Chloe and Justin are in love..or so it seems
they have a bad past
and she's forgiven him every time he's hurt her...
but this time, will she be able to forgive him...
or will it be the end of Chloe and Justin?


7. Coversations, London, and Abuse....


Chloe POV

I was about to leave, and then I heard. “Chloe, please stay.” From behind me. I spun around and saw Carin. “Why, Carin? He does this all the time. My heart is just a game to him!” I whispered. “Yeah that’s why the kid never shuts up about you, because you’re just a game.” Carin said sarcastically. “But he-“ “He slept in the same bed as Emily. He didn’t do anything.” Carin said. “How do you know?” I whispered. She brought me into Scooter’s bus. “Scoot, I gotta show her something.” Carin said. She brought me back to a room that had a bunch of screens. “Okay so basically we installed video cameras on the bus you share, to see if Beliebers come in and stuff so you don’t get hurt. And also to make sure-“ “Carin!” I said, blushing. “Anyways, I know he didn’t because I was watching the cameras all night, they didn’t even kiss. What happened was you two got drunk, then you made out, then after you two got in some sort of fight, and you slept on the couch. And then he fell asleep and then Emily wandered in, you woke up, and told her to sleep in the same bed as Justin so he wouldn’t try anything and then she did what you asked.” Carin said. Then I looked at the screen and saw him kissing Emily, just now. I started crying, and Carin saw. “Sweetie, stay here, I’m gonna go talk to him.” Carin whispered. I nodded and I saw I had a new mention:

@ihateyoupeasant: @ChloeSimpsonOfficial hey boo, how are you?

I smiled before replying.

@ihateyoupeasant uhm… know, crying.


Chris POV

What she was crying? Justin is so going to get it.

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial why boo?!

I frowned when I saw her reply

@ihateyoupeasant it’s Justin and I’s anniversary and he’s kissing my best friend :’(

This from the kid that sings about love. He sings about it and then uses it and breaks people’s hearts. Yes, he knows all about love. Note the sarcasm.

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial awww boo, he doesn’t deserve you.

I knew that was true. I knew it was.

Just then I saw a new tweet from her:

Deleting twitter. Bye.

This was all Justin’s fault wasn’t it?

Before I could conclude anything, I clicked on her page and looked at the people mentioning her. It wasn’t Justin’s fault at all. It was the haters.

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial don’t delete cause hate. I get it too

@ihateyoupeasant but you don’t get hate from 3 sets of fans

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial actually, I do plus your fans, just for being ur bestie…

It was true.

@ihateyoupeasant I’m sorry :((

I smiled, she had no reason to be sorry, and yet she was. She was so sweet.

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial its not your fault

@ihateyoupeasant how?

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial because you didn’t start it.

@ihateyoupeasant but I didn’t try to stop it.

I sighed. She blames herself for everything, which sucked.

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial but you did, you just don’t remember.

@ihateyoupeasant when?

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial yesterday remember?

@ihateyoupeasant oh yeah….sorry just there’s been a lot going on.

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial it’s okay, I just want you happy

@ihateyoupeasant I wanna be happy too :((

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial everything will be okay, I promise.

@ihateyoupeasant okay….I have to go, bye boo love you

@ChloeSimpsonOfficial see you later boo, bye love you too

And with that she was off twitter.


Chloe POV

I was sitting in Scooter’s bus, tweeting Chris. He was the best friend ever. “Chloe?” I heard someone ask. I looked up and saw Justin. “What?” I asked. “I’m sorry.” Justin whispered. “You were kissing her!” I yelled. He shook his head. And then I saw Carin behind him with another guy. “Uhm Carin, I thought you said-“ “Chloe this is Robin, Justin’s look alike.” Carin said. “Ew.” I said. “What?” Justin asked. “Ew…just ew get him out of my sight. He’s the one that said Justin was smoking pot, he’s the one causing all these issues. Get him out of here.” I said with a shaking voice. Justin hugged me. “Before I go, I just wanna say, it wasn’t Justin who kissed your friend.” Robin said rudely. I started crying and Justin held me. I was so mad at Justin and Robin right now. “Where were you then?!” I yelled at Justin. “I was planning a surprise for you babe.” Justin whispered into my hair. I didn’t buy it. “Prove it.” I said. “I knew this wouldn’t work, Bieber.” Robin said. “Really?! No. We’re over. You can’t just lie to me!” I said. I ran out and to my bus. Yes that’s right, MY bus. I’d been staying in Justin’s but Scooter had a bus travel around with us in case Justin and I fought. He knew our relationship was sometimes good and sometimes bad. I got back on twitter.


Hey everyone :((

I got a reply really fast.

@JustinBieber: @ChloeSimpsonOfficial please. I’m sorry.

