Chloe and Justin are in love..or so it seems
they have a bad past
and she's forgiven him every time he's hurt her...
but this time, will she be able to forgive him...
or will it be the end of Chloe and Justin?


9. Fake Death...


* * * * * * * * * * * * One Week Later * * * * * * * * *


“Andrew you need to tell her that you faked your death!” I yelled into the phone. “Why should I do that?” Andrew asked. “Because she’s depressed, and I know I stole her boyfriend which made it worse….but she deserves to know. She’s been depressed for too long. And fake dating Justin when I’m really in love with you is too hard. So either tell her or I’m dumping you.” I said. “How bad is said depression?” Andrew asked. “I may or may not have caused her to jump off a cliff because I stole her man.” I whispered. “YOU WHAT?!” Andrew yelled. “Drew, please.” I said. “Why would you steal Justin from her?” Andrew said. “You said to! And remember, I’m just another one in the gang, the rest don’t know about us Andrew!” I said. “Calm down love, calm down.” Andrew said. I rolled my eyes. “Andrew, I’m done. I quit unless you tell her and go public with us. It’s been 5 years. I think it’s time.” I said before hanging up. “It’s fake?” I heard a voice ask. I spun around to see Chloe. “Chloe…I-“ “Emily why hasn’t he told me?!” Chloe cut me off. “Chloe, people want him dead. And-“ “I don’t care. I’m his sister.” Chloe interrupted. “What I was gonna say was that they also want you dead.” I said. “But why? I never did anything..” Chloe said. “Hun, they want you dead because it’ll hurt Andrew.” I said. “And if he’s hurt he’s easier to defeat?” Chloe whispered. I nodded. She looked down. “Hey, Andrew is coming to visit this weekend.” I said. “No he isn’t he’s here now.” I heard someone say. I spun around –again- and saw Andrew. “Drew.” I said with no emotion. “Babe don’t be like this.” Andrew said.



I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Erm. I. Uh. I.” I said before running into Justin’s bus and locking the door. “Hey Shawty what’s wrong?” Justin asked. “Nothing’s wrong?” I said, posing it more as a question. “Oh so that’s why you ran away when that guy-“ “He’s my brother. Drew is my brother.” I cut in. “The one that died?” Justin said. “He faked his death because people want me dead.” I said. “Why would they want that?” Justin asked. “I don’t know. All I know is that I love you.” I said. “You do?” Justin said. “Yeah. It’s not like you love me anymore though….” I said. “I do love you…but you got with-“ “That was because you have issues with staying with me….that’s why I feel like you don’t love me because you hurt me Justin you hurt me every day!” I said. “Like how?” Justin asked. “Like when you flirt with those reporters, when you flirt with the fans, when you kiss Emily, when you make out with random chicks, when you say you’re just using me! That Justin is what hurts!” I yelled. I ran out of his bus and found Emily. “Chloe…” Andrew said. I just stared at him. “How could you? You can’t just go away for my life!” I said. “Chloe, I didn’t want you killed like mum and dad and Kaely.” Andrew said. “You could’ve told me.” I whispered. “I’m sorry.” Andrew said. “It doesn’t matter anymore, it’s fine.” I said. “It’s not fine…I should’ve told you.” Andrew whispered. I hugged him, and he stroked my hair.





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