One Direction Short Story (Niall)

Baby Niall. Out of everyone , it had to be Niall. the saddest of the sad happened to one direction. because of this , does one direction break up?


2. At The House

     I nodded and complied, standing up and walking out to the cars that would take us home.

The ride was silent and we all knew why. We all felt incomplete and I looked at the other boys, sighing.
The car pulled up in front of our apartments and I swung my bag over my shoulder and walked inside, collapsing onto my couch and rubbing my eyes tiredly.
"You alright Liam? Something's wrong."
I glanced up to see Zayn's worried expression.
"It's… nothing."
Zayn simply shook his head and exited my lounge room, returning to his part of the complex.
I checked my phone to see many missed messages, all from Danielle.
Liam, how'd it go? Did you guys do okay?
I typed back a positive response and fell back onto the comfortable pillows, closing my eyes and falling asleep in a matter of seconds.

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