One Direction Short Story (Niall)

Baby Niall. Out of everyone , it had to be Niall. the saddest of the sad happened to one direction. because of this , does one direction break up?


4. At The Funeral , saying their goodybyes

Our arms all fell over each other's shoulders, looking at the grave in front of us.
"To Niall." Louis started, "Our brother."
"Our friend." I continued.
"Our band mate." Zayn whispered.
"We miss you." Harry croaked.
And with that, their arms let go of me and I stood alone to stare at his grave.
But then a pair of arms wrapped around me again, jolting me forwards a small distance.
"Don't leave me Liam!" The Irish accent that was all too familiar, "I don't want to be here alone!"
I shook my head and loosened his arms from around me and I turned to see his tear stained face.
"Please…" He whispered, "Don't leave me."
"Goodbye Niall." I walked past him and took a few heavy steps forwards. When I turned back he was gone, "We'll miss you baby Nandos."

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