Please Don't Leave

Bell moved and started a new life. That was almost 10 years ago, now she loves One Direction, especially Niall. She never thought she would ever met him but she thought wrong. Then something very tragic happens to her dad and the hate is piling up. Bell doesn't know what to do, show she leave? If she did, would Niall be able to stop her? Read this story to find out what happens!


10. What's going on?

~Bell's pov~

 The band was in a different country again but yet this mystery girl was still there with them. I came to the conclusion that she was traveling with them. Why did she get to travel with them and not me? I probably sound like the jealous girl friend right now but believe me, in a minute you will understand why. The picture I found was of everyone, including the mystery girl. All the boys had their arms around one another, except for Niall. He was hugging the girl and she was hugging him.  The girl was looking at the camera, smiling just like the rest if the boys but Niall was facing the girl. His lips were on her cheek and his eyes were closed. I am mad! He was kissing her! My boyfriend was kissing another girl that I have never met in some other country!  I dialed Niall's number and waited impatiently for him to answer.

"Hey Bell!" He said cheerfully

"Hello" I said flatly. 

He must have heard the annoyed tone in my voice because he said "what's wrong, Bell?"

"Nothing." I started. " hey listen, I saw some pictures a few weeks ago and at first I thought nothing of it. But recently I have seen a picture. It's of you and the rest of the boys. But there is a girl there with you. Oh and you happen to be kissing her on the cheek. What up with that Niall? What's going on?!" I finish with a very annoyed tone.

"Her name is gabby.  She is just a friend.  I've known her for about 18 years, Bell I only kissed her because we are bestfriends. I wouldn't cheat on you. Not with her and not with anybody." This made me happier but I still had one question. Why was she in 3 different countries with them and I was still here?

"Is she traveling with you?" I asked slightly less annoyed.

Niall sighed and then begin to talk " yes. But before you get mad, she is the niece of one of the security guards."

" I thought she was your bestfriend." I cut in sharply.

"She is. Her dad needed a job so we offered him one as a security guard!"  He was getting mad at me because I was just being a good girlfriend and not kissing my friends while he was away.  "Do you not trust me?" He asks quietly, in kind of a hurt voice and I felt bad.

"I trust you Niall, I really do. I don't trust her though. I have never met her and now she will be spending the next few months in the same hotel room as you. I'm sorry Niall if you think I am insulting your friend. I'm not, I just, I don't know. Maybe I over reacted. Maybe I'm over protective but can you give me her number so I can get to know her better? So I can feel safe with her staying with you?" 

"Sure,  hold on I will give it to you." He said in a less hurt voice. I really felt bad about hurting his feelings if I did. I really do trust him, I'm just worried about what that girl will trick him into. He gave me her number and then we said our good byes. It's around 9pm and I still haven't eaten supper but I'm really tired.  I quickly throw a waffle in the toaster and a minute later i am eating it plain. Then I brush my teeth and my hair, change into my pjs and then hop in bed. Tomorrow I will call Gabby  and try to talk to her.

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