I didn’t even reply, I just got off twitter. I got on 1D chat, because I know Justin is never on.


@Jazzeh hey L

She replied quickly

@Chloeh Justin cheated?

@Jazzeh yeah L

@Chloeh dump him!

@Jazzeh I did…..

Christifer: @Chloeh aw I’m sorry

@ChrissyBoo it’s okay.

@Chloe nooooo not ChrissyBoo!

@ChrissyBoo YES ChrissyBoo @Jazzeh I’m right aren’t I?

@Chloeh yes you are right

After an hour of catching up with them, I got off, perfect timing too because this is what I left behind:

Justin Bieber: Chloe please, I love you

And Jazmine replied:

@Justin you hurt her. Watch your back.

Chris was like

I second that @Jazmine

And I laughed and got off. I was single. I had missed this. ”Chloe?” I heard. “Yeas?” I said. “Hey.” I turned around and saw Ryan. I will admit, I did have a crush. “Were you crying?” Ryan asked. “No, why would I cry?” I asked. “I know what happened with Justin.” Ryan said. “Ry, just leave me alone.” I said. He nodded. “Wait, Ry before you go….tell everyone, I just want a few days to myself.” I said softly. “Okay. I will.” Ryan said. “Thanks.” I said. “No problem.” Ryan said. I got back on 1D Chat

Chloe_Payne: hey peoples J

Everyone on the chat knew who I was. They all tried to be friends with me, but the only friends I wanted was Jaz, Chris, Taywer, Tabby, Liv, and Laney.

I looked and saw the people talking about our breakup. Already. I called Jazmine.

* phone call*

C: Hey Jazzeh

J: Hey Chloeh, what’s wrong.

C: I miss him…..

J: Chloeh!!! He cheated!

C: I’ve cheated on him…

J: In the past, yeah!

She knew everything about us….she was the first person I told about us.

C: I just want him back, knowing he’ll treat me right.

J: I know a guy….

C: Jaz……

J: Chloe come on, you need this, and Chris agrees.

C: Alright, what’s his name?

J: Junsi Lopez.

I looked him up.

C: He’s really hot Jaz, but he abused Jasmine Villegas

J: I’m friends with him….he’s over that period of his life trust me.

C: I don’t know Jaz….

J: Chloe, please just meet him, for me?

C: Alright fine Jaz…I’ll meet him.


C: does Chris care that Junsi is possibly abusive?

J: Yeah……we both do…..but if he abuses you, you need to come straight to us, no questions asked. He wants you to come to London to meet him. Chris will just be a few blocks away if he abuses you.

C: Alright. I will book-

J: I did that for you cause I knew you’d agree. It leaves in the morning at 4:00 am

C: JAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J: what?

C: I cant wake up that early!

J: Yes you can or Junsi can come get you.

C: I thought he was in London?

J: He is

C: You make no sense

J: But you love me

C: Whatever helps you sleep older sis

J: Meanie!

C: You know it!

We kept talking for another hour, and then hung up.

* * * * * * * * * * One Week Later * * * * * * * *

“CHLOE!” I heard Junsi yell. He was home. We’d been dating for five days, he was so sweet. I ran downstairs, still sweaty from my workout. “Hey Junsi.” I said. “Why weren’t you here when I got here?” Junsi asked. He was pissed. He’d hit me a few times, but I didn’t worry about it…..he’ll stop right? “I’m sorry babe, I was working out and I had my music up way loud.” I said. That just made him madder. All of the sudden he started punching me and pulling my hair and stuff. I didn’t fight back, knowing it’d do no good. He left an hour later, and I called Chris

C: H-Hey Chris

CH: Boo what’s wrong?

C: he hit me

CH: that’s it, I’m coming to get you.

C: Thank you

CH: your welcome, boo

Just then, someone walked into the room. I looked up to see Jasmine Villegas. “Chloe, come with me.” Jasmine said. I shook my head in fear. “Chloe, I won’t hurt you I promise. I know Chris.” Jasmine said.

CH: boo go with Jasmine she’s taking you to me.

C: I’m scared….

CH: Chloe, go with Jasmine.

C: but…..

CH: I’m having Justin fly out tomorrow to see you….

C: No!

CH: Yes. You need to see him.

C: No…

CH: You do.

C: I’ll go with Jasmine

CH: thank you.

C: welcome

With that I hung up and we walked out of the house. I saw Junsi’s car pulling into the driveway. I started shaking. “Chloe, get back into the house. Get in the closet. And hide.” Jasmine said. I nodded and ran in. Before I could get there, someone caught me. “Baby where are you going?” Junsi asked. “I’m going back to the states for a few months, my parents need me there.” I said. “Aw okay.” Junsi said. I got packed as fast as I could and left. Jasmine and I went to Chris’s and a few days later, we went back to the states.




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