Chloe and Justin are in love..or so it seems
they have a bad past
and she's forgiven him every time he's hurt her...
but this time, will she be able to forgive him...
or will it be the end of Chloe and Justin?


14. Forgiveness Part 2




* Three Months Later *


“Chloe, please.” I said. She was mad at Justin…again. “Carin what do you mean, please?! He smokes all day, every day, I’m done Carin.” Chloe said. “You cant just date him for four years and then one day, be done.” I said. “Carin, you don’t know our whole story, yes I sort of can be done.” Chloe said sassily. “How can you just be done?!” I yelled. “Sit down.” Chloe said. We both sat on the couch, and she sighed before opening her mouth. “Okay…at first, it was great, I mean we were best friends in love…it was all I’d ever wished for. Then one day, it was after we went public, everything started breaking down. He started yelling at me, I didn’t know what it was, I mean…really, I didn’t. Then we had our fake breakup so he could date Selena for publicity. That was the worst time of my life. He would hit me, he would yell at me, he was horrible. He kept telling me that Selena was so much better than me and skinnier and nicer and everything, and then one day, I just snapped. I tried to commit, he found me, and saw what he was doing. Things started getting good again, this was like…when I got that job in New York when that happened. He started treating me better…and then he cheated. Again. I can count on one hand the times he has been nice to me Carin. I’m done.” Chloe said. I was angry, and sad. “Sweetie, if he was doing this why didn’t you tell Scooter, Pattie or me?” I asked softly. “He said he’d leave me. I believed it…” Chloe said softly. She looked so vulnerable, it was terrible. Then I heard a cough and saw Justin behind us. “Justin she doesn’t want to see you.” I said. “Yes she does.” Justin said. “Do you?” I asked her. She got up, walked out of the room, and before we could react, I heard a car start, then saw her car pulling out of the drive. “Justin, how could you?” I asked. Justin just stood there. “Answer me, Justin or I will call the police.” I said. “I can go to jail for that?” Justin whispered. “Yes Justin, you can! You can’t just hurt people like that and get away with it.” I said. I was pretty angry at him. “I didn’t want to hurt her.” Justin whispered. “So why did you do it.” I said. “At first, it was cause I was jealous…I mean all these guys were looking at her and saying all this stuff about her looks and it pissed me off, hearing them talk about my girl like that. But then it changed into wanting her to stay forever…and then she tried to take her own life…because of me, Carin. Because the one who loved her acted like he hated her, I hate myself every day for it.” Justin said lowly. I walked over to him and hugged him. “I don’t hate you sweetie, I never will. But you need to apologize and see if she’ll take you back. And you need to kick the weed problem.” I said. “I know….how do I do that?” Justin asked. “Ask Chloe she used to have a weed issue.” I said. “WHAT?!” Justin screamed. “It’s true Justin, I did use to have a weed issue. I’m not proud of it but it’s true.” Chloe said as she walked in. “Why?” Justin whispered. “Because my parents died on my birthday, in front of me, and I remember it every day.” Chloe said. “Oh….well how’d you kick it?” Justin asked. “You.” Chloe said. “What do you mean me?” Justin asked. “I mean, I started spending time with you, and you made me see that there’s more to life than weed. You made me hope, and I conquered it.” Chloe said. “Aww!” Justin said. We started laughing with Justin just…staring at us. “What’s so funny?” Justin asked. “Most guys wouldn’t say “awww” Justin.” I said. “True….but I’m not most guys.” Justin said. That was true. He was not most guys. “So…how do I give up weed?” Justin asked.



“It starts like this.” I said, reaching into his pocket and taking his lighter. I walked outside and smashing it up so that it no longer worked. Then I threw it into the pool, took it out of the pool and finally set fire to it. Justin walked out when I set fire to it. “What are you doing?!” Justin yelled. I walked over to him and kissed him, he kissed back. We stood there for I don’t even know how long…all I knew was that I was in the arms of the one I loved, and nothing could be better. I finally pulled away, and he looked so in love and happy. “I love you so much Chloe.” He whispered to me. I smiled and laid my head on his chest. “I love you too Justin.” I whispered back. He smiled and we walked back inside. “Were you out there long enough?” Carin asked sarcastically. “Carin, I love her.” Justin said, sounding all loved up. “Chloe do you love him?” Carin asked. “No Carin, I hate the kid.” I said sarcastically. “HEY!” Justin said. “Chill babe I was kidding, I love you…with all of my heart.” I said. He smiled and then Pattie walked in. “Hey sweetie, hey Justin.” Pattie said. “HA she called me sweetie told you she likes me better!” I said to Justin. “I like Justin better.” Pattie said. “In your face.” Justin said to me. “She still loves me right?” I asked softly. I was a very insecure person. “Sweetie of course I still love you. I think of you as my daughter in law already and you two aren’t even married.” Pattie said. I nodded and smiled. “Are you still insecure baby?” Justin asked. “Yeah…” I whispered. “BOYS!” Justin yelled. Then the One Direction boys ran out. I was friends with all of them, they were lovely people. I sighed and walked out of the room, grabbing my laptop in the process. I went to my room, and got on 1D chat.

@TheOriginalChloe: ello loves J

Jazmine was on along with Carter

ObeyCarterAndSwervePeasant: CHLOE BOO!!!!!


OBCASP: how are you?! Why haven’t you been on?!

TOC: well….I got in a car accident and that is also the reason for me being absent from the chat.

OBCASP: you haven’t been on in a year Chloe.

TOC: and I went to rehab…


TOC: I’m no longer depressed boo.

OBCASP: woah…I’m so glad.

TOC: me too boo, me too.

OBCASP: wanna talk to Chris?

TOC: sure.

