One And Only

Amy Holt is a 15 year old girl who lives with her dad Ben Holt her mother passed away 6 days after she was born her dad soon ides after Amy is going to move in with her aunt Sara and uncle Kenny.....But uncle Kenny and her dont get a long she desides to run away when she meets a certain someone looking for love will her love leed to more troulble or will Amt finally have a normal life.


3. My girl

                 Zayn's pov 

Ugh.......I feel so lonely everyone has a girlfriend but me. Liam has Danielle (I KNOW THEY BROKE UP BUT I JUSY REALLY LIKED THEM AS A COUPLE AND THIS IS JUST A STORY) Louis and Eleanor, Harry and  Taylor but harry is kinda freaked out bu her (I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HAYLOR I LOVE HARRY AND TAYLOR) because she is like super obsessed with him, and Niall is in serious relationship with his food I swear I saw him flirting with his chicken.


After Perrie and I broke up I've been very lonely I just want someone I can call mine and hold and kiss and just be with forever.


''Zayn mate you ok?" asked Liam                                                                                                                                                                          ''Yeah I'm fine.'' I replied a bit to fast.


But Liam being daddy Direction new something was up that I was hif=ding from him.



''Zayn I know your hiding something do you want to talk about it.''                                                                                                                   ''Sure I guess.'' I said while heading towords my room.



''Ok start talking.'' Liam said while plopping himself on a beanbag.



I told him about was was on my mind and me wanting a love life and my one and only I told him everything my heart had in it untill it was empty. 



''So what do you think I should do'' I asked feeling desperate 

''Dont worry mate we will go out and find you your girl.'' 

''But Liam how, when, it's not that easy.''

''I know Zayn it will take time you could find her today or you could find her next year and you will need to be patient but dont worry we will find her.''

''Thanks Liam and de me a favor please dont tell anyone.'' The last thing I wanted was all the boys making fun of me.




And right then Niall walked in.



''Hey guys, Paul called and said we have a little concert a some outdoor stage thing at 8 so we have about 3 hours left Paul is going to pick us up in an hour were going to sing Live while were young,Kiss you,Summer love and rock me so get ready.



''ok'' we both at the same time 



Niall left.



''Well see'ya later I am going to take a shower before Louis gets in there.'' Liam said while walking towords the door.



''Hey guys I just ca----Oh shit sorry Liam I didnt mean to do that.'' Niall said after smacking Liam in the face with my now blood stained door.


''It's cool Just hurry up and get ready.'' 



''Ok but I came to tell you instead of rock me were singing Heart Attack and we are doing the same concert in 2 weeks .''

Ugh....fine but managment is getting really annoying they should atleast tell us a few days in advance.



''True dat'' yelled Louis while rinning down the hall into the bathroom                                                                                                                    ''Louisssssssssss I said I was first'' Yelled Liam following Louis 



And with that everyone left my room luckily me harry and niall have attached bathrooms to our rooms so i quick took a shower and put on some black skinny jeans a plain white t-shirt and a versity jacket with some grey nike high tops 



                                                  SKIP TO CONCERT

''Boys your on in 2'' said the spot boy



We follow paul under the stage and stand on some risers the it's liam me harry louis and for some reason Kevin then Niall the risers rised and we all started singing and before singing the last song we answered some twitter questions and thats when i saw her she was sitting in a car nad before I new it she was gone but when i saw her I new she was my girl                 we sang heart attack i sang with all my heart because that was what happend to me when ever i thaught about her. 



After the concert I pulled Liam to the side.                                                                                                                                                           ''Whats up Zayn oh and great singing by the way.''

''Thanks and Liam I think i'm in love I think i found my girl.''










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