Search for memories

Five boys, one girl and a common past she doesn't remember.
What will happen when five boys help her to get her memorie back? What will happen if she finds out, what a certain boy did to her? Will she run away or will she stay?
Read to find out ;)

(I'm sorry if I have grammer errors in my story (: This is my first fanfiction)


3. Chapter 2

Harry’s P.O.V

“Louis!” I shouted after him but he kept running. I didn’t know where he had gone but I was hoping he  wouldn't do anything what he might later regret. What Amelia happened was bad. That she remembered nothing had really hurt him. I didn’t know what to do so I went back to the others. They were speaking with the doctor. “Tomorrow she can leave but she needs rest. Take her home and spoil her. You must do everything that can bring memories back.” She said. Liam nodded. Daddy Direction was coming out. “We will take care of her.” Zayn answered. The doctor turned around and went back to her office. “I’ve tried to stop Louis but he didn’t stop. I hope he doesn’t do something bad.” Niall patted me on the shoulder. “Everything will be fine.” I hoped so.


Amelia’s P.O.V

I heard someone shouting a name. After a few minutes four of the boys came in. “Can you please tell me who you are and what is wrong with me?” I asked impatiently. They nodded and the boy with blond hair started. “I’m Niall and these are Liam, Harry and Zayn.” He pointed on the other three boys. “The guy who left was Louis.” The boy with curly hair, Harry, added. “From where do I know you?”  The guy with black hair, Zayn, began to speak. “A few years ago, on the 5th March , 2010 we found you in a park. You were 15 and you were crying. At first you didn’t want to talk to us but then you began to trust us. You told us what happened. You had a bad argument with your boyfriend. He abused you. When we found you there, sitting on the ground, you had a black eye and a red cheek. You couldn’t go back home. Why haven’t told us. So we brought you to our apartment and since then you live with us. We are your best friends but Louis, he is your boyfriend. He was the one for you, the one who you trusted the most. You told him everything, more than us. No matter what you told him, he kept it as a secret. One year later you two started dating. In two days is your third anniversary.” Zayn told me. I was speechless. I didn’t remember anything of that. I thought back, I was now 19 years old and I had a boyfriend, who I didn’t remember. He must be really hurt but where he is? “I’m so sorry I don’t remember anything of that. So, today is the 3rd March, 2014?” I asked. They nodded. “Where is he?” I asked quietly but they understood me. “He left when he heard that you have memory loss. We don’t know where he is at the moment.” Liam answered. Now I was hurt. “You told me he is my boyfriend but why isn’t he here fighting for me? Why is he giving up so fast?” I asked. “He doesn’t give up. He is hurt. You two have been gone through so much and at least you two were the happiest people in the world when you were around each other. You two thought about marriage. Give him time. He will come.” Niall said to me. “What happened to Tom?” I asked them. “He was under arrest for two years. Since then we have never heard something from him again.” I stopped listening properly. I was worried about Louis. “I think you should go and look for Louis. I don’t want anything happening to him.”  They nodded. “I will stay with you.” Niall said. “Ok. But now, the rest of you, go and find him. Bring him back to me. I want talk to him.” Zayn, Harry and Liam left.


Louis P.O.V.

I ran until I found a club. I needed a drink or two. Nobody recognized me so it was easy for me to forget all. After a few more drinks than I actually wanted, I was drunk. The music was good and the club was filled. I looked around and saw a girl who looked like Amelia. But she is in the hospital. I thought. I didn’t care. I went up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She was the right thing I needed. When she recognized me her smile went bigger. At this moment I didn’t think about anything, I couldn’t. I kissed her. She was shocked but soon she kissed back. “Louis!” Someone shouted. I jumped and turned around to see who shouted my name. It was Harry. He stood behind me with an emotionless expression. “You should go home. Amelia wants to talk to you tomorrow.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me with him. I stumbled several times but he managed to bring me to his car and drove back home. In my bed, I fall into a dreamless sleep.


Harry P.O.V.

I found him in a club. He was really drunk and now he is sleeping. I will bring him to the hospital tomorrow. I sent the boys.

Why does he always make such mistakes. I shook my head and went to bed.


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