One And Only

Amy Holt is a 15 year old girl who lives with her dad Ben Holt her mother passed away 6 days after she was born her dad soon ides after Amy is going to move in with her aunt Sara and uncle Kenny.....But uncle Kenny and her dont get a long she desides to run away when she meets a certain someone looking for love will her love leed to more troulble or will Amt finally have a normal life.


5. Welcome home

        Amy's pov

I dragged myself and my bags down the drive way, I threw my luggage into the trunk and crawled into the front seat of my aunts Ferrari, My uncle Kenny is rich he's a lawyer,                                                                                                                                                        But the last time me and my dad were here I saw him selling fake id's and what not,                                                                                Any way off we go.



After about half an hour of driving we slowed down due to some cars that were parked all over the streets must be some festival or something after about 10 minutes we made it out of there but were now stuck in about a thousand girls now I think its a concert but I didnt care I was in my own little world a world of gried and sorrow a world where there is not a single chance of happiness.



The police/security finally cleared a path for cars to get threw.



Just as we were about to leave I was caught in one of the singers gaze and for some odd reason it felt right as if I was being pulled out of my world and into a new world full og love and happiness and a world where everything is possible.



But it only lasted about 2 seconds until I was dropped right back into my hole.




There was still an hour and a half of the car ride left so I tried to forget everything and just take break after about a few minutes I was sleeping.



                                                                                  ----------SKIP CAR RIDE----------                                               



''Wake up honey Amy honey were here.''  said my aunt Sara trying to wake me up                                                                                        ''mhhh'' I groaned getting up 



I got out of the car and got my bags out of the trunk I looked at the giant house infront of me took a deep breathe anf followed my aunt inside.



''Kenny's not home he is out for a buisness trip in LA he'll be back tomorrow.'' said my aunt Sara                                                                 I just nodded and followed her around getting a mini tour of the house it was beautiful there was three floors plus a balcony with a hot tib jacuzi pool you name it this house was amazing compared to my old house.



My dad doesn't like taking money from people especially uncle Kenny because uncle Kenny bragged alot my house was a one floor house with 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms a kitchen and living room plus the only electronics we had were the tv kitchen stuff and 2 cell phones and lights nothing much but here tthere were computers phones flat screen tv;s and more.



Thank god uncle Kenny is not home today for some reason he has never really liked me like everytime he comes he ignores me and cts all rude but infront of people he would fake act nice not completly but it was decent. But its ok I guess because im not his biggest fan either.



''Thats going to be your room right over there second door to the left.'' my aunt said pointing to a hallway upstaires,                   ''Ok thanks.''        


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I walked upstaires and found my room very quickly I opened the door to see a beautiful big bedroom painted light pink with a fluffy white carpet and a large queen sized bed with a megenta bed set 2 white bed side tables and a white dresser directly across from the bed there is a closet and a book shelf stocked to the top with books from shakespear to twilight,                                             I jumped onto the bed and felt something hard hit my stomache I got up so see a flat box wrapped in green wrapping paper  I opened and saw a brand new mac book pro and a little card and 2 little boxes I unwrapped the lttle box and saw a little locket made of pure gold and real diamonds al around it and then I opened the next little box it was a key and lastly I opened the envalope it was a card reading happy birthday to my ddearest little princess I know it is hard for you but it is in your own wellbeing to forget the past and start a new life these are a few gifts to you from me happy 16th birthday love your aunt Sara.  P.s This is your own key to the house that is now your house aswell.



I need to remember to thank her for all this later.



It is around 4 ish now and aunt Sara said to come down for dinner at 6 so I have 2 hours to unpack everything and create this room.



I hung up all my yops in one section of the closet amd my bottoms in the other I dont have many clothes but enough I folded all my swaeters and over tops and put them in the dresser and put al my under garment in the dresser aswell I kept all my toilertirs in my toiletries bag under my bed where I kept my box og memories I put the things I braught that belonged to my mom and dad into the dresser which was now full I put the suitcases on the shelf over my clothes I put my phone laptop and other gifts in the side tables and hung up some pictures of me my mom and my dad. 


There I am done.


And just in time it was 6;03 time for dinner I made my way downstsires and took my seat across from aunt Sara she made lasagnia one of my favourites hopefully this lasagnia is better then my dads his was half burned and half something from another galaxy.


I got my self a serving and a can of coke and dug in during dinner we talked about school birthdays moments and basically life.



After dinner I washed up and went straight to bed I was beat,                                                                                                                          It was a good first day everything went smoothly maybe because uncle kenny was'nt here                                                                                How will i survive tomorrow when he comes back. 


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