Broken Hearts, Shattered Goodbyes

She's been friends with him for a while now... It's 12th grade. Last year.
She cant decide whether she wants to let him go onto the X Factor, she knows it could change both of their lives. Sure, she wants to be a singer too. She wants to be known for something.
But she doesnt like singing in front of people.
Harry begs her to go on with him, but she wont... She cant... Can she?
(One Direction Unfamous, then famous.)


2. Thank God It's The Last Day!!

Me: Okay, okay, calm down.

I wrote onto my paper and showed him, he returned a smile and a thumbs up. Then I saw his hands moving with the pencil and he showed me another message.

Harry: I cant wait for today =) Mr. Burrs wont be able to keep us for detention any longer!

I couldnt help but smile at his note. He was just such a cheeky person. I love his personality, and the way he isnt afraid to be in front of people, because he doesnt care what they think. If they like him, great. If they dont, they dont need to. He can move on. But critisism sticks to me like glue, it never goes away. I remember every mean thing anyone has ever told me before. Including when Jon Nell tripped me in front of my whole science class and called me a fat ugly whore. That was 9th grade.

I was eternally embarrassed. But, Harry was there for me. We'd been friends since when I remember him saving me and even before that. That was in 4th grade, I believe. Which is why I dont know why we even swam, it's not likely that 4th graders are fit or good enough swimmers to be in a 12 foot deep pool. I begged and cried with my little girl voice to just stay in the deep end, but NO, you cant ever get what you want when you go to this school.

Me: Yeah, thats a good thing.

I write, and then he tells me something through whispers about having to get ready. I flashed him a thumbs up and a smile, and with that, we both took off and went to prepare ourlseves for the best or worst last day of school ever. I hoped it would be one of my best, but then again, what ever happens when I want it to? Nothing.

I hopped to my feet, brushing off my pajama shorts from the dust that lingered on the floor there. I was confused about where Harry was going when he first told me to wait because we never use those drawing pads anymore. He says seeing my handwriting calms him down, so I guess he was more nervous then he let on. I quickly hopped off to my closet again, taking in one last look out the window, the sun just now peeking over the trees in the distance. It was one of the most gorgeous sights I've ever been able to see in my life, seeing as I'm normally in the mall with Harry, at school, or at home... I cant believe how my life has been these past few years. My parents told me I could leave the house and go out on the streets for some free time whenever I wanted to, giving me some more priveleges, but I never once have used them... Well, actually, I have more than a couple times, but not on my own. Harry's always with me.

I wouldnt be able to tell you how many people have asked through the years if me and Harry were dating, and of course I tell them no. I wouldnt mind, and I dont mindwhen they ask, because I like Harry. As a best friend. I just dont see us as a couple. I never really had.

I looked through many more outfits other than the one I had picked out, second guessing whether it was good enough or not... I decided it was, being too lazy to look through the other clothes that lay there on the floor, in the drawers or hanging on the hooks. I grabbed the pieces of clothing, deciding on some yellow wedge heels to go with it, and quickly hopped into the clothes, accidentally poking my arm through the head-hole and getting confused.

I knocked into a bunch of hair straigteners, including the one who's button was green, telling me it was on, and they fell to the floor. The hot one fell to the side of my feet while the pink and red one slammed onto my left foot. I was blinded because I couldnt find the head-hole, my arm being winded into it, and I stumbled around, knocking into the sink and crashing over. I fell right onto the bathtub plug which was littered on the floor for some reason. I must've been too lazy to pick that up after relaxing in the bath for a while. I took the shirt off, and  stood to my feet, glancing into the mirror. I hit my cheek, right below my eye on the corner of the sink, and there was already a red mark. Of course... I would ask what else could go wrong, but knowing my life, it would accept that as a challenge. I was shocked at how the pinkish red  mark was forming, almost the shape of a heart. A nice pink heart, that would be bruised and bloody later....

I ignored it and grabbed my tantops and pulled them over my head. This time, getting my head and arms in the right places. I glanced once more into the mirror, seeing the shape as a darkened circle now, Harry would be wondering what this was... I would need to let him laugh as I tell him the truth. The little girl cant dress herself without hurting herself...


***Will finish later.***

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