A few minutes later, I looked at the screen and saw:

Lord Christifer: Chloe. What the heck?! We missed you we were so worried…WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK HAPPENED?!

TOC: ChrissyBoo. Hey.

LC: You can’t just disappear for a year like that. Like seriously I understand you went to rehab but still!

TOC: I’m sorry!

Jazmine: Chloeh we know you are we were just scared and worried.

TOC: believe me Jazzeh I was scared too…

LC: why were you even in rehab?

TOC: …Justin

LC: that little…

TOC: it was for depression Chris.


TOC: along with all the haters on here

LC: And

TOC: lets not forget those people….oh and Beliebers and the twitter haters

LC: but…me and Jazmine are your besties


TOC: I LOVE YOU BOTH but One Direction is walking in. and this is my place where I don’t have to be Justin’s famous gf and I wanna keep it that way so imma brb k?




“Yes boys?” I asked. “We’re here to do this.” Zayn said. Then they sang Over Again and then Justin walked in. “Hey J.” I said. “Hey baby.” Justin said. I looked at them, expecting them to do something meaningful and then they walked out. All of them. Like really?! They must have issues.

TOC: I’m back loves xx




I had fun talking to them, until 5:00 am came around. Justin stumbled into my room, drunk and I closed and hid my laptop. “Hey J.” I said. “Hey.” Justin said. He sounded mad at me. Then he started hitting me, and I tried fighting back but it made it worse, finally he left, and I called Chris.

Chris: Chloe? What’s wrong?!

Chloe: Chris Justin he….

Chris: What did he do?!

Chloe: he hit me….

Chris: I’m coming to USA with Jaden and Carter and Chadd.

Chloe: Thank you Chris

Chris: You’re welcome boo, I love you

Chloe: I love you too boo, bye

Then I hung up. What had we become? We used to love being around each other, Justin and I. Now, its like he hates me. Even though we’ve been on again for three months, the only time we’ve had love together was yesterday.


* Next Day *

I woke up a few hours later to someone pounding on the door. I sleepily walked downstairs to see who it was, and Justin was standing in front of me. “Excuse me.” I said softly. “Shawty what’s wrong?” Justin asked. “Don’t talk to me.” I said, and he shoved me up against the wall. “Talk. To. Me.” Justin said. I shook my head and he slapped me. I got out of his grasp and walked out the door, straight into Jaden’s arms. “Shh you’re gonna be okay.” Jaden said. “Chloe? Boo?” I heard Chris ask. I looked up and saw Justin there, looking satisfied with what he had done. It made me sick. Usually he got all depressed and was all like “I’m so sorry.” But this time, he just stood there smiling?! “What is your problem Justin?” I asked. “You.” Justin said. “Well I guess I’m out. You can have the ring back, and you won’t ever see me again.” I said, throwing the ring at him. I walked to the car and got in, slamming the door. Everyone else got in and started yelling. “Guys.” I said, I was getting a little scared. They ignored me and kept yelling. “Guys.” I said, louder. They still didn’t hear me, and I pressed myself against the window, trying to block out the noise. Jaden noticed at that point. “Chris calm down.” Jaden said. He looked at me and stopped yelling then Carter and Chaddie got the point. “Boo what’s wrong?” Chris asked. I just sighed and looked at Jaden, hoping she’d understand. “Guys you need to be calm for a while that relationship with Justin she had was horrible, he abused her, and you need to give her some time to process it.” Jaden said. She understood. “But…” Carter said. “Jaden’s right.” I whispered. “Jaden?” Chris asked. “Chris?” Jaden asked back. “Can I talk to her?” Chris asked. “No Chris she hates you now.” Jaden said sarcastically. “Chloe?” Chris asked. “Chris?” I said back, sassily. “What did he do? Last night and this morning?” Chris asked. “Uhm. Can we not talk about this right now please?” I asked softly. “No you’re answering me now.” Chris said. “He walked in, drunk and started beating me in the middle of me being on 1D chat. Then this morning when you knocked I went downstairs and he was there…looking out the door at you and I asked him to move and he asked me what was wrong and he shoved me against a wall and told me to talk to him and I shook my head and he slapped me.” I said quickly. “Boo, I’m so, so sorry.” Chris said. Everyone else was dumbstruck. “Of all people, I never expected you to have to go through this.” Jaden whispered. I shrugged. “This isn’t a shrugging matter.” Carter said. “What is there to say, Carter?! I’m sorry your boyfriend abuses you? Believe me, I’ve heard it a thousand times. Especially from the girls he cheats with me on. Just stop.” I said. “Chloe…I…I’m sorry.” Carter said. “Carter she hates those words.” Chris said. “I do hate those words.” I said. “Why?” Carter asked. I looked at Jaden. “Because Justin said I’m sorry for every thing he did, said he’d never do it again…does it look like he meant it?” Jaden asked. “No…look Chloe, you never have to see him again boo, I promise.” Chris said. “Then let me out right here Chris, because I can’t live without him, I love him.” I said. “WHAT?!” They all yelled. “I can fix him. okay? I can’t just get up and walk away from him because I don’t like who he is. In fact, right now I hate who he is, but I’m not leaving him because of it.” I said. “Good luck…don’t be a stranger.” Chris said, letting me out. I ran back to the house and saw Justin…cutting? “JUSTIN NO!” I yelled, and slapped the blade out of his hand. “I thought you were gonna leave me.” Justin said while crying. “No, babe, never.” I said. And its true, no matter how much he hurts me I always forgive him.


The End of book one of the Forgiveness series.


Book to is called:

Fixing Her


Justin and Chloe forever right? And always? Well what happens when Chloe gets famous…really famous, really fast? Can Justin keep Chloe grounded? Will she leave him? Will he leave her? In the end….will Justin be able to  forgive Chloe?


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