One And Only

Amy Holt is a 15 year old girl who lives with her dad Ben Holt her mother passed away 6 days after she was born her dad soon ides after Amy is going to move in with her aunt Sara and uncle Kenny.....But uncle Kenny and her dont get a long she desides to run away when she meets a certain someone looking for love will her love leed to more troulble or will Amt finally have a normal life.


4. Authors note

Hey people I finally got time to update I was really busy with science fair and other homework but luckily i am finally free so I will be updating more often.

And also I need a girl to be harry's girlfriend most likely for the whole story so if your interested comment your height hair couler eyes couler and little bit about yourself or even better kik me at jaspreet_grewal so we can talk about it a little and follow me on twitter @jas2234. <3333

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