked. He grumbled a yes before plopping down next to me. We watched spongebob for about 15 minutes. I got up and straightened my skirt out. "I have to go to school!" I yelled. Everybody filed into the living room. "Alright. Do you need one of us to walk you?" Niall asked. "No it's okay" I smiled as I said this. "We have an interview at 2 so we might not be here when you get out. Theres a key under the mat" Liam said. I nodded at looked at the clock. It was 7:20. I waved at the guys as I walked out the door. I closed the door and started on my way to school.

I got to school at 7:26 so I ran to class. My first class was Language Arts. I sat down in the front row and put my backpack down next to me. I smiled and talked to some of my friends before the teacher walked in. "Good morning class!" the teacher said. A chorus of good mornings went through the class. The door opened and three people walked in. The first two were Joe Brown and his annoying girlfriend Sally Demock. Joe hates me and I don't know why. He's hit me before and left a bruise. I played it off like I fell down but the only person who didn't believe me was Jen. Joe smirked at me as he walked to the back of the room. 

The last person came through and I smiled. He sat down next to me, brushing his dirty blonde hair out of his eyes. "Hi Jason" I said. "Hey Izzy. I heard that you had Starbucks with my mom earlier" Jason said. I nodded and grinned. I hear some girls giggling and whispering behind us. "Jason is so hot!" " I know right! I wish he would ask me to the dance!!" I chuckled at them. Jason was really good looking. He had shaggy dirty blonde hair, pale blue eyes like mine, he was super nice, and funny. He was pretty strong too for a thirteen year old. "So Jason do you have any idea who you're asking to the dance?" I asked while nudging him.

He blushed and nodded. "Tell me!!" I begged. He mouthed later and pointed to the teacher who started talking. I huffed and turned to the teacher. We spent the next class period learning about different types of nouns. The bell finally rang and I picked up my backpack. Jason grabbed his backpack and we walked out together. "Tell me now" I demanded. He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by a girl coming up to us. "H-hi Jason. I-I-I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance with m-me" She stuttered. 

Jason smiled lightly and whispered something in her ear. I looked at him curiously as she bounced off smiling. "What'd you tell her?" I asked. "I told her that Timmy likes her. He told me last week but was to afraid to ask her out" Jason said. I laughed. "I have to go to the bathroom. I'll meet you in class" I said. Jason nodded and walked off to our next class. Me and him have the same schedule so if one of us forget where to go, we just follow the other. 

I made my way to the bathroom in the empty hallways when I was shoved up against a wall. A small shriek of pain left my lips. I looked up to see Joe smirking at me. "I missed you on Friday Cross. You didn't show up where I told you to" he sneered. "I-I didn't know where it was" I lied as I stuttered. A sharp pain went through my left cheek. My hand flew up to it as Joe rubbed his knuckles. 

"Don't lie Cross. Next time you don't show up I'll-" Joe was interupted by an angry voice. "You'll what?" the voice spat. I turned my head to see Jason with his fists clenched. "Buzz off pretty boy. Me and Isabella have some business to take care of" Joe spat back at Jason. Jason came closer, his knuckles turning white. "Let her go" he said. Joe smirked and moved away. I watched as he got closer to Jason.

I gasped as Jason puched Joe in the gut. Joe grabbed his stomach in pain but quickly got up. He punched Jason on the side of his face and thats when I got mad. I went over to Joe, grabbed his shoulders, and kneed him. He fell to the ground in pain as I felt an arm on my shoulder. I turned to see Jason slightly smiling at me. I grabbed my backpack and so did he. I grabbed Jason's hand as I ran out the school. Once Joe gets really mad, you don't want to be around him.

Me and Jason ran all the way to the lads house. I looked under the mat and found the key. I quickly unlocked the door and pulled Jason inside. I locked the door and turned to him. He was looking around the house. "This isn't your house" Jason stated. I nodded and placed my backpack on the ground. "I'm staying here for a while with some new friends of mine" I said. "Who?" he asked. "You'll meet them later."

I showed Jason the living room and we sat down. After a minute I noticed something. "Jason you're bleeding!" I exclaimed. There was a cut on his cheek and it was starting to bleed. I quickly got up and went to the kitchen. I searched around till I found the first aid kit. I went back to the living room and sat next to Jason. I pulled out antiseptic and a wipe. I cleaned the wound first and then dapped some antiseptic on it. He took in a sharp breath. "Sorry" I mumbled. I continued putting antiseptic on it when I started to talk.

"Thanks for being there for me Jase. I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come when you did" I said softly. I turned to get a band-aid. When I turned back around, Jason was staring at me. "Of course I'll be there for you Izzy" he said. I placed the band-aid on his cut and kissed his other cheek. I put the first aid kit back in the kitchen and returned to see Jason laying on the couch.

I sat down next to him and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I laid down with his arms still around me. I snuggled into his chest, hearing his heartbeat. I fell asleep with Jason softly singing in my ear.

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