Search for memories

Five boys, one girl and a common past she doesn't remember.
What will happen when five boys help her to get her memorie back? What will happen if she finds out, what a certain boy did to her? Will she run away or will she stay?
Read to find out ;)

(I'm sorry if I have grammer errors in my story (: This is my first fanfiction)


5. Chapter 4

No One's P.O.V

There was an awkward silence in the car, because nobody knew what to say. Amelia had so many questions, but she didn't know where to start. Louis, however, wasn't ready to talk about everything and Harry wanted to give both of them time to think.                                                                                                                                                                                                               When they arrived home, they got out of the car.


Amelia P.O.V

I had so many questions. Too many to ask all of them. I didn't know where to start. When I got out of the car, suddenly everything blurred. I gripped for the car, holding me. There was a feeling deep inside me. I knew this place, this house. I knew I've been here before. The boys didn't know what happened. It was over too soon, they hadn't noticed. We went into the house.

"Who else lives here?" In the moment in which I asked the rest of the guys came running around the corner and hugged me. I laughed. "Guys...I can't breath." I said, gasping for air. They let me go and smiled at me.

"We're just glad that you're back." Liam said and hugged me again slightly.

"Even if I don't remember I'm glad too." I said and smiled sadly.

"So we are all living together?" I asked. They nodded. "Can someone show me my room?"

"Yeah, come on." Louis said.

                                                                                            **In "my" room**

It was beautiful. One wall was painted in a dark purple, the rest was white. I turned to Louis.

"We need to talk Louis. About what happened and what else will come. We need to talk about us." I said seriously.

"I know. We can talk here or elsewhere."

"Let's go somewhere else." I answered.


Louis P.O.V

As we sat down at the table I was nervous. I didn't really know what she wanted to know. It could be everything, how we met or what happened between us.

"So what do you want to know?" I asked her. I could see that she had to think for a moment.

"I know roughly how we met and that we were together before the accident happened. But what I don't know is what we are now and what else happened between us when we were together. I want to know the bad as well as the good things." She said slowly.

"I can understand you, but I believe when I tell you everything at once, it can be too much for you to deal with."

She nodded. "What do you suggest?"

I thought about it before I answered her. "I think it's good if I tell you a little bit every day. Step by step. One by one. Maybe we can repeat things. Perhaps you remember again, if you know what I mean."

"Louis, when we came back home I had such a feeling. This feeling told me that I've done this a thousand times before." She said. I was surprised. Why hadn't she told me this before?

"Really? That's good." I said to her. It was a good a start. I hope that she will remember everything again.


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