One Direction Short Story (Niall)

Baby Niall. Out of everyone , it had to be Niall. the saddest of the sad happened to one direction. because of this , does one direction break up?


3. The Dream/Getting Ready for the Funeral

     Wearily, I awoke to a silence. Absolutely no noise to keep me sane.

"Liam!" Harry called, "We gotta go soon!"
I poked my head around my front door.
"Harry? Can… can I talk to you?"
He fixed his tie and nodded, "What's wrong Liam?"
I lead him over to my couch and gestured for him to sit down.
"I saw him Harry."
Harry shook his head as his breath hitched in his throat.
"You can't have se-"
"I DID!" I sighed, "Right after last night's concert."
"He's gone Liam! We're going to his funeral!" Harry was crying, he didn't even realise but tears poured from his eyes.
"I don't want to say goodbye! He's my fucking best friend!" My voice cracked and I drew in a sharp breath, "Niall… my Niall is gone."
"I know." Harry uttered, "My Niall is gone too."
He stood up, wiping his eyes, "You better go get ready."
I nodded and dragged myself upstairs.
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