Search for memories

Five boys, one girl and a common past she doesn't remember.
What will happen when five boys help her to get her memorie back? What will happen if she finds out, what a certain boy did to her? Will she run away or will she stay?
Read to find out ;)

(I'm sorry if I have grammer errors in my story (: This is my first fanfiction)


9. Chapter 8

Nialls P.O.V

"We are here." I said to Amelia. When she didn't answered, I turned to her, only to see that she was staring into nothing, mentally absent. I shook her. Her eyes cleared up and she looked at me confused. "What happened?" I asked her. "I had a Flashback." She said, but didn't look very happy. "Hey... don't be sad. It's good that you remember something." I smiled. She shook her head. "It wasn't a good thing, Niall" She said quietly. I was confused. "What do you remember?" "Two years ago I had an argument with Louis." She said, now looking at me. I nodded. This wasn't good. Two years ago they broke up after fighting every day about nothing. "He came home and showed me the front page of a magazine. There was a picture of a men and me. He thought I was cheating. But it was only my brother just before he got to go to jail. He shouted at me. How could I dare and do something like this to him? I was so mad at him, so I shouted back. I shouted him the truth into his face. After that he was speechless." She ended. I swallowed hard and didn't know what to say, so I just nodded. She looked me straight in the eyes. "The last thing I know is that I stormed out. Do you know what happened after that?" She asked, her eyes full of hope. I nodded slowly. This argument was the high point of all. After that, they broke up. It was awful. Both were broken, needed the presence of the other, but couln't stop fighting. It was horrible for all of us to see that happen. I shook my head. "It's not up to me to tell you." I told her. "Who will tell me then?" She asked me. "Ask Lou. He will tell you." She nodded and looked straight ahead. "Do you know what the reminder was triggered by?" I asked carefully. "Yes. It was caused by Bruno Mars." A small smile crept on her lips. "Are you hungry?" I changed the subject. She looked at me. "I'm starving." Her smile grew wider.


Amelias P.O.V

After the Flashback, I was confused, but Niall made me laugh in spite of everything. We got out of the car and went inside. As we entered the restaurant we tried to be as inconspiciuous as possible. We went to the queue and wanted to order our food but one girl noticed us and started fangirling. Shit. Niall and I totally forgot the fans. He looked at me with concern. "They won't hurt you." he promised me. The girl wasn't the only one, who noticed us and suddenly 20 girls were around us. Niall noticed that I became more nervous. He put his arm around my shoulder but it didn't calm me down. The crowd became bigger and bigger. So he leaned down to me and whispered "Don't worry. I'll protect you." in my ear. The girls put their phones out and took a lot of pictures. Niall distracted the girls by singing a few lines from a song I didn't know. Suddenly all girls listened to him. They didn't pay attention to me anymore, so Niall gave a sign to leave. He would never let something happen to me. I formed a "Thank you" with my lips and Niall smiled. "Go" he whispered and I left.


Nialls P.O.V

I don't know how, but I got away from the fans after hours. Luckily one of the Nandos' men helped me. I went to my car and started the motor. I was on the way home when I suddenly saw a girl on a bench who looked like Amelia. I parked the car and ran up to her and actually it was her. When I got closer I saw that she was crying. But why? "Amelia, what happened?" I asked her and sat down next to her. She showed me her phone. I looked at the screen and saw a picture of us - KISSING?! "What? But w-w-we d-d-don't...-" she interrupted me. "I know Niall! But everybody thinks we did! I know you never wanted me to get into trouble, but now I am! Don't apologize. It's my fault. We have to debate what we tell Louis. I bet he knows it since hours!" She said. "First it's not your fault. Second we will figure something out." I said to her as I patted her back.


Amelias P.O.V

"We have to debate what we tell Louis. I bet he knows it since hours!" I said to him. "First it's not your fault. Second we will figure something out." He said encouragingly. "He will hate us." I looked at him. "Why? Why will he hate us, if we explain everything?" He asked me. "Why do you care so much about what Louis thinks of it?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "I don't know." I said honestly. "Do you love him?" He asked suddenly. I was shocked. I never expected Niall asking me something like this, so I said nothing and looked straight ahead. Did I love him? I didn't know. I honestly didn't know.

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