Search for memories

Five boys, one girl and a common past she doesn't remember.
What will happen when five boys help her to get her memorie back? What will happen if she finds out, what a certain boy did to her? Will she run away or will she stay?
Read to find out ;)

(I'm sorry if I have grammer errors in my story (: This is my first fanfiction)


16. Chapter 15

Harry's P.O.V

"Louis and I kissed." At that moment I didn't know how to describe my feelings. I knew already that she was in love with him all over again. Even this time there hadn't be a chance for me to tell Amelia how I felt before she came together with Louis. How I feel now. When she woke up and after Louis left, I knew that they were meant to be together. Even if one of them didn't remember the other one. But I had to pretend to be happy for them. I mean...Louis is my best friend. He is more than a brother for me. It wouldn't have been right to steal his girlfriend away. It would have just been trouble. So I smiled.

"Oh come on Amelia. It was about time." I said to lighten up the mood and smiled, but I instantly dropped it when I saw Amelia's face.

"Are you serious?" She asked me. "I mean... I kissed a guy, who pretend to be my boyfriend, I hardly know. We nerver speak about our past. I can ask him anything and he would answer it but he never comes up to me alone and speaks of his own. I'm always the one. And now we talked about the crash and suddenly we both are sitting on the couch kissing. I hardly know this guy." By now Amelia was laying on the floor, crying. I didn't know what to do. The only thing that came into my mind was: Hug her and say something sweet, like 'it will get better'. So I did what my mind told me. I got closer to her and sat next to her on ther floor. She crawled up to me. When she was close enough I embraced her in a hug. She automatically hugged back and sobbed onto my shoulder. When she pulled away, she looked at my shoulder.

"I'm sorry Harry." I looked confused. Why out of sudden was she sorry? She did nothing.

"Why are you sorry?" I asked her softly. I didn't need another breakdown from her.

"I ruined your shirt. I'm so silly." She said and began to cry again. I shook her shoulder, trying to get her to look at me. She finally looked at me.

"It's just a shirt, Amelia. I can buy a new one." I said to her. She calmed a bit down.

"When are we leaving tomorrow?" She asked quietly. I looked into her eyes.

"I will wake you up. Go sleep now. You need rest." She stood up and layed down on her bed. I covered her.

"Thank you Harry." She was fast asleep.

"For what?" I asked quietly. She opened her eyes once more.

"For everything. For being there for me and for your help. You help me through everything." Then she was asleep. I bent down and kissed her on the forehead. Before I walked out of the I looked at her once again, only to see her peacefully asleep. A small smile crept onto my face. I closed the door behind me.

Amelia's P.O.V

"Thank you Harry." It was hard to speak. I was so tired.

"For what?" He asked softly. I opened my eyes once more.

"For everything. For being there for me and for your help. You help me through everything." I closed my eyes and instantly asleep.

After the bad argument with Louis about the magazine cover I went to my car. I thought about where I could go. I hadn't much friends. At that time the most weren't at home. Niall went to Mullingar, visiting his family, Liam and Zayn were with Danielle and Perrie in Paris. So the only one to where I could go was Harry. I didn't do much with him in the past but I wouldn't sleep on a bench just because Louis was mad at me for something I didn't even do. So I started the car and pulled out the driveway.

It was weird to stand in front of Harrys apartment. In the whole time, where I was Louis girlfriend, I had been only a couple of times here. I took my bag, I had always in my car, for emergencies. I rang the doorbell and after a few seconds Harry opened the door.

"Amelia?" He asked surprised. His eyes even went wider when he saw my bag.

"What happened?" He asked concerned. I began to cry.

"Louis and I got into an argument. Now I have nowhere to go." I said, sniffling.

"Again?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. I just nodded. He looked once again at me and shook his head.

"What's wrong with me? I'm being rude. Come in." He said with a small smile. He took my bag and then disappeared for a short time. When he came back he led me into the living room. He sat down as I stood there, awkwardly.

"Come sit down." He said to me, patting the spot next to him. That night we watched as much movies as possible. We also talked a lot about everything. We literally bonded. After that night he was like a brother to me.

Louis' P.O.V

As I walked into Amelias room, I planned to wake her up, but I saw her peacefully asleep. I walked over to her. When I looked down at Amelia, I saw that she had a smile on her face. Sadly I had to leave her today. I needed to go to the Studio with Liam. Both of us had to record our Solos in one of our new songs. I knew that Amelia wouldn't be alone today. Harry had planned something. I didn't know what but it was fine with me.

I walked quietly back to the door, when I heard a noise coming from the bed. I turned around only to see Amelia sprawled all over the bed. I smiled to myself.

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