One And Only

Amy Holt is a 15 year old girl who lives with her dad Ben Holt her mother passed away 6 days after she was born her dad soon ides after Amy is going to move in with her aunt Sara and uncle Kenny.....But uncle Kenny and her dont get a long she desides to run away when she meets a certain someone looking for love will her love leed to more troulble or will Amt finally have a normal life.


6. Betting Texting and Old people

                Liam's pov 

Wow Zayn sang really really good but he was'nt really looking into the audience he was looking at the car's going onto the main road,                                                                                                                                                                                                                             he was probably looking for his girl.


As soon as we got off stage Zayn pulled me to the side where the boys could'nt see us and by pull I mean pull he was legit dragging me.


''What;s up Zayn oh and great singing by the way.'' I knew exactly what was going on he probably found his girl.                                            ''Thanks and Liam I think i'm in love I think I found my girl.'' He said full of joy and happiness. 


''I KNEW IT'' I yelled a bit to loud because Zayn flinched and all the lads were running towords us                                                ''Shit'' Zayn cursed under his breathe                                                                                                                                                                      ''I got this'' I said since this is kinda my fault


''What happend we thaught you 2 were kidnapped by crazed fans or something and we heard Liam yell.'' asked Louis ''oh nothing me and Zayn here were having a bet. and I won.'' I said smoothly ''Oh what were you 2 betting on?'' asked Niall                 ''Oh we were betting to see if that fait bald sweaty camera man is in a relationship.''                                                                  stupid Zayn thats the worst answer ever who in the right mind would bet on fat people being in relationships                            ''Yeah Zayn braught up the topic relationships and started making fun of the fat guy and I said everyone deserves to be in love no matter how fat bald or ugly they are you should love whats on the inside not ouside but Zayn here thinks i'm wrong.'' ''oh but why'd you yell?'' asked Harry ''because I won but Zayn can't handle losing.'' I said chuckling                                              ''No you didnt I won.'' Zayn protested                                                                                                                                                            ''well technically I won he said he is in a relationship and he is.'' I replied not knowing where this conversation is going or what zayn is talking about.                                                                                                                                                                              ''well he isn't in a real relationship he is in a relationship with a stupid camera that does'nt count how one earth would that work.''  


I couldn't hold it in I burst out laughing and so did all the other boys including Zayn ''That still counts as a relationship I said between laughs.



''Whatever lets go home now'' said Harry ''Yeah i'm hungry'' whined Niall ''your always hungry' we all yelled.




During the car ride home me and Zayn just texted each other the whole time.


So how should I get her I don't even know her name or anything else I just saw her face-Zayn


Don't worry we'll find her she must live in the area and you should also tell the lads so they can tell us if they see her or help us find her-Liam 


Yeah she probably lives here but i'm not sure I saw her car heading for out of town and I dont want to tell the lads yet there just going to make fun of me ALL the time so i'm gonna wait a little bit but I will tell them don't worry-Zayn


Ok but don't forget I don't think they'll be to happy to find out without you telling them-Liam 


Ok I promise and thanks Liam not just for this for everything when ever I am in trouble or upset you are the one to help me first especially with the whole perrie situation and now this you've been a great friend and a great brother thanks for everything-Zayn


Wow I did'nt no how to reply to that I didnt now he fekt that way about me. I looked up from my phone and saw Zayn was starting at me with a confused look in his eyes then he looked back at his phone.


Dis I do somthing wrong cause if I did im soorry I most likely didnt mean to-Zayn 


No Zayn i'm just very touched I didnt know you felt that way about me-Liam 


Well is all true-Zayn 


''Finally were here.'' said Niall obviously running towords the kitchen                                                                                                    ''So what do you guys wanna do?"                                                                                                                                                                     ''Truth or dare?'' Louis asked ''Sure'' we all chorused 


Louis went first ''Harry'' he said smirking ''Truth or dare/''                                                                                                                                 ''Dare.'' he said confidently ''ok I dare you to go walk around outside.................NAKED'' he yelled 


What the fudgee-o-cake type of dare was that hopefully thre is no one outside especially paps.


''ok'' Harry said while getting undressed 


He got undressed and walked around like nothing was happening we all watched him threw the window Niall recording everythng probably for further black mailing use but if he soed that paul will kill him. Haryy sudenly got a scared look on his face and started running inside out of breathe ''What happend? I asked throwing his clothes and a water bottle at him he got dresses and sat back down in the circle I asked him again getting impatient ''Lets just say grandmas don't like nude boys walking around especially grandmas with canes'' he replies chuckling a little bit.



''Oh dear jesus did she hit you with it or take a picture cause if paul finds out about this rip Harry.'' I asked ''almost and no I ran away before she could.'' 



We got back to playing then started watching a movie losing track of time until I saw the time on the tv ''Oh my god it's 3:30 AM get to sleep.'' I said shutting the tv off ''Ok'' they all said making there way to ther rooms.


''Hey Liam can me and you go looking for the girl tomorrow please?'' asked Zayn                                                                                       ''Sure of course but we can only go if you wake up so get some sleep.''                                                                                                     ''Kay thanks good night''                                                                                                                                                                                        ''good night'' I replied 


I wonder how crazy Zayn will be tomorrow cause when he is determend to do something he does it like a mad man and this time he taking me .


And with that we all passed out.







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