Broken Hearts, Shattered Goodbyes

She's been friends with him for a while now... It's 12th grade. Last year.
She cant decide whether she wants to let him go onto the X Factor, she knows it could change both of their lives. Sure, she wants to be a singer too. She wants to be known for something.
But she doesnt like singing in front of people.
Harry begs her to go on with him, but she wont... She cant... Can she?
(One Direction Unfamous, then famous.)


1. Finally

It's the last day of the last year of school for me... Today.

There's a part of me that doesnt want this to end, and another that does. I mean, once it does, there's no more seeing your friends the way you have through the years, and you have to say goodbye to everyone...

I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock, and seriously think about not going at all, save the heartache. But, I need to go, I need to see Harry before we need to all go seperate ways. Yeah, I'm going with him to his auditions, I'll be waiting with his parents in the back. I still dont know if I really want to see him go..

He's got an amazing voice, and I know he could make it so far. I dont want him to forget about me, and about his home, his other friends. I dont want to be a forgotten link in the chain of his life... Along with all those other bracelets he wears all the time for good luck, the one he keeps on the opposite arm, the one I gave to him, would that get lost? Would he throw it away figuring someone else gave it to him? Would he remember all the good times we all had during the school years? 

I brushed all those worries away and pushed the thick blankets off my body. I dont know why I've been using blankets, sweating isnt my favourite thing to do. And, as usual, I was sweating. I think I pull the blankets up on me during the night in my sleep... I wore shorts and a white see-through tanktop with a colourful top under it for pajamas last night. But, today if different, I need to make a splash for the last day people will see me. I should do something to be remembered for. I dont want the boring reputation as a good girl. I mean, today's my last day, what will they do? Suspend me? I dont think so. I should just push my gym teacher into the swimming pool, she deserves it after letting me almost drown... If Harry wasnt there asking his gym teacher for an extra workout lesson, I would've been dead. I would've sank to the bottom of the 12 feet pool and died. But, he'd jumped in and saved me. He sacrificed his phone, his walled, his sunglasses, and anything else he had with him. He didnt waste anytime waiting to take that stuff off, he just jumped in. Everyone else was around me, and I couldnt see, and I couldnt breathe. I was confused that day, and I guess I just slipped under. Harry was the only one to see what had actually happened to me.

I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, sliding to my feet. My wooden floors were freezing in the morning, and I jumped back onto my bed, stifling a gasp. I crawled to the opposite end, where there was a huge fluffy rug, and hopped onto that. It wasnt freezing my feet. I walked myself over to the closet, a walk in closet. I couldnt wait to choose my outfit. I looked at the wall clock, 5:21. Wow, it's really early. I should've slept later. I usually wake up at 7:00. I leave for school at 9:00 because unlike any other school, ours starts at 10:00. I get there by 9:10, and walk around with Harry for a while before first class. We have almost every single class together, which is a good thing. We dont have third or fourth together, but thats it. I looked at every single item in my closet, the only thing I hadnt worn yet was a bright green tanktop with a bright yellow undershirt, bright blue designs on the green. There were blue pants to match it. It looked like I'd planned to worn it, and then forgot when I went shopping with Harry sometime else. We always go to the mall together for our shopping. We make fun of some people there, because we never have anything better to do. We live in the houses next to each other, and I decide to go check the window to see if his lights are turned on yet. He must be pumped for tomorrow night. His audtitions. He was accepted already, and has a televised performance tomorrow. I cant wait either. I hope he makes it, and I hope he goes far. This is his one dream, and I want him to live through it while he's young and has a chance. I mean, we're both only 16 now, and we have our whole lives to get into the singing business, but he really has his heart set on this, and his mum was nice enough to let him do it. 

I peer out the window, the sun not even peeking about yet. I look up further into the still dark sky, and just think of what my life is becoming. We're so close to when we all have our freedom... So close. But, where will I go? Harry will be staying with the X Factor people in a room with some other guys, I believe, but where will I go? Should I just sign up for the extra slot on X Factor? No, I cant... I cant sing in front of people, let alone celebrities.

I glance to Harry's house, the lights are on. Only in his room, and I see his curly-haired self walk by the window, seeing me and waving. I wave back, feeling the coldness of the night still outside. He puts one finger up telling me to wait here for a second. I nod, and he walks back towards the opposite side of his room. I take this chance to observe the sky. Stars set like engravings in the perfect sky. Light grey clouds float by so efforlessly. This whole scene if perfect. I take my time to enjoy this day, breathing in the nice summer breezes. Taking in the glorious scene until I hear a faint whistle from over near Harry's house. I look over to him, his bright green eyes shining even at this time, and I notice he's gotten his pad of paper. We both have one that we bought together so we could talk together without making any noises. Without even an effort, he writes over the paper covering it in his perfect handwriting. 

He shows me what he's written after a minute of writing.

It says in bright bold letters: I'm so nervous about tomorrow. 

I tell him to wait one second and go to retrieve my own writing pad. Once I return, he's still there and I write something down quickly.

I wrote: I bet. Are you really doing it?

Harry: Yes. I need to.

Me: Are you really nervous? You're the most confident person I know.

Harry: Thanks. I am nervous... It's a lot of pressure.

Me: I think you'll do fine. You're also the best singer I've heard.

Harry: Thank you:) It means a lot to know I already have my number one fan. <3 

The heart on the page stopped me for a minute. He never does that. It's always been smiley faces of the dozen. I dont take it as much, just a cheeky friend thing.

Me: No problem. I couldnt sleep anymore.. nervous about today..

Harry: You should spend the night tonight!! 

Me: Why?

Harry: So you can help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow.. duh!

Me: Okay, okay, calm down. 

**Will finish later**

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