Chloe and Justin are in love..or so it seems
they have a bad past
and she's forgiven him every time he's hurt her...
but this time, will she be able to forgive him...
or will it be the end of Chloe and Justin?


6. End of Dreams, Promises, and TOUR



I woke up next to Justin this morning. “Babe, get up.” He said. “Who’s babe?” I asked. “Chloe….wait you’re not Chloe…..oh hey Emily.” He said. I knew something was up. “J, what’s wrong?” I asked. “This is wrong. We aren’t doing this any more.” Justin said.



I woke up this morning. Chloe was gone. All the note said was “I can’t leave J...I love him more. We can’t do this.” Well….now I have to find another girl. I know I’m a player, but…I don’t like having one girl at a time.



“J...I’m home.” I said as I walked in. “Hey babe, why are you home early where’s Cody?” Justin asked. ”Uhm we need to talk.” I said. “Okay.” Justin said. “I uhm kissed him yesterday. I don’t know why….but I know that it meant nothing….to me anyways. I was just….confused. I was mad because you’re always protecting me. I don’t know…I just kissed him.” I whispered quickly. He looked at me with tear filled eyes. “J….” I trailed off. “Why?” He asked. “Because….I don’t know, I’m sorry.” I let a tear fall. I honestly didn’t know what I was thinking. “Was it better than me?” Justin asked softly. “It was nothing but worse. Thinking back on it….I don’t need him. Can we….buy an apartment?” I asked. Justin smiled, then frowned. “I think we need some time apart. What you did hurt me.” Justin said. Then Emily walked in in his shirt and well…nothing else. “What the heck?!” I yelled. “Babe, I-“ “He slept with me last night. Not you, never you.” Emily said. I started crying. And then I woke up. Justin was standing over me in my secret room. “Babe what’re you doing in here still? And why are you awake its 4 am baby.” I heard Justin say behind me. I turned around. “Would you ever sleep with Emily?” I asked softly. “Would you ever kiss Cody?” Justin asked. “No.” I said. “I wouldn’t sleep with Emily, babe promise.”  Justin said. “Okay.” I said. “Let’s get back to bed alright?” Justin said. “Alright.” I replied.


* * * * * * * * * * next week * * * * * * * *



We had been on the Believe tour for a week, which was fun. We’ve pranked Scooter quite a bit. Lets just say Chloe, well she was the best dancer on the team. And the hottest. “Justinnnnn its time to wake upppp!” Chloe said as she walked in. I looked beside me and saw one of the dancers…well not just one of them, the one that I’ve cheated on Chloe with a few times…Emily. “Justin?” Chloe asked. “Yeah babe?” I asked. “Uhm who’s that?” She asked gesturing to Emily. Then, Emily woke up. “Hey J.” She said. Chloe ran out, crying. “Oh no…did we...?” Emily asked. “Yeah.” I said. “Were you-“ “Drunk yes otherwise I wouldn’t have.” I said. “Did you…?” She asked. “Use protection? No.” I said. I was so screwed…I hope she isn’t pregnant….because then Chloe will never ever take me back. “Justin go see her.” Emily said. “But-“ “Justin, you love her. Go get her.” Emily said. “But she won’t want me back, this has happened before….this was my last chance with her.” I whispered. “What?” Emily asked. She sounded soooo pissed. “I’ve cheated before.” I whispered. “Yeah, you did.” Chloe said as she walked in, crying. “Aw girl cm’ere.” Emily said. She hugged Emily, and Emily shot a glare at me. So I did this:

@JustinBieber: I hate how, I’m the one that loves you most, but I’m the one that makes you cry the most @ChloeSimpsonOfficial

And she tweeted back:

@JustinBieber maybe I wouldn’t cry so much if you didn’t sleep with my best friend.

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial I was drunk!

@JustinBieber if you really loved me then being drunk wouldn’t be a problem.

And then her friend tweeted me this:

@ihateyoupeasant: @JustinBieber YOU BROKE HER HEART?! What is wrong with you. I told you, don’t break my boo!

@ihateyoupeasant well I was drunk

@JustinBieber well being drunk shouldn’t be a problem, I agree with @ChloeSimpsonOfficial, and Chloe if you need to come visit, the door’s open.

@ihateyoupeasant I’m packing to come visit you. So stop reading my mind, boo

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial babe, please

@JustinBieber NO you really hurt me.

After that I got off twitter, I knew I deserved this but it still hurt.




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