One Direction Short Story (Niall)

Baby Niall. Out of everyone , it had to be Niall. the saddest of the sad happened to one direction. because of this , does one direction break up?


1. Atr The Concert

      My hands were clammy against the microphone. Usually I wasn't at all nervous when I performed, not like this.

"You ready?" Harry gulped, hitting my shoulder gently.
"I- I think so."
"It's alright Liam. Just two songs and we'll go home."
I nodded and walked to my position on the stage.
We sang, but our hearts weren't in it. I glanced and Zayn as he sang his solo but he wasn't there mentally. None of us were.
Our songs ended and I walked off the stage with the boys beside me. I grabbed my water bottle and took a huge sip from it, barely able to keep it down.
"We did pretty shit didn't we?"
Niall sat down on the amp beside me.
"Yeah, it's not the same Nialler."
"No. No it isn't."
He smacked my back gently and walked away, ducking into a room to his left.
"We better head off." Louis called getting his stuff together, "We have an early start tomorrow."

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