Please Don't Leave

Bell moved and started a new life. That was almost 10 years ago, now she loves One Direction, especially Niall. She never thought she would ever met him but she thought wrong. Then something very tragic happens to her dad and the hate is piling up. Bell doesn't know what to do, show she leave? If she did, would Niall be able to stop her? Read this story to find out what happens!


7. Why now?

~Bell's pov~

It was two weeks before Niall's tour started and I was a little sad because I knew he was leaving soon. The past few weeks had been spent watching movies and going out to eat. It has been a really enjoyable time and i wanted to hang out again. I took out my phone just about to call Niall to see if he was busy tonight but then it started to vibrate. As I read the number I felt myself begin to pale.  I Felt sick to my stomach. "Why would they be calling?" I thought "maybe it's good, maybe he can come home!" I thought out loud trying to shake my awful thoughts. I pressed the green answer button and brought the phone to my ear. "H-hello?" I asked my voice shaky.

"Hello, is this Isabella Willow?" A lady asked with a sympathetic tone to her voice.

"Yes," I said worried. "What's wrong?" 

"I'm sorry," my worst fears are beginning to materialize, "your father died early this morning..." She spoke softly.

"Oh god" I gasped out in between sobs.

The lady realized that I probably wouldn't be able to talk much so she explained "you can come down today and see him and say good bye if you would like." There was at least a minute where she just stayed on the phone not saying anything, and just listening to me cry about my fathers death. Then she spoke up, "I'm sorry, I have to hang up now"  I manage to stop crying long enough to say,

"Thank you, sorry I wasted your time crying" 

She said " oh love it's okay, I did the same thing... Good bye." She hung up.  Believe it or not that helped a little. I picked up my car keys and started to drive, tears still leaking out from my eyes.  I dialed Niall's number hoping he picks up so that his sweet voice can comfort me. 

"Hello?" Niall said.

"Hi" I said sadly. Then continued to cry and drive.

"Oh Bell what's wrong?" He asked me, "where are you, I'm gonna come over." He told me obviously wanting me to feel better.

"I'm in the car," I started to explain. "Driving to t-t-the h-hospital. My... My dad died this morning" I said finally getting the painful words out.

" oh baby, I will meet you at the hospital. I'm gonna hang up now so you can focus on driving. See you soon" he said. 

As I drove I thought about my dad. Before he went to the hospital, he and I were very close and I loved him so much! All the memories, all the fun times, all the laughs we shared are now just memories. I can never see him again, never talk to him again, never laugh with him again. I couldn't take this. I saw the hospital just a few streets down. Thank goodness because I don't think I could drive much longer.  When I finally got inside I saw Niall there with Louis. I ran up and hugged them then cried into Niall's shoulder, explaining to him what I thought when I was in the car. 

~Niall's pov~

Bell hugged Louis and I . She leaned into my shoulder and cried there for a good 10 minutes and then told me about her thoughts of her dad she had when she was in the car.  It was really hurting me to see her like this.  It hurt even worse when I remembered that I would be leaving and I wouldn't be here to comfort her in her time of need. I already asked and I couldn't take her with me.   Why did this have to happen now? I tired to comfort her and tell her that he was in a better place and that he loved her but I soon realized that I should just hug her because nothing I was gonna say would make her feel much better right now.  

After she saw her dad and said good bye for the last time, I drove her home and Louis drove her car home. Tears were forming in my eyes for two reason: 1) the girl I love was crying and 2) I was thinking about losing someone I loved suddenly. 

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