The sequel to the short story "Coming Home," some time has passed since the incident between Simon and the doctor which resulted in their deaths. If you haven't read the first story "Coming Home" I suggest reading it first to clear up any confusion about the beginning. The aim was to answer questions left in the short story; please comment, and enjoy.


10. Endgame


   Ms. Convert’s job was easy enough she had to wait for the smell of the fuel in the vents, light the little object Charles had given her and get out. As she waited she found herself wandering around the office. ‘I wonder why Charles never emptied out the office and spent too much time here,’ as she thought about it she examined some of the jars in the nearby cabinets. She stopped cold when she stumbled upon two particular jars; one containing an appendix and the other a partial lung sample from a kid who’s name was Charles Edgar Agincourt. The date of when the sample and organ were taken matched up almost perfectly with the story Dr. Duquesne had told them earlier; she gasped suddenly realizing that these two people were on in the same. ‘So that’s why he never came in here or redid the place he used it to remind himself of what happened and why he was here,’ She cried a little imagining the horror that Charles must have gone through as a kid. At that moment the ever minuscule hint of the fuel came up from the fireplace and so she out of impulse took the two jars and put them in her bag; lighting the fuse she threw the oblong object into the fireplace and ran out the door towards the exit. Meeting Brian back at the edge of the fence they exchanged with each other how their missions went as they waited for Ed and Dr. Duquesne to come out.

Going down to the office was easy enough but once the two of them were actually in the basement and walking the eerie abandoned hallways towards the office Ed couldn't shake the feeling that someone was following them.

            “I don’t like it Edgar, I’m pretty sure someone is following us,” Edward whimpered quietly as he edged closer to Dr. Duquesne.

Chuckling as he felt Edward cling to him he reached into his trench coat pocket and slowly gave Edward a M1911 handgun. “Yeah I got that feeling of being followed too, just hide the gun well and don’t use it until you absolutely have to, got it?” He whispered to Edward quietly. Acknowledging what the doctor had told him he slid the gun into his right pocket carefully. Then the moment came as the two of them pushed through the doors into the testing room that had been Dr. Duquesne’s office and the testing facility where Edward faced death at Murdoch’s hands almost daily. Edward sat on the table to which he could still feel the electrical shocks of the past continuing to haunt him as Dr. Duquesne rummaged through several boxes and filing cabinets.

            “Aha! I've got them, okay Ed we can get out of here now,” Dr. Duquesne smiled as he put the files he collected into his bag. Suddenly there was a gunshot and Dr. Duquesne stumbled backwards as the mystery bullet flew into his left shoulder. Before Edward could lend assistance he felt a heavy thud on the back of his skull and then everything went black as he passed out.

            “Son of a bitch, I knew I hadn't seen the last of you Miss Tenmore,” Dr. Duquesne spoke through gritted teeth as his shoulder screamed in pain. With the most eerie psychotic laugh that the women could utter she stepped out of the shadows with a Colt .45 in her hand aimed at him.

            “Well, well as little Mr. Agincourt come back to pay his respects to the doctor that he tried to kill?” Miss Tenmore laughed wildly at the sudden stroke of fear that ran across Dr. Duquesne’s face. “That’s right I know who you truly are. I was a receptionist’s assistant in those days but I remember the day you came through these doors; what a pathetic frightened little child you were. It was all I could do in those days not to laugh at your fear.”

            “You cold cynical bitch,” Dr. Duquesne began to yell. “You sat back and watched knowing what he was doing to us!? You Mustn't have either a heart or a logical mind to just sat by and done nothing… How could You!?”

            “Because,” she replied laughing. “I loved him and he loved me, secretively I got him whatever he needed; even if it meant going around and taking children from orphanages with false promises of a good home.” She walked over to Edward, slung him back onto the table and strapped him down. She then turned and at gun point gave the doctor an ultimatum. “Now, I can either kill you like I did that kid in the boiler room,” she bluffed. “Or You can attach these electrical nodes to that sniveling brat and finish him as the doctor intended to do all those years ago. Oh, and I’ll take that .38 you have in your pocket.” Thinking on his feet the doctor had no choice but to play along with this psychotic women; he withdrew his revolver and handed it to her, turning he walked at gun point over to the small electrical generator where he grabbed the cables and walked back over to Edward. Miss Tenmore sat by the generator ready to throw the switch the moment everything was ready.

            “You know if he’s unconscious then there’s no need to keep him strapped down then is there?” Dr. Duquesne asked in his even tone. She looked at the doctor but seeing that his observation made sense she allowed it, besides it would be fun to watch the brat wriggle around as he died, just the thought made her giggle a bit. With Edward now unstrapped Dr. Duquesne tapped the electrical nodes together which created a loud buzzing and sizzling noise as the electrical current flowed. He begrudgingly attached them to Ed’s temples and his chest. Turning around he noticed that the noise had awoken Ed from his sleep and as he walked over to the women he suddenly collapsed onto the floor.

            “The hell is the matter with you!?” Miss Tenmore screeched as she walked over to Dr. Duquesne who was now on the ground feigning pain. To her the pain looked real as she remembered the arm she shot was the arm that was messed up in the train wreck according to his profile. She laughed hysterically. “Oh I’m sorry did I shoot up your bad arm? Too bad so sad just get up and kill the boy!” she ordered smiling her cruel smile.

            “Hey Miss Tenmore!” came the child’s voice from behind her. As she turned around she was horror stricken to see Edward holding a gun, how had she missed that she wondered. Edward looked her dead in the eyes and smiled. “Kill this!” Ed shouted as he pulled the trigger. With a blinding flash the colt expelled the projectile sending it at high speeds through her now obliterated mind and out the other end into the cement wall. As she collapsed she thought she saw the figure of Dr. Murdoch standing in the corner, hand outstretched as if to take her hand and carry her away.

            “My love,” she gasped in her dying breath. “I’m coming now to be with you… forever…” With that the light faded from her eyes as she died, and passed on to be the mad doctor forever.  Jumping off the table Edward put the gun in Dr. Duquesne’s hand and smiled.

            “That did feel liberating, but I believe we’re running late and I smell gas and I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to die,” Edward spoke in an even tone as if to mimic Dr. Duquesne. Snapping out of his initial shock he got up bandaged his arm and proceeded to smash out the little nearby window that let light into the room during the day. Pushing both Edward and himself out through the window the two ran away from the building as the fumes mixed with the two homemade explosives that both Ms. Convert and Dr. Duquesne had deposited in their respective places detonated. In that singular moment an enormous fireball engulfed everything in the institute; even the director who was in his office smoking a cigarette and drinking scotch was incinerated as the building exploded into a miniature mushroom cloud sending glass, stone, metal and other assorted debris into the air and surrounding areas. Returning to the others already on the other side of what remained of the fence Dr. Duquesne had the biggest smile on his face.

            “Well I know it’s not traditional to have fireworks for this holiday but merry Christmas everyone according to my pocket watch!” Dr, Duquesne smiled looking at his pocket watch and then at his three assistants to which he regarded as a long lost family that was now found. 

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