Search for memories

Five boys, one girl and a common past she doesn't remember.
What will happen when five boys help her to get her memorie back? What will happen if she finds out, what a certain boy did to her? Will she run away or will she stay?
Read to find out ;)

(I'm sorry if I have grammer errors in my story (: This is my first fanfiction)


19. Chapter 18

No One's P.O.V.

When Amelia went into her room, the others sat down on the couch and began to talk.

"So Styles, tell us what exactly happened." Louis wanted to know. He was dying inside, just by the thought of Amelia having too much fun with another boy, so she would leave him. It was his biggest fear.

"Well. She always cheated. She moved my ball just a bit, when she talked to me, so I couldn't reach the whole. I noticed it every time, but at the end I threw her over my shoulder and threw her into a pool of water. She punshed me playfully after it and then she hugged me. So I was wet to. The other people around us were staring at us. Some laughed but the others just looked annoying. After that happened we went to the car and came home. You..." He pointed to Louis. "...and Liam were sitting on the couch, when we came home. We were laughing and then Zayn and Niall were coming in. And now we are sitting here and I just told you what happend at mini-golf." During the speech, Niall had took chips and was eating now.

At the same time Amelia was sitting on her bed. She thought about the kiss. At the end she came to the conclusion that it would be the best, if they would talk about it. So she made her way downstairs and found all of them sitting on the couch.

Amelia's P.O.V.

It was pretty awkward, when I came into the living room.All of them were sitting on the couch and now looking at me. It felt uncomfortable. I pushed this feeling aside and looked straight at Louis. It was weird. It was like we would talk, but in our heads. He unstood what I wanted and came up to me. He led me into his room. I began to speak.

"Louis, I think we should talk. We should talk about the kiss." His eyes met mine and for a few seconds it was like I could see into his soul. I saw pain and loss but deep inside I also saw happiness and joy. He nodded.

"I'm sorry, that I took you by surprise with the kiss, but I couldn't stand it anymore. Do you understand Amelia? Whenever I see you I press down the desire to hug you or kiss you. You are my everything and I can't bear to see you so. It's hard for me to see you fight against your loss. I want to help you but I can't, because I don't want to loose you just by a stupid mistake I made. The mistake was that I kissed you. I'm sorry." Something inside of me changed as he said this. But it was good change. At this moment I didn't think straight. It was a strange feeling when I put my arms around his neck, but somehow it felt right.

I leaned in and our lips touched. This time it was a real kiss. Suddenly something cklicked in my head and I could remember back at everything. It hurt. I fell to the ground in pain. I couldn't see anything around me. The good but also the bad memories came back.

We shared so many 'I love you's' and so many secret moments. Even when we were apart, it was more good than bad memories. But the worst memorie came to the fore.


"You what?" I yelled at him. He just admitted that he cheated on me. Now he was standing in front of me, tears in his eyes.

"I cheated on you! But it was a mistake. I was drunk, she was drunk. I hardly know anything about it. It meant nothing." Now he was crying like a little baby, who lost his stuffed animal. 

"When it nothing meant, than why did you do in the first place? Wasn't I enough. Did you need attention. The attention you didn't get from me?" I couldn't yell anymore. By now I was lying on the ground. The tears streamed down my cheeks, all my makeup was smeared. He didn't aswere the question, so I asked him another question. 

"Who was it?" I simply asked. He looked at me. We were both a crying mess. He looked away.

"WHO WAS IT?" I yelled. He winced.

"It was Eleanor." He murmured. My whole world crashed down on me. Eleanor was my best friend, well ex best friend by now. Harry had introduced us to each other and we became immediately best friends. I didn't show any emotions. I just looked at him and let the tears stream. A few seconds later, I stood up and went downstairs. I gripped my coat and left the house. It was snowing outside but it didn't bother me. I needed time to think. I had gripped my iPod too, so I could hear music. The first song started.

Adele - Crazy for you

Found myself today singing out your name
You said I'm crazy
If I am I'm crazy for you

Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here
Turns me crazy
But it's you who makes me lose my head

And every time I'm meant to be acting sensible
You drift into my head
And turn me into a crumbling fool

Tell me to run and I'll race
If you want me to stop I'll freeze
And if you are me gonna leave, just hold me closer baby
And make me crazy for you
Crazy for you

Lately with this state I'm in I can't help myself but spin
I wish you'd come over
Send me spinning closer to you

I keep on trying, fighting these feelings away
But the more I do
The crazier I turn into         

My oh my, how my blood boils, it's sweet taste for you
Strips me down bare
And gets me into my favourite mood

Pacing floors and opening doors
Hoping you'll walk through
And save me boy
Because I'm too
crazy for you
crazy for you

After the song I found myself running at home. I was crazy for Louis even if he cheated on me. I will give him a second chance.

**end of Flashback**




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