Search for memories

Five boys, one girl and a common past she doesn't remember.
What will happen when five boys help her to get her memorie back? What will happen if she finds out, what a certain boy did to her? Will she run away or will she stay?
Read to find out ;)

(I'm sorry if I have grammer errors in my story (: This is my first fanfiction)


1. Intro

Hey there... I'm Amelia Day. I was born on 14.06.1993 and I have an older brother, Jan, who is in jail now. I know you might ask why...well he got in jail 'cause he killed a person. He killed my fathers friend after that guy raped me. I visit him once a month. My last boyfriend abused me and that's the last thing I remember. I have blue eyes and curly, brown hair.

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