Please Don't Leave

Bell moved and started a new life. That was almost 10 years ago, now she loves One Direction, especially Niall. She never thought she would ever met him but she thought wrong. Then something very tragic happens to her dad and the hate is piling up. Bell doesn't know what to do, show she leave? If she did, would Niall be able to stop her? Read this story to find out what happens!


11. Note

Hi guys! I know in my pervious note that I said I would be trying to post a new chapter every day but I think I am gonna cut back a little bit on that. I think my chapters are  a little to short so I am gonna spend more time writing and editing them. I am going to try to put more detail in as well. Plus with all that is going on it has been hard to write the past week. i will save you from most of the details, but i had my toenail removed the other day. it wasn't fun. and next week i am going to DC for 4 and a half days on a school field trip and i wont be able to write or else i will get yelled at and probably have my iPod taken away... so yup. sorry for the long note, i will try not to make the next one longer.  I would appreciate some feed back as well to tell me how I am doing:) thank you guys for reading and liking this. Happy late saint Patrick's day!!!! Byee :*

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