Broken Hearts, Shattered Goodbyes

She's been friends with him for a while now... It's 12th grade. Last year.
She cant decide whether she wants to let him go onto the X Factor, she knows it could change both of their lives. Sure, she wants to be a singer too. She wants to be known for something.
But she doesnt like singing in front of people.
Harry begs her to go on with him, but she wont... She cant... Can she?
(One Direction Unfamous, then famous.)


3. Thank God It's The Last Day!! Part two:))

I gripped the side of the sink and peered at myself.. I couldn't do anything else. There just was so much time I had to waste and nothing else to do. Maybe I should go check and see if Harry is looking out his window.

I walked by the door to the bathroom, almost running into something else. I dodged it quick enough, and headed for the window. As soon as I saw the bright vivid colours of the sun coming along nicely above the horizon, I was captivated. I couldn't let my gaze hold anything else, I was so stuck on this picture of beauty. I watched as the sunlight danced off of the treetops, making the dew that had landed there shimmer. I listened to the birds chirp through my now-closed window, and wished I could open it up more. I cant, the noises may make my other family members wake up, and being this early, they'll think I'm insane. Nobody likes waking up earlier than they should, and my family is definetly not different. But, I could care less. I'm sure it's a little after six by this time, and I could care less if they think they need another hour or half of sleep. I slip the window open and listen to the bird noises, crickets and wind sounds, they clearly showed. I've always loved nature, it is the most beautiful thing. I think if we lived in a much bigger city than London, I would freak out. Don't get me wrong, I love the city, probably more than the country, but waking to the sounds of birds and the wind wouldn't be so bad daily. It would make my life easier, instead of listening to the sounds of cars honking and trucks seeing how fast they can go down the road. They think this is just a little road, nothing other, but it's really not. There are people who live here, in the few houses that are down this way, and need their sleep to go do their tasks.

"Hey, why are you awake already? It's too early.. You woke me up.." I hear a voice from behind me and jump. I turn around quickly and see my brother, Jay, walking towards me, rubbing his eyes. He clears the sleep out of his eyes and stops just in front of me, hovering with his height difference. I've been so used to our height differences that I don't care anymore. It doesn't scare me.

"So what? Waking up early enough to see the nature isn't okay with you? Before those idiots with the trucks come along?" I say, and he smirks.

"I hate nature. Those birds are annoying, and I hate the stupid crickets... Chirp chirp chirp," He calls out in a weird voice, "It drives me insane." He continues, and then stops.

"Well, you're annoying to me. So, nobody gave you permission to come in here, get out now." I say, and he smirks again.

"Make me." He was challenging me. Already? Cant we get along for once? My parents would be happy if we could. I straightened my top and walked away from him.

"No thanks." I say, making my way out to the living room, the soft carpet pressing the sides of my feet. I padded across the kitchen floor, looking out the sliding glass door, seeing more than enough birds there to control the orchestra of gorgeous notes. I wished they didn't fly away being so startled by me, I wished I could hear them sing. Everyone has a song.

I walked back up to my room, my brother had already gone, not caring about me coming back to continue his torment. My brother doesn't really like me, never has... He's a year older than me, and we used to be the same height, then puberty hits him like a truck and he grew to be a tree. I don't mind, because Harry has always towered over me, but my brother is taller than him... He is extremely tall.

I peered out the window again, and Harry was there, he looked like he was waiting for me. I smiled and pulled the window down, seeing as my brother had shut it and gone back off to his bed, and gave Harry a questioning look. He held up a DSI and I knew he wanted to Pictochat me. We could now  that we were only a few metres apart with our houses. I got my DSI off the shelf I keep by my bed and got inside it. I waited for it to boot up, seeing as how we hadn't used these in a while either, and got onto Pictochat.

As soon as I got on, Harry's screen name popped up. We'd both made our names at a really young age, but changed them like last year. They were out of style now, but they're fine. I clicked on his username: HazzaBoo:)

I realized how silly his name was until I knew I typed it in. Which also means my name was written by him.


*finish later*

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