Please Don't Leave

Bell moved and started a new life. That was almost 10 years ago, now she loves One Direction, especially Niall. She never thought she would ever met him but she thought wrong. Then something very tragic happens to her dad and the hate is piling up. Bell doesn't know what to do, show she leave? If she did, would Niall be able to stop her? Read this story to find out what happens!


4. Note

Hi guys! Thanks for reading this so far! I have the whole story planned out from beginning to end and I have had it planned out for a while. I'm trying to get it all written down because I am gonna try to post a new chapter every day, maybe 2 if I write a lot that day but it depends. I hope you have enjoyed this part of my story and I hope you will enjoy the rest of it because I am really excited about it! This is my first fan fiction I have ever written so I would really like some feed back! Okay thank you guys so much for everything! Bye dearies! <3 (by the way, I grew up in America so I don't know exactly how a British person talks but a girl came to my school last year from England. Not that that helps but okay. Byeeee)
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