Lead Me Home A Walking Dead Fanfic

Zoey doesnt have to worry about her makeup smearing or her Hiar getting messed up, or her painted nails being scratched and ruined, she worried about getting slaughtered by walkers.


1. What Lies Ahead

I jumped franticly on to the ground and slid under the cars. I saw Carl under the car next to me, and Sophia a couple cars over. She was holding tightly to her doll, with tears streaming out of her eyes and her teeth biting her lip. Carl was shaking and was trying to calm Sophia. Suddenly, it hit me. “Daryl.” I mumered. Tears forced themselves out of my eyes, qiuckly being wiped away. I rolled over on to my back and looked at the car. I tried to ocupy my mind, beacuase I didn’t know how long I would be here. I looked over and wiped away tears. Sophia was still crying. I mouthed the words, “It’ll be ok, I prommise.” She nodded.

The herd allmost passed through entirely. They’re were a couple straglers, but they passed through qiuckly. Sophia let out a scream and at that time I knew something was wrong. I looked over to see a walker crawling toward her. The first thing I did was scream bloody murder, “RICK!!!” He shot up and followed Sophia in to the woods, taking a tremedous fall. I put my hands over my eyes and sobbed. Without looking, I turned around and wrapped my arms around the person right behind me. Hands wrapped back around me. I opened my eyes and saw the back of Carl’s white shirt. I smiled, but continued crying. I rocked back nd forth trying to stop my sobbing. I heard russling coming from the forest. I let go of Carl and squirmed out of his arms. I ran up to Rick and asked between sobs, “WHERE IS SHE?!” “Shes not with you guys?” Rick asked, running his fingers through his hiar. “She was supposed to come back when I left!” “WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?” Carol wimpered. She collapsed onto the hard cement. Lori and Andrea ran over to help.




It was a tough night, full of crying and very loud arguing. Shane shook his head. “No,” he protested. “We are going on a group search tomorrow.” I nodded my head to myself. The fire flickered in m eyes and made my hair shine. I starred blankly into the flame as ash colored my hair a charcoal black. Carl came over and sat next to me. “Are you ok?” He asked. “I don’t know. I guess I’m just tired.” I rolled over and shut my eyes, hoping that this horror was just a nightmare.

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