Chloe and Justin are in love..or so it seems
they have a bad past
and she's forgiven him every time he's hurt her...
but this time, will she be able to forgive him...
or will it be the end of Chloe and Justin?


8. Coming Back To The States, Heartbreak, and Suicide Attempts


Chloe POV

I stepped off the plane, and I was met with a pair of hazel eyes. “Justin.” I said. I was so happy to see him. “Chloe, babe what happened?!” Justin said. Then a girl walked up. “Justy, come on we’ve got her let’s go home and make out now.” I got a good look at her. “Emily?!” I said. “Yeah. What?” Emily said. I was so done. I ran to baggage claim and got my bag. Then I found Moshe and I went to my bus with him. Except now I had to share with Justin cause Emily just HAD to have her own bus. So no more alone time. No time to be sad about what Junsi did. Just time to ignore Justin. I slammed the door and unpacked. Then I fell down crying. I won’t admit it, but I missed Justin so bad. “Babe, what’s wrong?” Someone asked. They wrapped their strong arms around me. “Please let me go.” I whispered. I looked up to see Justin standing over me. “What happened in London?” Justin asked. “What happened with Emily?” I retorted. “I hooked up with her.” Justin said. “I hooked up with Junsi. It was all good and then one day, I think the second day of our relationship he started abusing me. So after the last time, I called Jas. We stayed with Chris for a little while and then went back home.” I said. I was so…..scared of what he might do. What if he did what Junsi did? That would just make me more insecure. “I’m sorry that happened, I shouldn’t have kissed Emily.” Justin said. “Yeah you shouldn’t have.” I said. I heard someone walk in and I stood up. “Hey Chloe.” Emily said. I was so annoyed at her. “Hey.” I whispered. She just ignored me and kissed Justin. He kissed back. I was obviously no one important to them…or anyone. “Uhm, I’m gonna go for a walk. Bye.” I said. I walked out, and walked to a cliff. I knew what I wanted to do, and why I wanted to do it. I called Jas and left a message. A vocalized suicide letter. Then, I put on Fall…by Justin. And I jumped. I left everything behind and jumped.



Chloe had left an hour ago. I’m kinda worried. Just as I was about to look for her, Jas ran in crying. “Jas, what happened?” I said. “Listen to this Justin.” Jas said. She played a voice message:

Hey….if you’re listening to this….I’m dead. Don’t blame anyone for this. Please. Justin, I’ve loved you every day. I never stopped. I hope this reaches you before it’s too late. No, wait. I want to die I shouldn’t say that. But anyways….I love you but you obviously love Emily. So yeah….bye. okay now, hey Emily. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better friend, until you stole my boyfriend. Yeah we never broke things off…we just fought. So good sabotage. Hope it treats you well. Hey Cody….love you bro. but this is it. It’s goodbye. Forever. I love you all. Goodbye.

I started crying. “Jas how long ago did she leave this?” I asked. “Two hours ago….but it’s an hour long. I just turned off the rest of it because it’s depressing.” Jas said. I knew instantly where she was. We’d come here on the My World Tour. So she knew the cliff our first date was at. “I know where she is.” I said. That was all I needed to go on. I ran out of the bus, past the paparazzi, past everyone I just ran and ran until I got to the cliff. “CHLOE?!” I screamed. I looked around for her and then I heard “you can’t fly unless you let yourself fall” I looked down and saw her phone playing Fall. I looked over the edge and saw her. She was bleeding. I ran down there and held her. “Chloe, princess, baby, Shawty, say something please Shawty.” I said. Her eyelids fluttered open. “Shawty, say something, anything.” I said softly. “J….you… came.” Chloe managed to get out. “Shh Shawty, where does it hurt baby?” I said. She pointed at her ribcage. I lifted her shirt and saw all these bruises and…her ribs were broken. “Shh baby, it’ll be alright.” I said. “What about…..Emily.” Chloe said. “Emily doesn’t love me like you do babe.” I said. She smirked. “I know she doesn’t.” Chloe said. I smiled. “I love you baby.” I said. “I love you too J.” Chloe said. “JUSTIN?!” I heard Scooter yell. “DOWN HERE SCOOTER!” I yelled. He looked down and saw us. “I’m calling an ambulance.” Scooter said. I nodded. “Justin….it hurts….it hurts so bad.” Chloe said with tears in her eyes. “Shh baby, it’ll be okay. It’ll be okay.” I said. She nodded weakly. “I’m gonna get you out of this pit, I’m gonna keep you safe.” I said. She nodded again. “Baby, I love you.” I said. “I love you too J.” Chloe choked out. She wasn’t doing well. “Sir, please step away.” A guy said. “No, it’s my girlfriend. I’m not “stepping away” I already went down that road and it got us here. I am not stepping away from my babygirl ever again.” I said. “Justin……please they’re just getting me out of here.” Chloe said. I nodded and gently put her in the stretcher thing. “Sir, we’re supposed-“ “Well obviously he does a better job of it.” Chloe cut in. she sure has an attitude. It’s quite amusing. “Chloe you’re going to rehab.” My mom said. “No, Pattie please. I’ll get better please.” Chloe said with tears in her eyes. “I’ll help her.” I said. “Alright…one chance. That’s all you get.” My mom said. I was going to make it my mission to get my beautiful girl to not be depressed. “Justin, come on you saved her, let’s go!” Emily said. “Emily, think about others for once, go back to being the girl you were at the beginning of tour because everyone liked you better that way.” Scooter said. She scoffed and walked off. I was so annoyed with her. The girl I love almost died and she wants to make out?! The heck is wrong with her?!





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