The sequel to the short story "Coming Home," some time has passed since the incident between Simon and the doctor which resulted in their deaths. If you haven't read the first story "Coming Home" I suggest reading it first to clear up any confusion about the beginning. The aim was to answer questions left in the short story; please comment, and enjoy.


11. Epilogue

   Afterwards a lot of things happened; first Edward was legally adopted by Dr. Duquesne and he now took the name Edward Gideon Duquesne. Secondly Brian’s record as part of the deal he made with Dr. Duquesne were erased and he was adopted by Ms. Convert. Finally after six months and a series of other events Dr. Duquesne and Ms. Alice Convert got married and they managed to quite the living as I understand it. As for me, well after I got out of the hospital that Dr. Duquesne brought me to that day I was soon adopted by some family who lived out in Hawaii and was here on vacation and So here I sit on this beach writing down the story as it was sent to me by Ed all these years later. I hope the best to them cause from what I see there’s a war looming in Europe and like or not the United States is going to have to get involved if Britain is to have a chance against Hitler and those Nazis. In case someone ends up reading this my name is William and as to what became of the other kids; well that’s another story entirely. 

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