Chloe and Justin are in love..or so it seems
they have a bad past
and she's forgiven him every time he's hurt her...
but this time, will she be able to forgive him...
or will it be the end of Chloe and Justin?


5. Dreaming...?



We walked into the market, and got everything plus chocolate ice cream. “Babe, I’ll pay.” Justin said when we got to the register. “No, its fine I will.” I said. He kissed me, which distracted me. The next thing I knew, the cashier was saying, thank you come again. And Justin was putting his credit card back in his wallet. “Justin! I could’ve paid!” I said. “Babe, I told you…when you’re with me you don’t pay, I do.” Justin whispered in my ear. I giggled. “J, you didn’t have to.” I said. “It’s fine…I do have billions.” Justin said. I laughed. “A little cocky there aren’t we?” I asked. “Just a bit.” Justin replied. I kissed him. At first he was surprised, but he eventually kissed back. We pulled away and I looked up and saw….him. Keaton. “Let’s go.” I said. I ran to the car, and jumped into his Lamborghini, and we drove away. We got home and walked in and saw Emily and Cody kissing on the couch. “Wow someone’s having fun now!” I said after five minutes of us watching them. Yes we are a weird couple…we do crazy things like that. They broke apart. “CHLOE!” Cody yelled. “Uhm yeah that’s my name, Cody.” I said sassily. “Chloe, don’t sass me.” Cody said. “Excuse me?” Justin asked rudely. “J, don’t.” I said. “He’s being a jerk!” Justin said. I just rolled my eyes and ran to my secret room. Only Emily knows about it. I sat down and started playing a song I wrote. It was for Justin, called I’m Only Me When I’m With You. (Lol I know Taylor wrote it…..All credit goes to her!) When I was done, I heard clapping. I turned around and saw Cody. “What are you doing here?” I asked rudely. “I was walking around and heard singing. I’m sorry I’ll go.” Cody said. He turned to walk away, and left. I laid down on the beanbag and fell asleep.

* Dream Starts *

“How was it?” I asked softly. “It was like hearing an angel sing. Amazing.” Cody said. “Thanks bro.” I said. “Welcome sis.” Cody replied. I smiled. Then I leaned in and he was leaning in as well. And then our lips touched, and moved together in sync. I pulled away. “Oh my gosh…that was amazing.” I said. I feel like the sneaking was going to come back. “Yeah, it was. I’m so glad you’re adopted.” Cody breathed. “Me too. I’ve been wanting to do that for years.” I whispered. “Me too…so why didn’t you?” Cody asked. “Because you’ve always been taken, and I’ve-“ He cut me off by gently placing his lips on mine. We pulled away after five seconds, hearing voices outside the door. “I should go.” Cody said. “Use the side exit, it goes out my closet and into the living room through the door in the back of the closet.” I whispered. I was so afraid we’d be caught. “Same time here tomorrow?” Cody asked. “Yes now go!” I said. He flashed me a grin before disappearing. I sat down and began to write:


I loved you, all of my life.

Before she did, before anyone else did.

But you, you don’t deserve her.


So laugh and smile and love her,

But in secret, well nobody knows what we do best.

Cause its our little secret….


She sees you, so happy, happier with me

I know she’s jealous baby, that’s what I’m here for.

But she don’t know, and he don’t either





That when we run off to someplace else

We’re not just together, oh no.

They don’t know that loving’s what we do best.






So you just laugh and smile and love her

But in secret, well nobody knows what we do best

So let it stay that way, cause I like this game

We’re gonna get caught, but no one has to know…

Until then.


I was satisfied with this. It said my feelings for Cody without saying, Justin I’m cheating on you with Cody. Perfection. Pure perfection. Honestly, I know he messes around with Emily. He tries too hard to hate her, I can tell its fake. Most of you are probably like “so why don’t you just get with Cody?” Well my dears, when your best friend is in love with your brother, you’re not supposed to fall in love with him. I walked out to see Cody and Emily making out. I had a thought.

To: Cody ;) <3

From: ChloeTheQueen J <3

Cody, what about a brother sister day at our secret cabin in the woods…well weekend ;)


Minutes later, I got a reply.


From: Cody ;) <3

To: ChloeTheQueen J <3

Brother sister or “brother sister” ? ;)


I smirked before replying.


To: Cody ;) <3

From: ChloeTheQueen J <3

“brother sister” of course ;)


He smiled before replying.


From: Cody ;) <3

To: ChloeTheQueen J <3

We’re leaving in an hour. Can’t wait. ;)


I ran to my room to pack. “Where are you going?” Justin asked. “Oh, Cody and I wanted a brother sister weekend.” I lied, easily. “Oh okay….I geuss Emily and I are stuck here?” Justin asked. I falsely frowned. “Yeah, sorry J.” I said. “It’s okay, babe.” Justin said. Well it was sort of okay. We both got the weekends we had been wanting.



YES! I got some time with Emily…a whole weekend!


* * * * * * *  2 hours later * * * * * * * *



“We’re here….sis.” I said with a wink. “Cody you know I like it when you call me babe.” She replied. “I know you do babe.” I whispered in her ear, causing her to shiver. I walked her inside and shoved her to the wall, kissing her. She kissed back immediately. I pulled away five minutes later, I love this girl. “Hey, uhm what about staying for two days longer?” I asked. My plan was just to get her and Justin so far away from each other, then she’d choose me. I know she would. “Yeah, I would choose you over him.” Chloe said. “Did I say it out loud?” I asked. “Yes, and I love that plan…the more time I get with you, the better.” Chloe said with a wink. Little did I know that Justin was going to ruin our plans.



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