The Mute Girl

This is a story about a girl named Liesel struggling through high school, now Liesel is mute. She runs from Amber ( the mean girl ) and her friends she tries to suffer out being bullied and trying high school being treated differently . Will she find love or will she not. please read to find out!


2. Party

Its been a week since I meet Amber in the bathroom , she has stayed away ever since. Me and my best friend Margaret had plans to hang out after school but we had to stop our plans when Noah Lee invited us to his annual once a year party, its really awesome Margaret says but she is more of a party girl.  I was never invited to one of his parties and I am ready to go this time!  Noah's parents go away once a year and he always throws a huge parties

later that night I went to Margaret's house to get ready but we didn't tell her mom we were going out, she thought Margaret was sleeping at my house and my mom thought I was sleeping at Margaret's.  ''What are you wearing asked Margaret'' Liesel opened up her bag and pulled out a short blue strapless dress, it was beautiful. Liesel poked Margaret and pointed at Margaret's bag and Margaret pulled out a pink sparkly short dress that had a strap made of lace that rapped around her neck.  It was also beautiful.  The girls walked down stairs and sneaked out the door.

 They Arrived at Noah's cabin and there was music playing in the background and there was people sitting by the fire there was also many people inside and just walking around but for the most part everyone seemed happy.  Me and Margaret walked in side there was a short table by the window the girl walk toward it, there was wine there as well as 2 half finished flasks and some beer witch was weird for Liesel because this was her first party and also she was in grade 10.  ''We don't have to drink its okay'' said Margaret. Liesel wasn't as worried as she look but she was a little shocked.  Liesel turned around to see Amber looking straight into her eyes.  ''Oh so you wanted to wait until we were at a party to torture Liesel, am I right , Amber'' says Margaret.  ''Actually no I just wanted to play a game, can u handle that?'' 


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