Chloe and Justin are in love..or so it seems
they have a bad past
and she's forgiven him every time he's hurt her...
but this time, will she be able to forgive him...
or will it be the end of Chloe and Justin?


4. Sneaking Around



Okay so I like my best friends boyfriend. Wow. Uhm he’s also my brother. Even more awkward. Lets just add that to the list shall we? We’ve kissed, I’m adopted but still…its gross. “Emily….babe.” Cody said. That was another thing. Chloe and I were getting Cody back for something, not saying what it was but we were playing a joke on him that a girl could love him. At first, it was just the dare that’s literally all I cared about. But as time went on, I started falling for him more every day. So I’m stuck between Justin and Cody now. Not fun. At all. “EMILY!” I heard. “What?” I asked. “It’s time to dump Cody.” Chloe said. “No!” I yelled. “Why?” She asked. “Because I actually like him, I don’t want it to just be a dare anymore.” I said. Chloe looked surprised. “It was a dare? All that we had? A dare?” Cody asked softly. “C-Cody when did you get here?” I asked. “It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that this….its over.” Cody said. “No, Cody please don’t do this!” I said. “It was a game, why do you care?” Cody said. “At first yeah, but Cody I really truly love you.” I whispered. “Prove-“ Cody started. I smashed my lips onto his. He pulled away. “Emily, don’t.” He said. “Cody I love you.” I said softly. “No you don’t! You love Justin you even said so yourself!!!!” Cody yelled. I ran inside. “Cody you’re being a jerk. The dare was that you wouldn’t ever be able to find love, so I dared her to make you love her. And she did that, and along the way she fell for you.” I heard. That was true. Then Chloe walked in. “Hey.” I said. “Hey, look Justin and I have to go shopping for food…again what do you want?” Chloe said. “Ice cream.” I said. “What kind.” She asked. “Uhm chocolate.” I said. “Okay….I’ll be back in an hour….I hope he’s nice to you.” Chloe said. “He will be.” I said. “I hope.” Chloe replied. “Babe, we have to go.” Justin said as he walked in. “Okay, bye Em.” Chloe said.



I walked out with Justin, and we immediately started kissing. I loved him so much. Suddenly, flashes were going off, and paparazzi were shouting questions. Justin pulled away. “Come on, this way!” Justin said. It was times like these, when I wonder if he’s using me… “Chloe, babe, I wouldn’t use you I promise. I love you.” Justin said, interrupting my thoughts. “I said that out loud?” I asked. We were in a closet. “Yes you did….this closet reminds me…remember?” Justin asked. He was talking about when I was cheating on my ex with him. “I miss that.” I said. “Why?” Justin said. “I liked sneaking around…it was fun.” I said. “You have a warped version of fun, my dear.” Justin said. “I know…but you gotta admit, the sneaking around was so much fun..” I said. “It was.” Justin agreed. “We could always go back to those days.” I said. “He abused you, Chloe. No.” Justin said. “Justin, I wasn’t talking about that….I was talking about we could say to the press we broke up and your with Selena. And we could sneak around again….maybe get caught a few times.” I said. “No, that’d hurt the fans…and Scooter would get really mad…” Justin said. “Oh yeah true….well…we do sneak around at movie premieres a lot.” I said. “True, true.” Justin said.




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