Please Don't Leave

Bell moved and started a new life. That was almost 10 years ago, now she loves One Direction, especially Niall. She never thought she would ever met him but she thought wrong. Then something very tragic happens to her dad and the hate is piling up. Bell doesn't know what to do, show she leave? If she did, would Niall be able to stop her? Read this story to find out what happens!


16. Calling mom

~Bell's POV~


  I opened up my contacts on the smart phone I have and scrolled through until I found the number that belonged to my mom. I clicked on it and waited as it ringed for her to pick up. It felt like an hour before she did but somewhere in my mind I knew it had only been about ten seconds. "Hello?" Said my moms voice although it sounded a little shakey and different from the last time I heard her.

"hi mom. It's bell.." I informed her.

"oh bell! Hi! How are you?" She asked

"I'm okay I suppose although I've been better. How about you?"

"I'm good. I got a new house and a new job so everything's all right here. How's your father?" And as she asked I felt the tears coming but I told myself not to cry.

 "Um...about that. He... Er... He d-died and I was wondering if I could come and live with you for a while and finish school?"

"Ummm.. Yeah I guess you could.." her voice even more shakey than it was earlier during the phone call and I could tell something was right. "Listen, im sooo sooo sorry for ever being me to you and your father and I'm so sorry for leaving you so young without a mother!" She suddenly sobbed.

"mom it's alright I have already forgiven you a long time ago I guess want to get away from here. I'm going to sell the house to so that I don't have to pay the bill and maybe the money could go towards school."

"alright...hey honey, sorry to ask you such a random question but I have been wanting to ask you this for awhile. I just haven't been able to since I got a new phone. I lost all my contacts. Anyways a while ago I saw a magazine with a picture of some apparently really famous boy and I could have sworn you were with him. I think it also had the caption "One Direction Has A New Girl" or something like that...?"

" Yeah, mom that was probably me. I was dating Niall from the boy band One Direction but obviously because he is in a famous boy band there are girls who want to date him. So they send me hate and stuff and it is a bit to much for me at the moment. I just want to get away from it all for a little while. So, what do you say? Can I move in?" I ask worried that she will say no.

"of course you can! Just buy a plane ticket and Ill meet you at the Providence airport. Just let me know what day you are scheduled for arrival. I'll see you soon Isabella." And with that she hung up. 

I sat down on the couch and decided that tomorrow I would look for a plane ticket to the United States and then to Rhode Island. But for now I am much to tired to deal with all of that so I got up and started going up the stairs to my bedroom when my phone rang. It was Niall. I can't bare to talk to him right now, it would just break my heart. I'll ignore the call and maybe text him later. I came up to my bed and lied down on it and within minutes I was asleep.


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