Chloe and Justin are in love..or so it seems
they have a bad past
and she's forgiven him every time he's hurt her...
but this time, will she be able to forgive him...
or will it be the end of Chloe and Justin?


1. Prologue



I loved her. But I hated her best friend who was like a sister to me. This all started a week ago. “Hey J.” Chloe said. “Hey baby.” I said. This was her. The girl I loved. She was Cody Simpson’s sister. Well adopted sister. I didn’t know why, she said she’d tell me someday why she was adopted, and that was when we started dating when she was 14. Now she’s 17, and I’m 18. “J?” I heard. “Yeah babe?” I asked. “Uh, I need to tell you something.” Chloe said. “What is it?” I asked. “Uh, I got a job.” Chloe said. “That’s great!” I said. “I’m not done….uh.” She said. She looked like she was going to cry. “Baby shh what’s wrong?” I asked. She sat down in my lap and laid her head on my chest. “It’s in New York.” She whispered. Then she started crying. I held her close to me. “Shh babe. It’ll work out.” I said. She nodded. “What’s the job?” I asked. “Well you know how you’re performing at the Victoria’s Secret show again?” Chloe asked. “Yeah..” I said. “Well let’s just say they said maybe.” Chloe said. “Baby that’s great!” I said with a smile. “Not really…..I’ve modeled for them when I was 15. Remember?” Chloe asked. Oh she was talking about that sleazy photographer. “Baby I will sue him if he says a word to you.” I said. “J you have tour.” Chloe said softly. “Oh yeah…but a lot of the shows are in New York.” I said. “Really?” She asked. “No.” I said. That was mean…but I love to prank my girl. She frowned. “No, no, no baby don’t cry. It’s okay. We’ll be alright, everything will be alright.” I said. “But J, I wanted to dance on tour again.” Chloe said. “So talk to me about it babe.” I whispered. “Can I come to the auditions?” Chloe asked. “Of course.” I whispered. “Can I help you choose?” Chloe asked. “No….but you can audition.” I said. “I wanna audition.” Chloe said. I already knew who I was going to choose. Chloe, and four other girls. Yeah, my girlfriend and four other girls…..hopefully there’s no haters trying out.



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