I was young...

13 year old Isabella Cross loved One Direction. She gets furious with her family and runs away. Her auburn hair and pale blue eyes catch the attention of Niall Horan while she is walking down the road with her suitcase and they become friends. She meets the rest of the band, becomes amazing friends with all of them, and even moves in with them and goes on tour. But when something horrible happens between her and two of the lads will she spill to the others or keep it a secret?


7. Flashbacks (Isabella's P.O.V)

I ran up to the beach with Mack in my arms. I set her down on the sand when I heard Cassie speaking. She made the lads promise to not tell someone what she was saying. I saw the boys nod in agreement. Jason ran up next to me with a stupid grin on his face. "Izzy, I have some news" Jason smiled. I held up my hand and he became silent. I pointed towards the group and we hid ourselves from their view.

"Jason and Isabella are," Cassie took a deep breath "those two are brother and sister." I gasped and looked over at Jason. "B-but how is that possible" Liam stuttered. "Isabella's mother and father were together at the time but were having problems. He came to me and used me" Cassie said in a disgusted tone. "I became pregnant and soon realized so did Isabella's mother. He left me that day and went straight back to her. When I had Jason, I moved away. Last year I decided to come back and that's when we met Isabella" she finished.  

Jason's fist were tightly clenched and I could feel tears stinging at the back of my eyes. One by one, they started to fall down my cheeks. 

"So they both aren't yours but technically are brother and sister?" Harry asked. Cassie nodded in response. Niall ran a hand through his hair and muttered something. It wasn't long before I got sick of them talking about us. I stepped out of our small hiding place and stood behind the group. "W-what?!" I shrieked. "Mom how could you?" Jason yelled. They all turned to us and Cassie had regret in her eyes. Mack ran over to Gavin and latched onto his leg. 

I had to put my hand over my mouth to muffle the sobs. Tears were fully streaming down my cheeks now. "T-thats why m-my dad wanted me to stay from you" I whispered. I couldn't handle this right now. I grabbed my bag and ran to the boats. I could hear footsteps following close behind and people yelling my name. I ignored what they were saying and climbed into my boat. I pulled the string, making the motor roar. I sped off in my boat with people still yelling at me to stop.


I pulled the boat onto the beach and grabbed a vine. I tied one side of the long vine to a tree and the other end to my boat. The waves were rough right now and I didn't want to lose my boat. I pulled my bag out the boat and winced at the feel of rocks under my bare feet. I ignored the pain and entered the cave. I sat down on the rock and pulled my knees to my chest.

I'm Jason's sister. My parents kept this from me for 13 years. The thought made me angry. My mind drifted off to when I was 6 years old.

"Mommy!" I yelled in my squeaky voice. My mother came down the stairs smiling. I dropped the backpack I was holding and ran to her. She picked me up and hugged me tight. "Can't breathe Mommy!!" I squealed. My mother giggled and set me down on the couch. "How was school?" she asked me. I pouted at the thought. "Sammy laughed at me today" I whined. My mother gasped dramatically and asked why. "He said I'm all alone because I don't have any brothers or sisters" I was crossing my arms and pouting. Sammy was a 7 year old who bullied everyone he met. My mothers face paled and her eyes widened. I uncrossed my arms and put my small hand on her cheek. "Mommy are you okay?" I asked in my small voice. She took a shaky breath and nodded. "Mommy's okay Izzy. She's okay" she whispered as I was pulled into a tight hug.

I stared at the ripples in the water. I knew that something was wrong with my mother that day. Until know, I just didn't know what it was. But she knew. She always knew and she always lied to me.

I blew out the candles on my birthday cake. All of my friends cheered and Jennifer hugged me. "Happy 8th Birthday Isabella!" Jen yelled. I laughed and hugged her back. A flash went off and my mother was smiling. She held a camera in her hands and went around taking pictures of the party. I wanted a surf party since I had just won my third surfing trophy last week. Jennifer and I climbed down and started running to the beach. There was a boy in the water, chasing a girl around. The girl laughed when he caught her but squirmed in his grip. I stopped and observed them. "I swear if you don't put me down, I'm telling mom what you did!" the girl yelled. He quickly dropped her but smiled.  I wish I could have a brother like that. "MOM!" I yelled. She ran down to the beach and crouched down next to me. "Why don't I have a brother?" I asked. My mom just sighed and ruffled my hair. "Maybe one day hon"

I pounded the ground with my fist. "Maybe one day... she knew I would figure it out sooner or later but still refused to tell me!" I yelled. "To be fair, my mom never told me anything either" a voice said.

I whipped around to see Jason standing in front of the cave enterance. "H-how did you find me?" I stuttered. "Hopped on a jet ski and followed you. Nice cave" Jason said. "Jen and I found it a while back. I guess now you, her, and I are the only ones who know about it" I whispered. Jason walked over and wrapped me in a hug. 

"You know, I've always wanted a younger sister" he joked. I laughed and leaned my head into his chest. "Who ever said that I was the younger sibling?" I asked. Jason just chuckled and hugged me tighter. The news was shocking, I'll admit that. But who knows? 

Maybe something good will come out of it.


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