The sequel to the short story "Coming Home," some time has passed since the incident between Simon and the doctor which resulted in their deaths. If you haven't read the first story "Coming Home" I suggest reading it first to clear up any confusion about the beginning. The aim was to answer questions left in the short story; please comment, and enjoy.


3. Proper Introductions and the Storm


     Upon arriving at the small town house at the edge of town Edward had awoken. He was awed by the size of the town house to Edward this was a castle. Following the doctor inside, he was guided to a simple room on the second floor east wing of the house.

            “I do apologize if the room seems a bit simple we Duquesne’s have always preferred the simple look of things, and a second thing if you are going to be a guest then it is suitable that while you are here you may call me Charles or Edgar if you’d like,” Dr. Duquesne spoke as he pulled the sheets back on the bed.

            “No, it’s perfect for me doctor-.. I mean Edgar,” Edward replied in an even tone. “Why Edgar, is it a middle name or alias?” Edward asked his curiosity peeked.

            “Actually yes, it is my middle name but only my coworkers really call me Charles, even my parents preferred Edgar, so it is your choice, now the bed is ready, the bathroom is down the hall on the second door on the right; If you need me I’ll either be in the west wing study at the end of that hallway or the third door down on the left in the west wing,” Edgar replied to Edward’s question. Nodding his head in acknowledgement Edward crawled into bed and quickly fell into a slumber.

As the dusk turned to night Dr. Duquesne found himself unable to sleep so he sat in his study writing up his findings on the first day with Edward. As he wrote he took down personal notations in a second journal, his furious pace of writing kept him from noticing the storm outside. As the night passed the storm got worse as too did the doctor due to the fact that he began to drink his favorite drink; red wine, so red in fact it looked like blood in the flickering light of the roaring fire in the study’s fireplace. His research writing finished left him to write in his personal journal and as he drank and the haunting memories of the past came rushing through his mind like a thundering locomotive he began to descend into madness. The screeching of the train’s breaks followed by the sounds of screaming and the sound of twisting, rupturing metal on metal and stone. Then the images of his mutilated parents crushed and skewered on metal shards of what had been a coach car. As the memories haunted him the shadows lashed about the room seemingly dancing wickedly and mocking the doctor’s anguish. Dr. Duquesne shouted at the shadows, “Be gone you damned foul beasts! My soul is not yours for the taking, or are you mocking me!? No matter you cannot do a thing to me, but do not worry for soon I will be one with you for the deed that I and the child shall commit will leave the institution and the memories of what occurred there nothing more but ashes!” As the night wore on the insanity left Dr. Duquesne but for what he knew was going to happen in the future he hoped that it would be proper atonement to the past and its sins.

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